Cutty Losing His Shit On The 4 Train

Cutty Losing His Shit On The 4 Train

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20 Responses

  1. J Walters says:

    Cocaine is a hellofa drug.

  2. Key Jay says:

    sounds like hes drunk or on something just venting

  3. MCEvolutionTeam says:

    I’m confused. What is this guy raging about?

  4. Jackal Lee says:

    +MCEvolutionTeam He’s not high. He was infuriated that he was referred to
    as a nigga/nigger (Racism)

  5. MCEvolutionTeam says:

    +Jackal Lee Oh, OK
    thanks for the clarity. I was confused.

  6. VampiressOfShadows says:

    Apparently some douchebag couple called him the ‘N’-word.
    You know what, I’d have punched them in their dirty mouths! I HATE racist

  7. CompleteGaming says:

    +VampiressOfShadows meh i call them niggers all the time.. not even racist
    they call us crackers do we get offended… no…they over react its just a
    fucking word

  8. breon gardner says:

    Im black, and I actually agree with completegaming, we dp give the word
    nigger way too much power.

  9. breon gardner says:


  10. Captain Murica says:

    Tyrese is alive!

  11. Force V says:

    K lost all respect for him in an instant

  12. LetBacon says:

    Poor guy… Racism will never stop …

  13. PortableAppz1 says:

    Someone taz his ass.

  14. theguywholives007 says:

    man that person next to the camera is pretty good at solitaire

  15. Plurple says:

    He’s mad cause he died in TWD. :'[

  16. RadicalJane says:

    What happend?

  17. GamerZoneTV says:

    This sounded like an 80’s wrestling promo xD

  18. NASCAR4ever11 says:

    He swears to drunk he’s not God….

  19. Lukas Shipp says:

    The guy just casually playing solitaire in the background.

  20. Roy Tribble says:

    Good for him.