DaBaby – Jump feat NBA Youngboy

DaBaby – Jump feat NBA Youngboy

Blame it on Baby
DaBaby – Jump feat NBA Youngboy
Song Produced by DJ Kid
Directed by Reel Goats

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72 Responses

  1. 40 Shot says:

    God damn that Yb hook go crazyyyyyy

  2. Lion Boy12 says:

    Video most used objects:
    Plastic dress
    Hand sanitizer
    Face mask

    Corona: Danm! There’s no way to introduce me inside this video

  3. King Kooks says:

    First listen: 🔥
    Second Listen: 🔥🔥
    Third Listen: “I’ll make it jump like, like crack in the 80s”

  4. earl kennedy says:

    Anybody gonna talk about how his new songs is “kids content”

  5. Mogusu Victor says:

    Dababy: are you sanitized
    reporter ; no
    Dababy: say no more..

  6. Jan calvin says:

    Before corona: pull out a gun
    After : pull out a hand sanitizer

  7. Taurus Izayah says:

    Me: get out my room
    My baby brother: 4:39

  8. Nikita DP says:

    That is how feats should look like. They both ran for the entire track, so guest really feels himself an essential part of track!

  9. Ajoy says:

    Who taught of 69 when he said snitch

  10. ChillinTV says:

    Youngboy went wit baby’s flow and everything. Both did they thing with this one !

  11. Juicy Jay says:

    i know y’all caught bro’s name “filmore butts” at 1:25

    it’s the small things.

  12. Dante says:

    1:52 just found out he’s in 3 places at once lmao

  13. Greendro Emzzy Emerali says:

    Before coronavirus: Let me show my guns at the cameras
    After coronavirus: Let me put on a mask and some hand sanitizer
    When coronavirus gone: Back to showing them big guns on ya for real

  14. PMTrue says:


    Me when my mom makes pizza rolls: 4:42

  15. Julianna Silva says:

    everyone’s saying they neva seen yb this happy but in his “bring me out” video he was this happy too 🤷🏽‍♀️.

  16. Hell Nah says:

    Lmfao who click asap when ya seen that feature 😂

  17. netflix vs corona says:

    4:38 im actually crying of laughter wtf is he doin

  18. Caitlin says:

    The way YB put that that cleaning bottle in the camera like a gun he gone spray anything 😂

  19. ACE says:

    NBA acting like my mom when she has a belt and she’s says go there but when u walk she hit u from behind 2:36

  20. J Jitt says:

    When your dad that went to get milk see you 20 years later in public after u won in the lottery 2:36

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