Cyber Rodeo at Giga Texas

Cyber Rodeo at Giga Texas

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33 Responses

  1. Nirbhaya Tiwari says:

    What a outstanding work by all the people who were involved in building this factory in some or the other way !!!

  2. SuNR4Ve says:

    00:00 – Night Rider 87 – Galactic Realms
    3:35 – Aviad Zinemanas – Density Wave
    6:29 – Night Rider 87 – Arcade Nights
    9:42 – 2050 – Neon Skies
    12:05 – 2050 – Nova
    15:35 – Norbeatt – Carabali
    17:49 – Night Rider 87 – Scanline Memories
    20:43 – Tinlicker & Dosem – Hypnotised
    28:05 – Night Rider 87 – Galactic Realms
    [Some tracks repeat here]
    58:38 – 2050 – Time Jumper

  3. Kora Mailbox says:

    Never got goosebumps because of a company…

    This is insane. Always liked Tesla’s vision but this exceeds all of my expectations back in 2010/11…

    • Andrew Simpson says:

      The marketing is stellar, but all consumers should pay attention to the future that Tesla is aiming for and the actual costs of their product. Is it the future that consumers want or are they blindly following the beat of a nice sounding drum?

    • cablecow15 says:

      Keep sipping that koolaide …

      do underground traffic jams give you goosebumps too ? 😅🤣

    • Hiuiro says:


    • Forever Misguided says:

      I was excited in high school. Like ‘06. I had zero clue what he would actually be able to do.

  4. Ally says:

    I have never felt so much jealousy for people who got to attend this event. What a surreal experience. Here’s to a successful future for Tesla!

  5. Hi Tahiti says:

    Men I never seen another car dealer opening a factory like that. Glad I invest in Tesla in my 50s. 15 years later it became big company

  6. Zlardy says:

    Hands down, best entry of any CEO ever.

  7. andrewpm2 says:

    Damn that was amazing. This man gives me hope that there truly are people of wealth trying to make the world a better place for all, not just themselves. Other billionaires take note…

  8. Steve Han says:

    I literally teared up while watching this. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for Tesla.

    • I'm Sk says:

      why would you? or youre just so sensitive that you tear up even if it rains sometimes? There’re thousands of other people like Elon(genius) who are unknown but exist and cannot do anything even if they would like to. So enjoy and appreciate every person’s hard work and you don’t have to tear up just by this video when there’s so much yet to come.

    • Ben Hay says:

      Same ngl

    • Ra Kunta says:

      ” ha gaaaayyyyyy”
      – ben Chang.

  9. Javier says:

    One day I’ll own a Tesla! How can you NOT love this company!? Way to go Tesla! 🙂

  10. Xienix says:

    Elon: says anything
    Crowd: goes wild
    Guys, let the man speak 🤣

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