Dabs with Dads

Dabs with Dads

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In honor of April 20th, All Def Digital gives you “Dabs with Dads,” a 4/20 special. Dads take dabs and give fatherly advice. Happy 420! #DabswithDads #SmokeYours



Starring: Slink Johsnon, Honest John, Doboy, Adrian Ramone, Dennis Hattem, Robert Woodruff, Akul Dang and Steve Gelder
Directed by: Sydney Kim
Produced by : Damien Thurmon and Josh Gonzalez
Associate Producer: Travis Brown
Director of Photography: Daryl Gimore
Camera Operator: Michael Street
Sound Mixer : Joseph Bonier
Post Supervisor: Rich Song
Edited by: Amy Glickman Brown
VFX Supervisor: Ryan Kehoe
VFX: Arthur Castillo

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20 Responses

  1. Michael The Idiot Blueberry says:

    Lizards with lesbians

  2. Corvaire Wind says:

    LOL *”I’m supposed to give some advice here.”* — that’s pretty much all I
    got from my dad. ;O)-

  3. Sin7TV says:

    This is the best thing ever, I died when he said the puddle thing???

  4. Keet Harris says:

    raggedy ass Nick Noltey’sss!!! When is Black Jesus coming back on!!!

  5. byZukko says:

    “First I’ll make sure it’s not my fucking weed”???

  6. Frisco Felon says:

    Guy looked like Harvey from TMZ

  7. Oliver Prentiss says:

    Weed is stupid and a waste of time

  8. Basedzombie999 says:

    The guy from TMZ is in this video

  9. NBA Encyclopedia says:


  10. lex187 says:

    That grandpa cool af

  11. A.C. Redwine says:

    “If someone doesn’t like you for being you, piss on them.”

  12. Heron says:

    I didn’t even know this was an ADD vid cause it was so well-made.

  13. CTHEWOLF777 says:

    their vagina looks like a roast beef sandwich so…

  14. Slapped704 says:

    This country is extremely immoral

  15. zoqio says:

    The blowtorch looks like it’s floating O.o

  16. Sebastian Cremeans says:


  17. A Different Video of a Banana Every Goddamn Day says:

    This will be the next big meme

  18. Nick Lewis says:

    what about cocain with kids?

  19. Eddy Alvarez says:

    Piss on em.

  20. SalemsKov says:

    I miss dabs