Dads VS Daughters! Who is Stronger? Payton & Salish Team Up!

Dads VS Daughters! Who is Stronger? Payton & Salish Team Up!

Payton & Salish Team up against Jordan Matter and Shane the Ninja Dad! Daughters challenge their dads! Who is stronger, faster, and more flexible?

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42 Responses

  1. The Ninja Fam! says:

    Who do you think will win?

    • Awesome Animals In Florida says:


    • Grace Victoria says:

      Payton and Salish

    • Karina Soto says:


    • Toilin Smith says:

      Pax one we are not going to l

    • Toilin Smith says:

      All the other people are going to be there all day and Forth all the time and Forth all the way back to the back back to the house and Forth all the 😂 and Forth all the I need to look at😅 all right let’s go I was gonna let him girl and Forth all the way back OK bye-byeto all the best and Forth all the best and all the best in all the an who think I’m on YouTubed I dongs p girls had a feeling that you’re losinga zerox don’t worry I think the challenges were so u yeah I think the fair but we totally got this word of the cats yea big Su flexibility laterp and we have to win because we’re going to make them wear this I actually really want to see that yeah

  2. Jordan Matter says:

    Who knew the kids were so strong?? 😂 This was a blast!!

    • Grace Kennedy says:


    • Lina Rocha says:

      That you guys celebrated for the girls because I just love the girls because the girls are more flexible than boys I’m good and I’m good at heritage and I’m actually good I am doing splits I can literally put my leg up and jump into it a toe touch but I’m better than ninja dad and Jordan matter cause Jordan matter is too old to do gymnastics so on so the girls one

    • Lina Rocha says:

      I can lift my my leg all the way up even to my head I don’t know even why did you guys do that challenge without me but maybe I can be one of your subscribers I will I will subscribe to your channels I will promise I am not kidding and I’m seriously serious I’m not kidding happy do you like

    • DD Da Animal Lover says:

      No offense but come on your 55 Jordan I knew the girls were going to win

    • Holly Xie says:


  3. ROCK SQUAD says:

    Can’t wait!! This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!!! 💖🎊Who are you guys rooting for? The dads or the daughters? 🤣

  4. The Ninja Fam! says:

    Should we do more collabs on this channel? Jordan and Salish were a blast to do this with!

  5. Ninja Kidz TV says:

    This is going to be Sooo Goood!

  6. THE HALL FAMILY says:

    What an epic collab!

  7. Alivia 🇺🇦 says:

    i feel like the girls should have gotten a second chance on the pull ups because shane bounced the bar, and in the race jordan shook the cargo net and shane started early.

  8. ITM MTC says:

    I really like the first challenge, however I do feel the Payton and Salish would have done better if Salish did the fireman carry and Payton gave the piggyback

  9. NinjaRan says:

    Hey ninja fam! I would really appreciate if u could notice me because I’ve been watching your videos from the start and have kept watching till this day for 5 years! KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Lucy Horrell says:

    when ninja dad and Payton raced on the ninja course ninja dad started going really early.
    Keep up the great content i love your videos.

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