Dale Hansen Unplugged: Greg Hardy

Dale Hansen Unplugged: Greg Hardy

WFAA sports anchor Dale Hansen comments on the Cowboys’ signing of pass rusher and convicted domestic abuser Greg Hardy.

Learn more about Dale Hansen: https://youtu.be/vidlrTEFNA0?list=PLkCeJSrX8m2_ikIZtw56UZ9qBGiVhOsMy

Dale Hansen Bio: http://www.wfaa.com/story/about-us/2014/08/26/dale-hansen/14351673/
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19 Responses

  1. John Lazar says:

    He’s honestly just mad or jealous, and can’t get on national television so
    he does these biased rants. His views on these topics are extremely
    opinionated, and it’s obvious he didn’t look at the facts. Each case made
    sense if you looked into it. Josh Brent did his time, and paid his debt to
    society. He made a mistake, and he corrected it to the best of his
    abilities. There shouldn’t be a reason why he can’t play anymore if he’s
    done such. He said joe randle ROBBED a department store… he just took
    some shit and walked out. Over exaggerating much you moron? Again media
    backlash and Joe learned his lesson. Greg hardys case, there are an
    abundance of FACTS on the case that he’s innocent. but of course he wants
    to exaggerate and say “he beats women” women is plural, meaning more then
    one. is there any proof of that mr desperate news anchor? Just because
    these athletes are in the spotlight means they should lose their jobs after

  2. 9992ube says:

    Dale Thanks Again. It looks like Hardy’s or Jone’s Social Media PR manager
    is post long elaborate justification for beating women and the social
    injustice that $Multi-Millionaires have to endure. These clowns will say
    anything for a $$.

  3. SmittytheGreatOne83 says:

    she took the money Dale, you know what that means? She’s a whore Dale,
    plain and simply, she’s a whore…

  4. Sedated Maniac says:

    Well done Mr. Hansen! The Cowboys and their fans are a disgrace to the
    human race.

  5. Highlandenterprises says:

    This is what we know:
    From nbcsports.com – Hardy’s accuser admitted to using cocaine the night of
    the attack, and when defense attorneys asked her about a previous car
    accident she was in in which police found marijuana on the scene, she
    replied: “The weed flew out of my car.”
    And when defense attorneys asked Holder (Hardy’s girlfriend) how she came
    through an assault from a player the size of Hardy “without breaking a
    fingernail,” (her words) she replied: “Uh, I did break a fingernail, a
    I’m not saying Hardy is a good guy, but huffy/angry Dale Hanson has gone
    off the deep end with his knee jerk reaction, unfortunately that’s most of
    the elitist media for you. What’s wrong Dale, Jerry Jones didn’t consult
    with you before making this decision? 

  6. L Haaa says:

    Reasonably stated and well said.
    The Cowboys have become America’s Trash team.
    What a shame.

  7. Melissa Gordon says:

    I and my mother are in complete support of Dale Hansen and his unplugged
    statements regarding Greg Hardy. Rewarding Hardy for his talent while
    overlooking his disgusting and unacceptable behavior is reprehensible. It’s
    one more problem we don’t need. Thank you Dale Hansen. Good job.

  8. Bob Si says:

    Well Said Dale.

  9. mjbset93 says:

    Cowboys fans defending Hardy make the franchise look more shameful than it
    is. I will say this again and again but this is absolutely true: You DON’T
    get top notch, healthy in their prime talented players in any league for
    CHEAP when the only knocks against them are unsupported rumors. Hardy has
    a bad reputation that was established in college a lot of which has nothing
    to do with domestic violence. All this “research” done by legal
    professionals here on the internet ranting does not mean a dam thing. NFL
    teams have vast resources to look into the back ground of players they are
    considering signing and looking at this guy’s back ground they passed even
    though he is a top ten defensive end in the league. My question for fans
    doing all the research in an effort to passionately defend their team and
    new player is: if it so obvious that this guy is “the right kind of guy”
    with character and etc, why do you have put all this effort in to defending

  10. Vic Vargaz says:

    Way to go Dale, telling it like it is. Just another affirmation that the
    ruthless and relentless pursuit of money by any and all means necessary is
    far more important to the NFL than brain injuries, drug-abuse, vehicular
    homicide, sportsmanship, honesty, and now assault and battery on women. I
    look at them today as see only one big pile of stinking dog shit. And the
    owner, his daughter, and the coach can put THAT in their cowboy hats. 

  11. fernando lara says:

    This dude is full of shit get all the facts jackass

  12. Luis 24 says:

    STFU you old bastard!! #COWBOYNATIONFTW

  13. Sakib Hadzic says:

    Well said DALE HANSEN u are the MAN for calling out the big MAN in DALLAS

  14. Gabriel Carrasco says:

    I like how this moron doesn’t even address the other players on other
    teams. Dallas isn’t the only one doofus. 

  15. Peter Burke says:

    Dale can eat a big ol’ bag of dicks. Stop grandstanding. We all know you
    are just trying to get back onto Ellen to 25-40 year old women can tell you
    how great you are. Someone needs to get this arrogant drunk off the air.

  16. TrueBlueNationBlog says:

    Sounds like someone is still bitter about Jerry firing him from back in the

  17. BossMadOne says:

    and this is the mentality of the liberal front, the one that making this
    country a haven for Muslims.

    trying to be politically correct… is going to kill our nation of it’s

  18. Pink Kuntt says:


  19. realpatriotusa says:

    Never ever ever,,,,,,,,,, give someone a second chance in life. This is
    America and we do not give anyone a second chance. He was aquitted but this
    is America… Guilty until proven innoccent and then when found
    innoccent… still guilty… Does anyone find it interesting that as soon
    as she got paid by Hardy justice didnt matter to her anymore?