Daft Punk – Epilogue

Daft Punk – Epilogue

#DaftPunk #Epilogue

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58 Responses

  1. MitchGames247 says:

    Daft Punk 1993-2021. What an incredible influence they had in the world of music.

    • Stew Pitt says:

      your taste of music has little influence on anyone else, for certain people in these replies

    • Fur Q says:

      Weren’t they Stardust in 1995 ?

    • Andy C says:

      I respectfully disagree, in as far as I’d say there will ALWAYS be good music being created in the world. You just have to look for it.

      Huge hip hop fan and I know that away from all the mainstream garbage that kids listen to, there is some fantastic stuff being put out there..I daresay the same can be said for all other genres.

      What I would say is how much I detest current pop chart music compared to the stuff that was about when I was growing up.

    • I'm Bored says:

      @Sir Mustard Of House Mayonnaise If you don’t like it why the hell are you here?

    • Chris James says:

      @Sir Mustard Of House Mayonnaise LOL, your guarantee is not worth the old timey paper its printed on. Unless, by “on the street” you mean the street of your retirement community.

  2. Ponce says:

    Je vous aime, et je vous aimerai toujours.

  3. Zach Houseknecht says:

    Goodbye to the legends.

  4. GazAdventures says:

    Good bye friends, it was awesome growing up with your sounds.

  5. Jafet Gallardo says:

    Justo hace 2 días le dije a mi esposa: “ojala algún día se me haga ir a un concierto de ellos” 😞😢

  6. Bianca says:

    Hold on, if love is the answer you’re home.

  7. BilboWagons says:

    Man, I’m kinda just shocked. Daft Punk has literally been around my entire life and now they’re stopping. Just kinda sad

  8. DJ BLAFFET says:

    Dime qué no es cierto dime qué no es cierto…. casi la mayoría de nosotros amabamos mucho este duo …ellos eligieron su destino.. Gracias por tanto temas Daft Punk 😖😩😫💔💔

  9. glenjamn3 says:


  10. Regina Franco says:

    “Hold on, if love is the answer you’re wrong?”

  11. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:


  12. Luis Chan says:

    that sad truth a whole variety of generations who grew up listening to them are lost in this video and separation :c

  13. HusterGame says:

    Chale, y yo desde hace 2 meses que escucho su música

  14. Oscar73You says:

    time passes for everyone and for everything, with them time has passed with infinite joy and we will remember this

  15. Manuel Blanco says:

    Alguien: Los hombres no lloran
    Los hombres al ver este video:😭😭😭😭😭

  16. jesus arvelo says:

    desde que tengo 5 años los escuche por primera vez “one more time” 21 años despues me siento honrado de poder decir que fui un fan de Daft Punk siempre en mi corazón <3 GRACIAS!

  17. Léo - TechMaker says:

    2021 qui fait tout son possible pour être pire que 2020

  18. Juan says:

    Déjate tu Like, si los llevaremos en nuestro corazón y recuerdos.

    No pasaran a la historia, quedarán como grandes leyendas, que el tiempo jamás olvidarán.

  19. ArtzLaxper says:

    me duele recordar harder, better, faster, stronger…

    Hagamos que su música siga con vida para siempre.

  20. Slope's Game Room says:

    so sad, industry legends leaving us right here! incredible artists

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