Daisy Ridley Builds A Millennium Falcon (While Answering Our Questions)

Daisy Ridley Builds A Millennium Falcon (While Answering Our Questions)

‘I think I’m missing a piece’

Production: Lightening Films
Producer/Director: Carla Holdforth
Music: Getty

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73 Responses

  1. Lord pavit says:

    baby πŸ™‚

  2. Patshar Vatanayothin says:

    daisy is bae …… i love her fucking much

  3. M 17 says:

    Pimp jacket πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

  4. Alessandro Pellegrini says:

    a girl with such a sweet face and beautiful smile playing with lego? If no one’s bride then we live in a horrible world

  5. Andrew Cabral says:

    That girl is such a Mary Sue.

    • ASAP.69 says:

      JulianChee No they aren’t you dumbass. Luke and Anakin actually struggled earlier on as they were growing and you see that Luke lost to Vader and Anakin lost to Dooku. Rey somehow won her first saber fight and learned how to use Jedi mind trick without any real knowledge of what the force was or what the Jedi mind trick even was.

    • Jithin Joseph says:

      ASAP.69 Dumbass why can’t you wait for the next movie.Luke and anakin had three movies each.It will be explained in the next movie.

    • Xx_nachosupreme69_xX says:

      JulianChee Luke and Vader both had consequences for their actions and had to train to get where they were, Rey has no consequences and got handed everything without training or anything so she is a Mary sue, like and Anakin aren’t

    • Jithin Joseph says:

      Xx_nachosupreme69_xX Dumbass they had luke and anakin movies to devolop those.Why can’t you wait for the next movie.It will be explained.

    • Brad Wright says:

      It warms my heart to see all the comments destroy this bitch

  6. Jarrett Fayer says:

    She didn’t put two pieces together. Someone else made it.

  7. Jem-Kimber-Aja-Shana says:

    I love Daisy Ridley! She’s very awesome and beautiful actress. Her character Rey is my favorite out of Star Wars character.

  8. necrom21221 says:

    She is a Mary Sue

  9. BLAQK 1/1 says:

    _HOW MANY_ people love *_DAISY RIDLEY?_*

  10. Wilhelm says:

    Idk who that is lol

  11. Griff says:

    Your character in star wars is garbage.

    • Joseph Wolfson says:

      Zak asx, sorry, what’s the meaning of that?
      Your name is stupid and dum – maybe it came from someone’s bum.
      Griff sounds like a thrown-away name that is really quite lame.
      If you disagree, you should name your kid “Griff,” but you aren’t attractive enough to fuck a girl to have a kid.

    • NoloP_117 says:

      She’s actually one of my favorite characters. How about you get off your high horse and realize people don’t give a shit about your opinion.

    • Deon Nelson says:

      zak asx You sound like an idiot.

    • Funkmaster K says:

      why do you click on a video with Daisy Ridley about Star Wars if you don’t like her…..i mean don’t you have a life???

    • Brad Wright says:

      Rey is great. And she can’t hear your comments you thundering dumbass

  12. Mr.Sinjub says:

    Subscribe to the channel, and do the alerts button (πŸ””) as the new videos will arrive along!
    Subscribe to the channel, and do the alerts button (πŸ””) as the new videos will arrive along!

  13. StraightDope says:

    Wait, she took the time to point out how important the fans’ perception of the Ray character, and women moving forward as a whole. Then, quite nonchalantly states that her favorite item in her wardrobe is her “pimp jacket”? Should we tell her what a pimp really is, and how THEY view “women” as a whole?
    Just remember, Daisy, Upgrayedd gonna get his money.

  14. Jar Peaceful Farms says:

    Trending with 25k views. Seriously?

    • GSpotter63 says:

      Onyx Fire

      It has nothing to do with what one likes or doesn’t like. Promoting a video by saying that it’s trending when it is not trending is a lie. And morons like you dance to their tune in complete ignorance. Or could you be part of the propaganda?

      I would have no problem if they presented this as a video that someone might like. But to call it trending when it’s not trending again as a lie.

    • Onyx Fire says:

      it is an ad for elle you faggot, a WOMANS MAGAZINE, you did not have to click on it yet you did, giving the video of view thus like it or not you help it trend and make it popular so get the tampax out of your ass and go somewhere else. Stupid american

    • GSpotter63 says:

      Onyx Fire

      Well then. They should have been honest and stuck a big sticker across that says ” advertisement”.

      Again calling it trending when it is not trending is a lie. Apparently there are those in this world who have no problem promoting the lies of powerful people. How does it feel to be a sheeple?

      There are literally millions of videos on YouTube that have 10 times the viewership of this one and none of them are being touted as being trending. But this one is? Do you actually fall for this crap?

    • Onyx Fire says:

      How fucking stupid are you? Learn the business dumbass, her movie is coming out, she has an obligation to PROMOTE the film, new ways of promotion include youtube videos, which is why she is on elle reminding everyone of the relevance of her film, I mean how christ fucking dumb do you have to be to not grasp this? How old are you kid? 12? The only sheep is you since you continue to click on video bitching. And if you are not fan who the hell cares, do you think they give shit of american box office? they could cater to china and indian audiences or overseas in general and still meet their box office quots. So as I have stated before, get off your period and eat a snickers or something.

  15. Jonathan Henjum says:

    Rey: β€œCan I use the force to build these legos?”

  16. Jonathan Henjum says:


  17. Atlas says:

    Seems like a cool girl but as an actress … ahhhh. No

  18. FD_Stalker says:

    Ok this girl looks ok but who is she and why is this on trending?

  19. Robot that is taking your job says:

    This is a strange video, everyone knows Lego’s are only for boys.

  20. Bitan Saha says:


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