Cut For Time: New Playroom – Saturday Night Live

Cut For Time: New Playroom – Saturday Night Live

In a scene from the sequel Fifty Shades Darker, Christian Grey (Kyle Mooney) shows Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) the new playroom he’s having built.

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20 Responses

  1. Cornelius Maximillianus says:

    Dakota is beautiful 

  2. Kally Schubert says:

    Why is SNL blocking their videos in the UK?

  3. Ahmed Al-Dosari says:

    Good thing its cut its 18+ 

  4. DaveDaShrubber says:

    Dakota looks good.

  5. YoshinoVA says:

    Kyle Mooney should be on the show more, he’s one of the funniest new cast

  6. GreenOfficeRock says:

    Kyle Mooney playing Christian Grey! Wow…! This is just the best thing

  7. espurious says:

    Cut for not funny!

  8. 4hotpink10 says:

    ok none of that is in any of the books but I still laughed

  9. Mad Dog Smith says:

    Yeah …

    I’m thinking time wasn’t the reason this was cut.

    No way people weren’t gonna complain about it. 

  10. JevonMuldrowTV says:

    Damn this shouldn’t have been cut haha

  11. Jonas Polsky says:

    Kyle “Cut For Time” Mooney

  12. Shawn Defeudis says:

    three to seven year itch?

  13. DiannaSugarF00t says:

    “Ya’ dil-dees.”

  14. ZeerosFate says:

    Spoofing with the original character? Tacky.

  15. Etienne Ranc says:

    Right at 4:06, when the joke cuts to the view of the city, you can see
    something move across the city. Kind of like a… UFO. Anybody else see it?

  16. Danny Steeler says:

    This certainly is no Playland @ McDonald s ! *giggle*

  17. gorillapancake says:

    Is Kyle Mooney capable of memorizing one word of dialogue? Every single
    time I watch him on SNL, he’s always looking at cue cards.

  18. Leon de klerk says:


  19. Varun Singh says:

    This room is more like “Wipeout: 50 Shades of Grey Edition”

  20. RupertDahamer39 says:

    Is This Supposed to be Funny?