Dakota Johnson Taught Jamie Dornan How To Take Off Her Underwear – CONAN on TBS

Dakota Johnson Taught Jamie Dornan How To Take Off Her Underwear – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: Jamie’s “Fifty Shades” co-star schooled him on the proper way to remove a lady’s undergarments.

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68 Responses

  1. Necramonium says:

    he forgot to add the mandatory Trump joke in this clip.

  2. mr maker says:

    Another 40shades wtf enough

  3. smackyhead says:

    When even the lead can’t remember and don’t care what clip is about to come up.

  4. Echo says:

    Shout out to the two dudes in the audience.

    You the real MVP.

  5. karolina szyszka says:

    he looked like he wanted to kill himself after he saw that clip

    • bahiya ben brahim says:

      karolina szyszka ikr i’ve been watching all if his interviews about this late movie and he has had enough, he is struggeling to finish these interviews , he hates the it SO MUCH because he is a good human being i think . he did gain a lot of money out of it though which makes it fair to complete the job , he’ll be freed soon ?

    • karolina szyszka says:

      +bahiya ben brahim yeah, exactly. he has been behaving like that since the first movie. but at least he did get a lot of attention and buzz and can now focus on good roles and never do another thing like Grey again. 😉

    • Onlyoncie .F says:

      Nobody forced him to take the job. It’s not about being a good human, it’s about being professional. Is he an actor or what?

    • Katie B. says:

      karolina szyszka maybe because of all that screaming… those women got crazy ?‍♀️?

    • ctfcNIG says:

      im still really confused about the films that i was forced into watching. hes supposed to be into s and m like a tough sadist dude. ends up marrying the bitch? damn i can tell a woman wrote it..

  6. bleach the heaven says:

    I early anyone want smoke ?

  7. B.D. says:

    Yes Coco, you’re right to shake your head after the clip. Hahaha. So stupid.

  8. Ariana says:

    The 50 shades of grey series just refuses to die

  9. PrinceOfMischief2225 says:

    All I see is Paul Spector

  10. jetnut89 says:

    This guy needs to be the next Bond.

  11. Gracieli Ambrósio says:

    now I just can´t stop thinking who Dakota taught in real life, so she became an expert

  12. Mujtaba Ibrahim says:

    I don’t think anyone hates these movies other than the two lead actors…

  13. Klaus Klaus says:

    The only people who are clapping and screaming are frustrated housewives

  14. marvin mandela says:

    RIP Headphone ? users for the screaming women

  15. Repjaws says:

    I feel bad for Jamie. Almost seems like hes embarrassed talking about the movie.

  16. Sophia M says:

    Most interviewers try to feign some kind of interest/respect for 50 shades but Conan literally does not pretend to remotely take these movies seriously at ALL and it’s hilarious lol

  17. Excelsior32 says:

    Surely he must know these films suck

  18. Ryan Marshall says:

    Are the Sanderson Sisters in the audience?

  19. college87 says:

    I know Jamie isn’t going anywhere but I will miss him playing Mr. Grey. He is so funny and sweet

  20. DeadInside/ ImACultClassic says:

    So many women in that audience!

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