Dads React to Their Daughters Getting Catcalled

Dads React to Their Daughters Getting Catcalled

Fathers react to hidden video footage of their daughters being catcalled in broad daylight in New York City.

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Dads React to Their Daughters Getting Catcalled

Thanks to daughters and dads: Megan & Joe, Leaura & Richard, Daniella and Meier

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20 Responses

  1. ginaheartscupcakes says:

    I love how that father said “our daughters, wives and mothers”. I think it
    should be “females” in general should be treated with respect. They
    shouldn’t have to see them as family to be able to respect them (or at
    least not hit on them…)

    • 1topgorgon says:

      Someone says your beautiful is being treated with disrespect? I wish all
      men would just stop paying you ungrateful creatures any mind and let you
      fend for yourselves then we will see how you handle that. women are just
      liabilities and if you didn’t bare children and provide sex their would be
      no use for yall. FACTS!!

    • Michael Barrett says:

      Are you stupid lol

    • Maurice Roberts says:

      +ginaheartscupcakes Everybody has a mother. Lots of people have wives, some
      people have daughters.. Every woman is at least one of those things to
      someone else. He IS saying “females” in general. He’s just saying it in a
      different way.

  2. Josephmulowayltshibangu Tshibangu says:


  3. BabyZen86 says:

    If my father saw men catcalling me, he would say – “Gosh! Why do you have
    to be such a bitch? Why can’t you just accept a compliment? If you were
    just nicer to these men, you could be married by now and I would have a
    So – yeah…

    • LuminaryPrism75 says:

      yeesh, that’s pretty harsh, I’d beat the asses of whoever said stuff like
      that to my daughter

  4. Ifrah Sarwar says:

    if the same thing girl’s with do them ?

  5. Mr. Chopstick says:

    My friends and I do it. Only when she’s out of sight. That’s the
    disrespectful and shameless.

  6. José Rojas says:

    “96% of women under 40 in America…” where’d the fuck they pull that
    statistic out of? Really?!

  7. Elisha Jean says:

    I was with my high school softball team warming up before a game, and a
    girl and I had to run past the baseball field to go to the bathroom, and
    the entire baseball team of the town we were in ran to the fence to yell
    and whistle at us…. Their coaches didn’t say a word.

  8. TrickyLover says:

    I only cat call my girlfriend she gets so embarrassed

  9. An A King says:

    window shopping. big deal

  10. Sami Shamroukh says:

    Bruh that last guy was being nice, and she could have told him she was
    married earlier when she noticed he was hitting on her smh

    • Haley h. says:

      he followed her for three minutes…”just being nice”? a stranger following
      you and talking to you while you’re just minding your own business isn’t
      “just being nice”. she doesn’t have to tell him that she’s married and she
      shouldn’t have to. and judging from his response it wouldn’t have mattered.
      she did tell him and he told her he didn’t care. this is still harassment,
      don’t sugarcoat it.

  11. Erik Torres says:


  12. LuminaryPrism75 says:

    If I ever saw my son doing this he’d get an ass whooping, and if this ever
    happened to my daughter I’d find those men and whoop their asses too

  13. Erik Torres says:

    If catcalling would not happened humans would not reproduce…

  14. FireDaemon says:

    Cheese Louise! I feel so uncomfortable on the rare moment when I’m
    catcalled and it makes it soooo much worse when they start following me.
    You are just giving a worse than desperate vibe. Creepy. You are giving a
    major creepy vibe.

  15. MrNightpwner says:

    that first statistic needs a citation, I don’t believe it