D.L. Hughley speaks out about recent police shootings

D.L. Hughley speaks out about recent police shootings

Actor engages in heated debate on ‘The Kelly File’ about race relations in America

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20 Responses

  1. Pinkesh Sharma says:

    As an outsider living in US, I’ve seen that racism exists here…

  2. FallaciousAl says:

    Scientists are good at science. Teachers are good at teaching.
    Fire-fighters are good at fighting fires. Actors are good at acting,
    electoral politics, economics, civics, crime and punishment, and ethics.

  3. axiom says:

    He dealt with that very calmy, she embarassed herself immensely. Shame on
    Fox News

  4. Mike Anthony says:

    don’t wow me. bitch please

  5. truetype80 says:

    she did get a little heated , not very professional

  6. ganstathuginit says:

    He couldve countered that with. ‘Do you think if Brown indeed had his hands
    raised, officer wson wouldve said so? I dont think so.
    We only prosecute cops when we absolutely necessary
    If their was no camera. Slayer would be free. He lied and planted evidence
    No camera and officer van dike would be free. Him and all his colleges now
    lied saying Laquan Mcdonald charged them with a knife raised. Which one of
    those officers took a stand and said, thats not what happened? Not one. ‘.

  7. Jos Cana says:

    Name something racist fox has said

  8. Davison Krajcik says:

    If she says don’t paint a group with the same brush and he says you should
    for white cops, why can’t white cops do that for blacks? Is there some
    benefit or privilege that blacks get to assume that all white cops are bad
    yet white cops can’t assume all blacks are bad? Go burn your black lives
    matter posters and think about this.

  9. Maurice Flecther says:

    Wow. SO megyn kelly assumes that he threatened the officer. Maybe the
    officer is a bias cunt that shot him while he was reaching for his wallet
    thinking it was a gun?

  10. G.I. Joe says:

    DL Hugley (The DL stands for dumb logic)
    If a police department is shown to a problem with racism, then EVERY cop is
    a racist and EVERY bad encounter between a black man and a white cop can
    only be blamed on racism. To him, the possibility that the black man was
    acting like a fool is impossible.
    There is no reasoning with DL. He completely ignores the facts. (Facts
    Don’t Matter) Michael Brown, who just robbed a store, punched the police
    officer, tried to take his gun, and then charged at the officer. Anyone who
    does that (black, white or purple) is going to get shot.

  11. Jeff Keys says:

    d.l what a squirrel

  12. Frederick Jizzbottom says:

    Reality time DL Ugly: this is the kind of discussion Fox News has on a
    daily basis.

  13. Nickolas Flores says:

    white lives matter

  14. Star Lifter says:

    This white woman clearly doesn’t know the struggles blacks have to go
    through. Idk why they let her on this decussion she clearly doesn’t know
    why she’s talking about expecially if it’s about racism in America.

  15. Messagefrom Montie says:

    Gawd, she is just as delusional and annoying as Trump. Amazes me that they
    didn’t get along better.

  16. MyAss Stanks says:

    Just another racist nigger with a mircrophone.

  17. Melanin Queen says:

    Fuck Fox News lol!

  18. Warbud2 says:

    As a neutral party here I can safely say Kelly really whooped his ass in
    that debate!

  19. Bryson Williams says:

    I’m not a Republican in any way, more of an Independent in that I like
    progressing socially, and I also like big business too, but the crap that
    the Republicans get for being “different” is ridiculous. Just because
    someone or a group has an opposing viewpoint from yours doesn’t mean you
    have to totally slander and hurt those people.

  20. Kate Genwunner says:

    Kelly rekt that nigger.