Cut for Time: Cinema Channel (Ariana Grande) – SNL

Cut for Time: Cinema Channel (Ariana Grande) – SNL

Star Judy Garland (Ariana Grande) had total creative control for her 1961 film, Up We Go in Our Fantastic Rocket.

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20 Responses

  1. Elliott T says:

    Everyone is like she’s so talented. She makes million, no shit she’s gonna
    have talent. That being said I’m not a fan of pop bull crap so no to me
    she’s just another singer who does a weird thing with her mouth

  2. Christian Johns Johns says:

    Justin Timberlake and Ariana Grande should be SNL cast members.

  3. RelativeEarth says:

    Such a pretty girl!

  4. DDumbrille says:

    Could be worse, but could be a lot better too.

  5. js290 says:

    She and JT could make SNL hosting super babies

  6. pratap khattri says:

    Ariana grande is ugly… Looks like Jaden smith

  7. bicknell67 says:

    I would love for Ariana to be a cast member.

  8. hollywoodshopaholic says:

    Ariana is so talented and the episode she hosted was awesome, but did
    anyone else think SNL could have asked her to impersonate celebrities that
    she actually resembled? Her Jennifer Lawrence impression was spot-on, but
    she looked nothing like her.

  9. steve conn says:

    3:49 “Here it comes, land it” lol

  10. Simon Brooke says:

    Not very funny, but again, she’s surprisingly good.

  11. KC Nwokoye says:

    Wow Ariana is so so talented…so impressed!

  12. Grimm Reaper says:

    Huh… she’s kind of cute.

  13. Rajith Maligaspe says:

    This could have been one of Kenan’s ‘Reese De’WHAT’ sketches.

  14. thewzrdofoz says:

    She sounds nothing like Judy Garland… speaking or singing…

  15. Tokkie v.2 says:


  16. la L says:

    I was sitting in the studio watching her and the cast perform on live
    TV….I don’t remember watching this?? it was last week

  17. Meow Town says:

    He sounds like Dorothy from the wizard of oz and he character cat from
    victorious ( I that how u spell it ) and Sam and cat

  18. annanugget says:

    Oh my lanta. This was absolutely marvelous!

  19. pennylaneOnFire says:

    This is AMAZING.. how could they cut this!? This impresses me so much more
    than her Britney, Celine etc.

  20. Jason_Flow says:

    Damn Ariana! back at with them talented skits!