Cut for TIme: College Admissions – SNL

Cut for TIme: College Admissions – SNL

A college admissions board (Sandra Oh, Cecily Strong, Kenan Thompson, Heidi Gardner, Chris Redd) decides which candidates to admit.

#SNL #SandraOh #TameImpala #SNL44

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83 Responses

  1. Garry says:

    Sandra Oh is honestly a gift to earth

    • Jasmine Taylor says:

      Twilight Gardens presentations su

    • gec cec says:

      Sandra Oh is the queen of my heart. ✨❤

    • HSP The Show says:

      +gec cec srsly. why. what do u see in the performance that makes u say that
      i really dont get it

    • Farrell McNulty says:

      +HSP The Show She’s pretty and she’s funny, she’s much more than just her character on Grey’s Anatomy, She once played a porn star on Six Feet Under and she was good in Sideways. I didn’t read the description before watching this and was thinking “that HAS to be Sandra Oh”. I’ve always liked her.

    • BoujeeBangtan 부지방탄 says:

      Where is the LIE?

  2. Allison No says:

    Pity this one was cut, this was the only skit I actually laughed out loud at. Love this ending ?

  3. ladianadaa says:

    I really wished they could’ve kept this skit! Such a shame. 🙁

    • mobaby1979 says:

      but………they technically did right? you saw it, i saw it….so far, nearly 190,000 others have seen it……… sooooo………. ?!?

    • M Gray says:

      +swoop G why so butt hurt that peope have differing tastes than you? Just because someone likes something that you dont or vice versa is not an attack on your personal tastes of humor.

    • swoop G says:

      M Gray, I agree babe. and I’m not butt hurt, everyone is different and has the right to listen to/watch/ laugh at what appeals to them. forgive me, sweetheart. I apologise.

    • Sam707BFBC says:

      Why do we hsve to choose. Cant we just enjoy both?

    • M Gray says:

      +swoop G it’s cool. Sorry if I came off rude.

  4. MrSiriusAB says:

    Whoever decides what gets cut for time..
    …should get cut

  5. MOVIE EDGE says:

    SNL should take all these cut for time sketch’s and make 1hr prime time specials . I would watch , anyone else ?

  6. Dade Murphy says:

    The fictional giraffe from toys r us?

  7. bmaze says:

    “Why are you doing this to us, Debra?”

  8. Antwan Pena says:

    “An Aunt Becky Production ” ????

  9. EboKnows says:

    “A land boat.” That’s a good one.

  10. Kyle Steeno says:

    Why are you doing this to us Deborah

  11. RM B says:

    “Well, Toys R Us is currently bankrupt, so I would say a donation from their cartoon giraffe is highly unlikely.”

  12. Tyler clark says:

    Mom: You’re going to college! You will be the first from our family to attend college, end of story!

    Me: Mom chill, it’s not a race!

    • jcsantos0005 says:

      Yeah good luck, do you know how many more minorities have first of their families applying?

    • Steven Lee says:

      Just go to Community College. In the end, the only universities worth going are the Ivy Leagues and major regional universities. The rest are just there for propaganda purposes, to have the image of US as a country where education is accessible.

    • Filthy Fingers of Fury says:

      Omg… how could no one watch the video yet still respond to comments?? This guy’s comment is a joke based on this video!! It’s actually funny…lol!!

    • Steven Lee says:

      +Filthy Fingers of Fury Because US university education is as moronic as the satire portrayed in SNL. That is why. In the US you can pay 100,000 for university and still end up as stupider as before.

    • Filthy Fingers of Fury says:

      +Steven Lee Awesome. But no one was asking.

  13. Amy Kinsella says:

    “I mentor underprivileged snails after school to teach them they joys of soccer. I love soccer.”

    • Steven Lee says:

      So snails are supposed to be Hispanics? Because they like soccer.

    • scot shabalam says:

      ​+Steven Lee Only Hispanics can like soccer now? I thought Europeans and Asians liked it too. That’s pretty racist.

    • Josias Laborin says:

      +scot shabalam don’t get offended, its just a joke. I’m Mexican, and I liked his comment.

    • E Lee says:

      Yeah. College admissions favor white people. Just look at the stories of students getting into all 8 Ivies.  They’re always white, right guys?
      I mean, college admissions isn’t allowed by law to admit low performing black and Hispanic students, and they don’t do that all day long, right? LMFAO——–>

  14. pop5678eye says:

    ‘You mean this whole time she wasn’t really Asian?’ Best line.

    • Rolls royce says:

      Alexander Canella yes..????

    • Musty Bryce says:

      That’s how to end a sketch, with a damn punchline. Fantastic line!

    • Tom Leonard says:

      +Musty Bryce It was a so-so sketch until the last 5 seconds.

    • Jerry Mammoser says:

      pop5678eye no. After all this time, she wasn’t woman

    • CEOofFRESH1 says:

      Now do one based on reality. Where any black face, especially with an exotic name, instantly gets in regardless of test scores. Then we get to read about it and then “celebrate it: when the news runs a story about it. You know, reality, where college admission is specifically passing up far more qualified white and Asian students to meet “diversity” quotas.

  15. Remy Mafia says:

    5:44 The way his voice broke when he said “Is this a trap?” was actually perfect, and he didn’t have to say it again.

  16. Indycar F1 64 says:

    Kenan’s voice crack at 5:44 has me dead!

    • swoop G says:

      Indycar F1 64, I think kenon is wearing his self out…not nearly as funny as he was a few years ago…

  17. ryohazuki605 says:

    “you mean this whole time she wasnt really asian? gahhh dammmn. ?? funny af

  18. Kidknapped says:

    “My mom is German and my dad is Count Chocula” Oh my lord I died

  19. Kerry K says:

    “Louisa hasn’t stabbed anyone yet and I’m starting to hate that about her”?????

  20. mipmipmipmipmip says:

    How is SNL allowed to film actual college admission meetings?

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