Cut for Time: Donald Trump’s Hair – SNL

Cut for Time: Donald Trump’s Hair – SNL

Scalp Team 6 (Taran Killam, Cecily Strong, Bobby Moynihan, Jay Pharoah) is dispatched to protect Donald Trump’s hair when a windy situation arises.

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20 Responses

  1. Frogman Smith says:

    God, is this corny. How the fuck does this show stay on the air?

  2. Interrek says:


  3. Gunet “XeTeX” Kirz says:

    Что за идиотизм я сейчас посмотрел? //_-

  4. Cheburusska says:

    Lentach here!

  5. naughtybeast96 says:

    the fuck did I just watch

  6. Zareg2 says:

    дебилы, блядь

  7. AussieOzborne says:

    Does snl hire 12 year old writers?

  8. Rajith Maligaspe says:

    Wow, glad it was cut.

  9. Nadeshda Ney says:

    Unsubscribed. Why are they even giving this guy the time of day?

  10. tema grev says:

    дебилы блять

  11. 84DrEvil says:

    Ребят, с такими шутками Вам в “Аншлаг” по Миссисипи надо

  12. Евгений Леонтьев says:

    Cyka Blyat !

  13. Vagina Fak says:


  14. anton sokolov says:

    Трамп молодец. Крепкий мужик. Не, то что хусейн ибн Обама. А, вот Путина
    сделали странного. Да и юмор конечно вялый. Комедия времен Бенни Хилла

  15. Misha Tananko says:


  16. Emily Hufschmidt says:

    He doesn’t get his hair cut. He gets one of his cheesy rugs restyled. He
    isn’t fooling anyone. Everyone knows he’s really a Democrat so he’ll never
    be taken seriously by Republican voters.

  17. transmorani says:

    вы в конец одурели?

  18. Joshua Wheeler says:

    Yea, that bomb really made a difference. I should do that with my haor

  19. Drunken Punk 800 says:

    So, when’s the funny start?

  20. gypsijewel says:

    they shoulda kept this skit in and taken out the (if forget it now) skit
    that wasnt funny at all