Dad Reacts to Steelers vs. Bengals Playoff Game

Dad Reacts to Steelers vs. Bengals Playoff Game

Dad’s reaction to the Steelers Bengals Wildcard game.
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20 Responses

  1. Carol Madera says:

    Love Pittsburgh Dad!!!!

  2. BJbobjr says:

    Yinz are jagoffs!

  3. Kenny Cordray says:

    Squeelers suck!!!Go Browns!!

  4. Edward Shook says:

    This is hilarious. Thank you

  5. HHCLCalgaryFlames /// Dr. Tee Vee says:

    If you’re some actor from California how is it snowing outside?

  6. mike fromuniontown says:


  7. Daniel Nikolich says:

    Even as a Bengals fan I enjoyed this.

  8. burghboy01 says:

    Where in the hell did you get that t-shirt? Anything Bubby Brister related
    should have been burned 20+ years ago.

  9. ianp751 says:

    And he’s holding an IC light, God damn..Can someone send me some??!

  10. TheMofobuss says:

    You know what aj stands for? All jags….classic!

  11. Jim Brooks says:

    Love the Bubby Brister “Yes we can!” shirt! I had one just like it when I
    was in sixth grade.

  12. david egan says:

    All Jags!!!!! classic! Thanks for another Pittsburgh Dad!

  13. Frank Kurta says:

    I’m soooo happy Tom didn’t speak up to remind PD that 2 of the 5 wins the
    Ravens had were from beating us! We dodged that one!

  14. Morris Duckworth says:

    sprinkle some spice on ya

  15. Azerbaycan HD says:


  16. Kyle Davison says:

    New Sport idea; sean penn should be shot and defiled by a goat and eaten
    out by a hyena while i watch and eat butterscotch pudding out of ben
    gilberts hole and a giraffe shits on the hyena and a pretty pretty unicorn
    butt fucks joey to death all while this is occurring an alien starts
    pooping regularly to asian porn and a new laxative is born called me so
    poopy Obama quickly moves to have Michelle put on a jagged strap on and
    fuck him till his eyes bleed and his prostate falls out of his mouth while
    he covers up mesopoopy —- it will be called American Values

  17. Pittsburgh Mike says:

    LOL Is that a Bubby Brister T-Shirt?

  18. Erik Cokeley says:

    Best video yet!

  19. zujostix says:

    One of the rare games I manage to catch as a Steeler fan in Croatia. Dem
    pussycats got cussed out in at least 5 different languages in my household.
    Just a bunch of orange and brown striped, yellow belly wankers

  20. Klingon Uranus says:

    dad just got a new subscriber.