DaBaby – “Essence” Freestyle (Official Video)

DaBaby – “Essence” Freestyle (Official Video)

IG: @DaBaby
Shot By: @Gemini.One1and @ThePhotoFalcon

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41 Responses

  1. Debo Gaming says:

    This is another level of fire

  2. Dam says:

    Bro doesn’t miss, this straight fire 🔥🔥

  3. ThoTiana says:

    I can’t believe dababy samples essence, big wiz everywhere, this song a huge leap for Nigerian music 👏
    its high time the world recognizes Nigerian talent💯

  4. Tehran Hodges says:

    I can’t say it enough. Baby is a fan favorite. You constantly see this man interacting with fans. Gotta salute.

    • dankone3 says:

      What you mean LOL.
      He doesn’t like taking pictures with dudes and I understand that.
      That’s some weird shit going up to another dude asking him “hey let’s take a picture together dude”
      He doesn’t NEED to or want to interact with some fanboy ass dudes and that’s wassup.

    • Jordan Avery says:

      @dankone3 damn why they gotta be fanboys what if you a actual fan?😂😂

    • Troof Speaka says:

      @dankone3 Bruh take pics wit everybody😂😂😂

    • Vonshaye Steven says:

      @dankone3 you literally just made up this malarkey smh🤦🏾

  5. Brucelongmeat says:

    Bro this song is actually perfect I’m not joking

  6. KOBEY says:

    He ain’t just rapping,, He’s having a whole conversation.

  7. Emmanuel Linus says:

    That “I don’t need your flowers I grow my own “ hits hard🤝♥️🖤

  8. M C says:

    They can’t cancel him he’s too consistent and talented.

  9. King Demi Reacts says:


  10. DShot_20 says:

    Dude in his own lane riding his own wave. Not influenced by anyone just being himself. Hope more blessings follow him on his journey

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