Da Vinci Code: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

Da Vinci Code: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

John Oliver discusses The Da Vinci Code: the book, the film, and, for some reason, the cultural phenomenon.

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27 Responses

  1. Bob Gabbitas says:

    Only John Oliver could take hostages and still get them to laugh

    • Kremzeeeek says:

      Not even Langdon could figure how to do that

    • Ion S says:

      Only him and the Joker

    • Zera maka says:

      Only for fans over 18 years old LOVEME.UNO/aizawa

      mañas no se la
      Megan: “Hotter”
      Hopi: “Sweeter”
      Joonie: “Cooler”
      Yoongi: “Butter

      Asi con toy y sus mañas no se la lease que escriba bien mamon hay nomas pa ra reirse un rato y no estar triste y estresado.por la vida dura que se vive hoy .
      Köz karaş: ”Taŋ kaldım”
      Erinder: ”Sezimdüü”
      Jılmayuu: ”Tattuuraak”
      Dene: ”Muzdak”
      Jizn, kak krasivaya melodiya, tolko pesni pereputalis.
      Aç köz arstan
      Bul ukmuştuuday ısık kün bolçu, jana arstan abdan açka bolgon.

      Uyunan çıgıp, tigi jer-jerdi izdedi. Al kiçinekey koyondu gana taba algan. Al bir az oylonboy koyondu karmadı. ”Bul koyon menin kursagımdı toyguza albayt” dep oylodu arstan.
      Arstan koyondu öltüröyün dep jatkanda, bir kiyik tigi tarapka çurkadı. Arstan aç köz bolup kaldı. Kiçine koyondu emes, çoŋ kiyikti jegen jakşı dep oylodu.#垃圾

      Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente


    • Bryan Kerr says:

      What’s it like working at HBO?

    • Jim Kitcat says:

      ‘”Good evening, Sister”, he said in French’. Has a worse line ever been written in the English language?

  2. Nikita Amien says:

    I like to imagine that he’s made every single staff member on this show sit through this rant until eventually they collectively said “fuck it, just let him put it on the internet and be done with it”

  3. Cherish Ireland says:

    Well this is what I had been waiting for your entire career John. You’ve reached your final form! Proud of you lol.

  4. Fausto Rodríguez Zapata says:

    I’ve never wasted my time in anything Da Vinci Code related up until today. Thanks John Oliver! It was a nice 18 year streak.

  5. Karen Jaz says:

    I liked the book and the movie. But now I’m questioning my own sanity and every life choice I’ve ever made. Only John Oliver can do that. 😂

  6. ToudaHell says:

    I’ve read 3 Dan Brown books in my lifetime and that’s enough Dan Brown for me. He uses the same formula for everyone. The main character gets dragged into a situation reluctantly because of a death or potentially catastrophic event that is WAY out of their comfort zone, the locals hate them because the locals think they can solve it on their own, the main character partner up with their love interest, they go on convoluted journeys to solve the mystery, they get betrayed by someone they trust who they’ve told everything and think is helping them, the villain is killed in the final confrontation, and the 2 love birds live happily ever after.

  7. wZem says:

    When it comes to novels that were cultural phenomena and influenced the Zeitgeist in the last 20 years we have ‘Harry Potter’, a novel for children, ‘The Da Vinci Code’, a novel for people with no taste and ’50 Shades of Grey’, a novel for horny moms that originated as internet forum fan-fiction of another terrible yet popular book series named ‘Twilight’.
    Following this trajectory, I can only imagine the literary triumph the next popular series of novels will be…

  8. boyfromoz7 says:

    I remember reading ‘The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail’ (the non-fiction hypothesis that the historical Jesus married Mary Magdalene, had one or more children, and that those children or their descendants emigrated to what is now southern France) just before The Da Vinci Code came out. I thought it was kind of clever turning this hypothesis into a fun adventure story. But agree, the puzzles where kind of dumb when you thought about it for more than a second.

    • Reynolds Jones says:

      I agree with your analysis of where it came from – there is actually what I’m going to call a “Catholic split” in our area, a few dozen people who meet separately, take Mass, and absolutely believe the theories forwarded by Holy Blood/Holy Grail. One of them, a close friend, got me to read it many years ago, and given certain theological realities (Jewish Rabbis had to be married at the time) I found it compelling in base.

  9. MsEleanorShelby says:

    YES!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! This little piece will be one of my favorite John Oliver moments of all time, because it reminds me in the best and funniest way possible of one of my worst reading experiences ever. I remember ranting for days to a friend about the f***ing apple twist. Only John can turn this crap many years later into a hilarious and somehow nostalgic gem.

    • Siobhàn Anderson-Judkins says:

      Lol if you’re still in contact with your friend, just send them this video with zero context

  10. Jack K says:

    The really sad thing about the Apple riddle is that it actually really is a very difficult riddle by Dan Brown’s standards. Another of his books had the entire conflict hinge on no one at the NSA being able to work out that the difference between 235 and 238 is three.

    God I wish I was joking.

    • Alavan says:

      Yeah, it’s on the level of that one puzzle from National Treasure where the computer can’t figure out that the password is Valley Forge because it has two Ls and two Es. Oh! but Nicholas Cage can!

    • Lisa Marie says:

      Which book was this?

    • Jack K says:

      @Lisa Marie Digital Fortress

    • JP Sistenich says:

      @Jack K Such a shockingly bad book. And then Deception Point had the exact same plot: “specialist” “discovers” “unique information” that “solves/proves the puzzle”, while surviving attacks from “professional assassins” while screwing the “young, female sidekick”.
      His writing is cack.

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