Cut for Time: Star Warriors – SNL

Cut for Time: Star Warriors – SNL

The Mos Eisley Five (Mikey Day, Kate McKinnon, Charles Barkley) try to make a deal with Goba (Kenan Thompson) to free a captured pilot (Pete Davidson).


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60 Responses

  1. General Avocado says:

    This isn’t lore friendly

  2. Emmanuel Valadez says:

    True. Like everybody in there speak like 6 different lenguages. Some just noise ones. How did that happen???

  3. Ivan Cvenić says:

    Where is Bill Hader when you need one.

  4. LadyVibeke87 says:

    I’d watch this movie. Kate and Mikey look amazing!

  5. Viral Videos says:

    *Where is the school?*

  6. LadyVibeke87 says:

    Kate and Mikey: a visual explanation of why I’m bi.

  7. Pame Diaz says:

    I can’t stop crying omg this is fucking hilarious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ “guys, please include me”

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    • Sandra Espino says:

      Pame Diaz ii

    • daniel kelly says:

      Pame Diaz ur obviously a faggots

    • Eddie Panedi says:

      I have to say that I truly believe that the major reason why women and men don’t understand each other is because of how drastically different they are treated by society. For example, there is a massive rejection imbalance. It’s basically a given, that no matter how much a woman likes you, she is almost certainly going to keep that desire hidden. Then men are basically forced to chase women without having any idea whether or not the feelings are mutual. Basically, women can’t handle rejection, so they solve this problem, by making it impossible for them to be rejected. They basically lie about how they truly feel.

      As a guy, I basically have to cope with rejection on a intimate level. No matter what I do, there will always be plenty of women that will reject me. No matter how rich, famous, or attractive a man is, there is always a woman that absolutely hates him.

      I honestly think it’s funny that women envy men for their confidence, but men aren’t really confident, they just stop caring about the consequences. For example, at one time you take being turned down really personally. But, over time, after enough rejections, you start to treat it like, ‘easy come, easy go.’ You stop investing so much emotion, and self-esteem into every interaction. In a way, you move beyond that emotional state, and this is what women think is confidence.

      Confidence in men is not the believe that they everybody is in love with them, but rather, confidence is the perspective that you have nothing to lose.

      I sincerely hope, that every woman will come to terms with the same dilemma, and free themselves from the shackles of social approval. I know that women are probably more social than men, in general, but that doesn’t mean that they MUST CONFORM to every social convention in order to be accepted. In fact, when women develop a strong sense of self-esteem, they stop needing validation, and quite frankly, they end up enjoying their lives a lot more. And, in the end, isn’t that what it’s all about?

      C’mon ladies, if you truly want equality, and if you truly want to be empowered, then you have to get over your fear of failure, and your remorse over rejection.

      I hear so many women say that men have to deal with rejection, but I sincerely hope that those comments are not being issued from the mouth of a complete hypocrite. Sometimes, people really do forget to follow their own advice.

  8. The Wizard Warriors says:

    Why do I feel like this would be an actual scene in a stand alone film. Like why is this actually really good?

  9. Emily B says:

    β€œGuys, please include me!”
    That’s a mood right there.

  10. Wagwan Pifting Wots Ur BBM pin? says:

    This was hilarious lol, should’ve been in the show. I think Charles was perfect for this skit

  11. Alison Chin says:

    β€œoh damn.” bahahaha. also, alex was literally perfect in his role lol.

  12. Channel for Positivity l Understanding l Justice says:

    Wow the budget for this
    must’ve been quite large!

    • rfahy72 says:

      Channel for Positivity l Understanding l Justice I am sure it was created by and paid for by Disney to promote Solo. The Solo movie is going to tank!

  13. Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun says:


  14. lilelbee423 says:

    Awkward how a skit this involved (read: expensive) got cut for time

    • revengefrommars says:

      They need to learn marketing.Β  Call this a “digital extra” or something.Β  “Cut for time” is just pissing people off.

  15. wasacarpenter says:

    I was expecting Pete to say OK at the end of the skit πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  16. Bluesbabesrv says:

    This is better than half of the skits that made it onto the show. I think they cut the wrong skit for time!

  17. Black Phillip says:

    This looks so expensive for a cut sketch

  18. Simon James says:

    Why was this cut? This skit is funnier than some of the skits they included in the actual show.

    • D. Garcia-Reyes says:

      for time, its in the title.

    • D. Garcia-Reyes says:

      then it wouldn’t be on youtube either.

    • Alison N says:

      D. Garcia-Reyes no shit, but they decided to leave in other sketches that are arguably less funny and cut this one. They also most likely spent some money beyond what they normally do for this. That is what is perplexing. I just threw out an idea of why it was cut but stated at the end my doubts about that being the reason. Plus, they did a Star Wars sketch with Adam Driver a couple of seasons ago and that one wasn’t “cut for time”.

      It’s possible in rehearsal they thought they could fit it all in 90 minutes but realized towards the end they would be short the 3 minutes and 42 seconds needed for this. I still think they could have cut one of the last sketches or put this in towards the middle and left one of the less funny sketches in a spot to be eliminated if they didn’t have enough time.

    • Drummerfett 777 says:

      Cuz it’s not about Trump.

    • Erick Simancas says:

      πŸ˜€ Este especialista inyecta agua en el oΓ­do de su paciente, lo que sale de su oΓ­do, te dejarΓ‘ impactado πŸ’‘

  19. enbykenz says:

    this had me SCREAMING laughing oh my goodness so dang funny

  20. James Remus says:

    Look at Charles Barkley looking like jedi master Frederick Douglas.

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