Dallas Cowboys vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Week 1 2021 Game Highlights

Dallas Cowboys vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Week 1 2021 Game Highlights


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45 Responses

  1. Daniel Ally says:

    One of the best season openers ever!

    • Intercepting Fist says:

      Lol people say this ever season 😂

    • Mega Raichu says:

      @Dzz Zz you sound dumb it definitely was 🖕

    • One Day At a Time says:

      @Isaiah Ayers it’s not a ridiculous thing to say, your following statement even agrees with it. There are a lot of comments on this thread, but your main objection has already been addressed. People and not just the younger generation tend to put things that happened in the moment on a pedestal. In my opinion because of the internet, social media, and other outside influences it has impacted this generation the most. If you disagree that’s fine too, but for the record I blame those in power (generally older) for not putting any real emphasis on limiting big tech and other manipulative coorpations (public and private).

    • Deonte Swing says:

      @FifaPants4life Stacked with a Avg Defense😂….Our offense is an A- , B+ but our defenses is a C at best …We don’t have probowl corners , ABrown get BURNED EVERY DAM YR🤦😂….I was shocked we didn’t get blown out and lost by just 2 pts….On to the next game Go Cowboys👍

    • Joshua McClellan says:

      That’s debatable. Cowboys haven’t changed any. Can’t run the ball. Get down early so there chasing the game the whole night. So there QB has throw ball 60 times a game. They will win probably 6 or 7 games at most

  2. Mega Mateo says:

    just an amazing game of football

    • psycho zebra says:

      All sports are scripted and choreographed. It’s just for entertainment. The NFL is just the WWE with better athletes. Why do you think Brees retired? Answer so Brady can have his best year, and retire with all of the records. I bet they go undefeated and win the Super bowl. Grow up boys!

    • A A says:

      @Mega Mateo everyone knows ur a bot

    • Jaime Argudo says:

      @Mega Mateo What a sad man with no views on his videos you even feel the need to fake how many subscribers you have.

    • Alex the city fan says:

      Not football

    • Will Morton says:

      @T J the Cowboys got carried down the field multiple times by shitty refs. Remember that 30 yard DPI + facemask? Don’t complain about the refs just bc they didn’t help you when you wanted help.

  3. Darragh Lyons says:

    Tom Brady is actually unreal like his arm strength is so good to this day

  4. PositiveLastAction says:

    I am NO Dallas fan, but it’s good to see Dak out there and playing well. Good for him!

  5. Derek Trudelle says:

    At this rate, Brady will be in assisted living and still playing….crazy

  6. FruitPunch Samurai says:

    Bucs looked rusty with all the fumbles and turnovers.

    Brad in the final minutes: Fine, I’ll do it myself.

    • Juan Morin says:

      It Doesn’t matter about “would’ve been” the facts are the cowboys defense balled out and that’s like saying if we would’ve made out kicks we would’ve won but no one can’t just blame those kicks

    • Isaiah Ayers says:

      @Pasto ok I guess that’s hilarious? I was only trying to make a point, and yes, technically Barry couldn’t do it by himself either, but he damn near could. Nobody could shine like he could with basically no help from anybody around him. All he needed was to get the ball handed to him and he handled the rest. He’s as close as it came to being able to carry a team alone on one side of the ball.

    • mike pen is mightier says:

      Who is Brad? Lmao 🤣

    • Sasuke Uchiha says:

      FruitPunch Samurai The team that should be rusty is the Cowboys since they had a longer off season. Already making excuses huh?

    • Ureial says:

      @Jalen George imagine if they never fumbled goes both ways fam. a lot of what ifs but that’s not what happen.

  7. colts nation says:

    This was one hell of a game, both teams fought hard and I was really entertained the entire game 💯 dak looked great 💪

  8. Abdamenace Music says:

    The energy of this game was second to none. Love to see the crowd back and such a good football game! – A Jags Fan

  9. James Kitcey says:

    Thank you for bringing back the longer form highlights. These clips have time to breathe and I actually feel like I’ve watched + felt the experience of the game, unlike the shortened highlights of last year where I was getting whiplash just trying to keep up with what happened and it had the vibe of an average Youtuber rushing out a quick compilation with subpar editing skills.

  10. WISDOM FOR LIFE says:

    Great way to start the season!!

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