“Cyclops” Goat Born in India | National Geographic

“Cyclops” Goat Born in India | National Geographic

A one-eyed goat was recently born in a village in the northeastern Indian state of Assam. It has a rare condition called cyclopia, where the orbits of the eye fail to develop into two cavities.
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Local veterinarians predicted that the baby goat will die within a few days but so far it has survived beyond their expectations. It has become a major tourist attraction in the village with scores or visitors arriving to get a glimpse of the animal.

In addition to the development of one eye, cyclopia can also cause deformities in the nose and mouth. Animals and humans born with one eye rarely survive to adulthood due to ailments caused by physical abnormalities.

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“Cyclops” Goat Born in India | National Geographic

National Geographic

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20 Responses

  1. #brybjar says:

    poor animal

  2. Maarten Vermeulen says:

    Kill it

  3. DrMateen36 says:

    This is the GOAT goat

  4. Vonnie Wright says:

    Poor thing. Looks like he can’t blink enough to wet the eye. How sad.

  5. Meepii1 says:

    I really can’t help it…it’s so cute lol

  6. David Agan says:

    just looks like shes screaming “killlllllllllll me, killlllllllll me”

  7. DrMateen36 says:

    I think ot tries to blink but eye doesnt close?

  8. grizzledcroc says:

    Oh my god thats the spore music.

  9. Aisu says:

    this just made me very sad especially him crying out 🙁

  10. Chad RBLX says:

    I feel sorry for it, it looks cute and if it was well fed and washed it could be a cool pet but it’s going to die soon so that’s sad.

  11. Isaac Campos says:

    Poor little thing 🙁

  12. QUIT says:

    It can’t even blink.. just imagine the pain

  13. NOXlade says:

    Should be put out of it’s misery. Poor animal.

  14. æwyn says:

    I thought they were going to mention how the locals started worshipping it…

  15. EElectric_M says:

    Do you kill people with deformities or other abnormalities at birth? No? Then shut the hell up.

  16. StingLikeAButterfly FloatLikeABee says:

    it can’t blink they should euthanize it I’m not trying to be mean but also how can it sleep it can’t shut it’s eye

  17. Cherish Ireland says:

    So sad that we have put so much toxic crap out in our world that this is what happends to the animals.

  18. Alinne Mahlke says:

    I wish people were taking care of this baby instead of photographing it. Eye drops, physical-therapy for the walking, among other things… but sadly, this is not happening. Sending love and light to this little one, hoping it’ll cope the best it can with this life as far as it goes before it finally rests.

  19. Fredboy says:

    Why is it always in India

  20. Stain Gang says:

    Be humane and put it out of its misery.

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