Dad faces some demons

Dad faces some demons

My dad won’t let a crippling fear of heights keep him from peering over the edge. Well maybe.

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20 Responses

  1. Mr Beást says:

    where is this?

  2. martinaee says:

    To be fair… that’s the fear someone SHOULD have that close to death. People are way too casual around heights.

  3. A. Eggert says:

    You rock star! I am so impressed! You two are amazing. It was fun to watch and listen. I completely relate! Why does it feel I might accidentally hurl myself over the edge as if I have no control over myself?!? That’s what really makes me afraid of heights

  4. footytang says:

    I’m the exact same. I used to be a roofer and bridgeworker. Heights never bothered me. I turned 33 this year and now I watch a movie and they look over the edge of anything above 30 feet and I wanna puke. I guess I’m getting old.

  5. TheNick2pick says:

    what a hot daddy!

  6. Charlie Bice says:


  7. Artūrs Dilis says:

    Your dad is a warrior. Props to him.

  8. Anthony H says:

    Can sympathise, been there, done that, on that same cliff with the same kind of fright as well. Beautiful part of the world. Well done sir.

  9. Meaghan Liu says:

    This is seriously so adorable. Good for him!!

  10. Akoa Genesis says:

    I’m proud of him yet ashamed.

  11. Jason Barker says:

    Such an inspiration. I suffer from the same thing. I would’ve not been able to go that far

  12. Jesus Christ says:

    To be fair…hes also is using buttplugs when noone is home and he wears a dress..also when noone is home..ah..fears fears lol

  13. Кирилл Пономаренко says:

    MAN ! You’R AWSOME !!!!!

  14. Иван М says:

    мужик, ты молодец! (man, you awesome)
    героями нас делает борьба с самим собой.

  15. Eric Chase says:

    I understand that feeling for suuuuure. I’ve done something similar.

  16. F. Nieman says:

    i really like this scene of little finger overcoming his fear of looking at what’s coming over the sea for him

  17. Jacob Garn says:

    How’s he gonna run when the ledge starts to collapse?

  18. Igor Kuzmenko says:

    I thought that I was the only one doing this)

  19. Brittany Haviland says:

    Hey Alex, I’m a producer at NBC’s TODAY show. Do we have permission to show your dad’s fear or heights video on our show and across all of NBC’s platforms and partners? I look forward to hearing from you!

  20. yll gjyshinca says:

    Where my Pubg’s at ?

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