CVS Receipt Costume goes to CVS

CVS Receipt Costume goes to CVS

For Halloween I dressed as a 12 foot CVS receipt, then went to CVS to buy some Halloween candy.

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20 Responses

  1. crewskater06 says:

    Awesome that his costume worked and they gave him a long receipt.

  2. almcken2 says:

    When I grow up, I wanna be a receipt.

  3. Guamu says:

    i knew it was going to scan but i still laughed about it, that’s hilarious

  4. KitaniRairakku says:

    This is the perfect kind of Halloween prank. It’s innocent, it’s funny, it
    doesn’t harass the workers, and even the managers got a laugh out of it!
    Also great way to poke fun at how long those receipts get — as someone who
    works for a grocery store, they’re pretty ridiculous, hahah!

  5. tipdub says:

    lol love how you made their day. great idea!! :D

  6. Solomon Sloan says:

    I can TOTALLY see CVS blend this into their marketing..

  7. anon says:

    Its nice to see a “prank” at a store that isnt a bunch of teenage shit
    stains just knocking shit over, enjoyed this one.

  8. THEADMIN says:

    you need to get a life

  9. Sky Leach says:

    it’s scary because CVS overprices everything

  10. Darren Montgomery says:

    Making people happy in a world like this is just beautiful .
    Surprised your code worked dude lol

  11. sqwaqwc123 says:

    You are appropriating receipt culture, SHAME ON YOU!!

  12. William Heckman says:

    How did you make this costume ?

  13. Grant Barrick says:

    My life has come to watching videos of people dressed up as receipts and
    walking around in a store.

  14. Perceval says:

    I sexually identify as a CVS receipt and I find this manner of
    appropriation to be disrespectful and offensive. But I don’t care; I’m
    beautiful. Your words and actions will not change who I am. Nonetheless,
    shame on you.

  15. David Cipriano says:

    he wanted to make a return. lol.

  16. Mike Rowsdower says:

    Man what a spacious CVS you guys have.

  17. TheNonfat says:

    You brightened the cashier’s day :)

  18. TheRealTrikein says:

    Ironic this is how CVS sees it’s customers; giant walking receipts. XD

  19. Shredding Stuff says:

    Nobody got hurt and everyone had a laugh. This is what a prank should be.

  20. Derek Leiardo says:

    You actually committed a crime by duplicating coupons and Extra Bucks. It
    is illegal.