DaBaby Talks Return to Music, Being “Canceled”, Love for Lizzo, Kanye West + More

DaBaby Talks Return to Music, Being “Canceled”, Love for Lizzo, Kanye West + More

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41 Responses

  1. AngelicRosee says:

    He’s a one of the perfect examples of how one cannot be canceled. He received a lot of backlash and lost millions but he’s still doing his thing- it’s crazy.

    • Mike yo momma Toll B says:

      @BeyoncesBlondeLaceFront you’re the only delusional one here..that man not missing any meals..just you.

    • BeyoncesBlondeLaceFront says:

      @Ceroew blah blah blah y’all delusional af. His career is nowhere near where he was pre scandal

    • Ceroew says:

      @BeyoncesBlondeLaceFront dawg u comparin everythin in terms of millions. No wonder u a beyhive. But dababy doin good. U cant compare him to dua lipam dua lipa audience broad n wide. dababy to a specific mesh, especially concert wise. Aint no 14 yr old girl payin to go to dababy but they will pay for dua lipa

    • Mike yo momma Toll B says:

      Neighborhood superstar will be in the top ten by the weekend.

    • Mike yo momma Toll B says:

      @BeyoncesBlondeLaceFront Beyonce you seem like a hater..ain’t no canceling.

  2. JaQuis McCullough says:

    What we can learn from DaBaby is not caring about being liked. I want more people to get to a point where they’re not concerned about being liked. Having people’s respect is much more valuable than being liked by them. People still do business with people they don’t like, but respect.

    • JaQuis McCullough says:

      @krissy 0292 Why do you feel this was necessary? No one is insinuating that he isn’t problematic in other areas. What I chose to focus on was at least one positive about this young man because whether you like it or not, he is NOT the sum of the mistakes he has made. And while he has shown he can be disrespectful to women, it’s also not lost on me that those same women lack self-respect as well. Believe it or not, people treat you the way you allow them to treat you, and from what I’ve seen EVERY SINGLE ONE of those women is aware of who he is; how he gets down; and in most cases about each other.

    • krissy 0292 says:

      And that he doesn’t respect women who he has kids with. Got it

    • JaQuis McCullough says:

      @Ash Len it really is!

    • Ash Len says:

      @JaQuis McCullough I can relate bc I’m an only child and it taught me not to care what others say or depend on others (it’s hard to explain)

    • JaQuis McCullough says:

      @Bess Life TV Self-acceptance is truly one of the first steps to being ok with not being liked. I do this through setting boundaries. Even with myself. I speak life to and think positively about myself. I constantly seek positivity via books, podcasts, shows I watch, people I hang around, etc. I cultivate, daily, my relationship with God and I believe who He says that I am. I’ve also gone to therapy to deal with past trauma and have healed from a lot of things, but have to constantly work at triggers. This takes real work and coming to terms with who you are naturally born to be. I don’t leave or have room for people who are constantly negative; throw shade and pass it off as jokes, etc. Over time it plays on your self-esteem and confidence. Once I started loving on me and loving me, it became easier to turn the noise down. It also doesn’t hurt that I grew up as an “only child”. You kind of have no choice but to learn to enjoy your own company as an only child. Sorry this is so long 😬.

  3. Deanna Hinton says:

    Well-spoken, brilliant and extremely talented young man!!! More blessings for DaBaby!!!🤩

  4. Solo Loui says:

    DaBaby intellectual, it’s no surprise he where he at; his vision clear and he grind like the lights bout to get cut off #Salute 🙏🏽

  5. MKA says:

    I felt Da Baby when he talked about intention vs impact. I’ve been in that position before so I understand where he coming from

  6. FLYGIRL56 says:

    Good interview! Love da baby! Him beating the self-defense charge back in his hometown made me see who he was and then his music, his personality and the way he move through adversity is why the reason I am rooting for him and love him!! Such a solid guy!

  7. Rizzo Riz says:

    That’s the problem when there’s no Media training like the old days, the publicist were annoying but they protected you from yourself,, true story 💯💯

  8. Bizzy Bank (ARMY OF 1) says:

    Salute to DA Baby…..and shout out to 50 for being a real G and kicking it with him at all cost!!!!

  9. Sire Peabody says:

    You’re not canceling an artist who’s parent company is Universal. They wrote the check already. they’ll make certain you’ll pay them back. He has to go to work . Its either go to work …or “key man” insurance policy preparation. Rap your ass off champion

    • Tyran Jones says:

      @William Godinho they all still have connections, power , and money…. They didn’t fall off they changed they’re focus

    • Nate Solo says:

      @William Godinho Desiiner was a little different.

    • William Godinho says:

      @Jonagates Alot of artists under Rockefella are not smart or anywhere near kanye and rihanna. Most of their artists like Memphis Bleek, Teairra Mari, M.O.P, Jim Jones, Joe Budden, Cam’ron, The Diplomats just to name a few, have fell off and are not making money from music so they end up on love and hip hop which is the grave yard for artists like 50 cent says. So at the end of the day you can get signed and be talented in the beginning but if you start to fall off like most do then the label can’t do anything. Not everybody will last like drake, cole, kendrick etc

    • William Godinho says:

      @Jonagates it happens a lot lol, desiigner is one of them. Why you saying “rarely”, more than half of their artists fell off a long time ago and never did great numbers!!

    • Jonagates says:

      @William Godinho The hardest label to be signed to is Rockefella. Not only you need to be talented, you need to be smart just like Kanye and Rihanna as well (big good in business).

  10. Desidez Music says:

    A time to grieve….. You can only run from that pain for so long. Charlemagne called the behavior when he said it is a “Trauma response”. I hope he finds time for healing and that he has someone in his community that can slow him down to start such process. His community is strong and protective, but at some point baby Jesus has to bare his own cross. I enjoyed this interview.

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