Dallas Cowboys vs. San Fransisco 49ers | 2022 Divisional Round Game Highlights

Dallas Cowboys vs. San Fransisco 49ers | 2022 Divisional Round Game Highlights

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38 Responses

  1. Erick Khan says:

    *one-play, season-ending decision on the line*

    Kellen Moore: I’m going to absolutely destroy my RB and WR for no reason

  2. Mightykeef says:

    Best display of defense we had this year

  3. Lemuel Ben Israel says:

    Nothing like A 49ers vs Cowboys playoff game! Brings back memories!

  4. James Snow says:

    Look at Trent Williams against Parsons. The Silverback is a force! So massive, so agile!

  5. Javian Johnson says:

    Now that the Niners officially won, this NFC Championship Game matchup is exactly what we need. #1 defense vs #2 defense, and two top-rated offenses fighting for the right to go the Super Bowl in a hostile Philly environment. I love it.

  6. Lee says:

    Congrats niners, you’ve emotionally scarred us for 2 years in a row in yet another game that will haunt us for years.

  7. The Black Flame says:

    The most incredible part of the Kittle catch was the way at the last second he dips his shoulder and just misses getting blown up, pure instinct

    • LJ Caraang says:

      @Xithr exactly that’s my point

    • Xithr says:

      @LJ Caraang Kam chancellor wouldn’t give af if Kittle weighed 300 pounds he still would go for the hit

    • Byron Smith says:

      @John M He did revert back to his conservative play calling yet again yesterday. I do not understand why he waits so long to get Mitchel in the game. It is like he is trying to get Deebo and CMC killed. Then a QB design draw up the middle. WTF?

    • LJ Caraang says:

      @Hector he definitely was afraid of the contact because of Kittle’s size and momentum.

      Imagine if that were Kam Chancellor, he would have gone for the hit.
      I’m a niners fan haha

    • John M says:

      The most incredible part is Shanahan didn’t call that play to Kittle. What is Shanahan doing with Kittle? Has one of the best TE’s in the league and Purdy has to go out of his way to find him. Screw Shanahan!! He’s got everyone fooled except me. He’ll fold when the pressure gets to him like he always does.

  8. Anthony A. says:

    What a nice story for Purdy and the 49ers, that defense is amazing too, those NFC finals are gonna be wild

  9. patton303 says:

    Robbie Gould was the MVP of this game. He even saved a return for a touchdown.

  10. Gregory King says:

    Very cool to see 9ers vs cowboys in the playoffs. Reminds me of childhood.

    • sarah schneider says:

      back then the NFC championship was like the superbowl since both teams were so dominant, but now, 49ers have two very tough games ahead win a ring.

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