DaBaby’s Shocking Proposal For B. Simone 😱💍 Wild ‘N Out

DaBaby’s Shocking Proposal For B. Simone 😱💍 Wild ‘N Out

B. Simone wasn’t about to miss her chance at shooting her shot with DaBaby. Watch the two finally meet at the alter during ‘Let Me Holla’ and wait for Da Baby’s unexpected decision. 😂

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72 Responses

  1. Wild 'N Out says:

    DaBaby & B. Simone Get All Flirty in the Classroom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZyxG2FpgpQ

  2. Terrianna Wallace says:

    “Tie my shoe” she tied the knot

  3. Marie Priss says:

    Her stomping when she said “Hell Nah” 😭😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  4. Acro Dance says:

    Peep how B. Simone came out in a dress with what looked like Black forces😂😂😂

  5. ClampUp EH says:

    On B Simone’s Show, You’re My BoyFriend She said some I’m not interested in short guys.OKAY🥱🥱🥱

  6. Anaijah Harris says:

    Let’s just all take a moment and realize how pretty B. Simone was in the wedding dress 👗

  7. Nirah_love says:

    Why Da Baby do ma girl like that, he know she been planning 4 that moment 😭😭

  8. Trevor Stanley says:

    Lmao he played me an all, thought he was gonna propose fr

  9. The J.A Sisters says:

    Anyone that’s reading this hope your safe

  10. thriceakapt says:

    B Simone: da baby My Boyfriend Da baby: tie my shoe BSimone : ok my ring Da baby: walks off BSimone :hit the floor The innocent bystanders: no he didn’t Da Baby : I’m cut like that

  11. Shayla Hawkins says:

    B Simone and Vena E. Are REAL best friends goals. Vena hyped B up when she was getting at HitMan Holla. Then she ran to comfort sis when she fell out when baby pulled that move. 😂👏

  12. Zakaria Warsame says:

    Bsimone: ok hurry
    Dababy : you’re getting too close

  13. LIV says:

    she shoulda told him to propose first before she tie his shoe lmaooo

  14. Tha stunnavic says:

    B. Simmone: *thinkin shes gon get married*

    Dababy: *im bout to ruin this girls whole career*

  15. Yoshikage Kira says:

    The way the white guy said “BARS”

  16. Red says:

    “That’s crazy, That’s DaBaby,
    I’m BigBaby,
    now let’s go make a baby” 🤣

  17. Frost Strike says:

    No one :

    Wild n out audience :

    B simone : yea b**** leave

  18. Help me to reach 888 subscribers says:


  19. Emmanuel Daniel says:

    Who’s here coz they didn’t expect it would end like that

  20. Johnya Ortiz says:


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