Dallas Cowboys vs. Tennessee Titans | 2022 Week 17 Game Highlights

Dallas Cowboys vs. Tennessee Titans | 2022 Week 17 Game Highlights

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43 Responses

  1. Michael Scott says:

    If Dallas stops playing down to other teams levels, they would be so dominant. But it’s like they change their level of play by what team they play. So they play a bad team they play average or subpar. They play a good team and they play better. Just go out their and play every down as if you know you are going to score on that down.

  2. Noah Shack says:

    The amount of cowboys fans on broadway at 2pm was unreal. Cowboys nation travel for ANY game.

    • Tames says:

      @Christopher Lee Because the Niners and Rams are both in California not too far apart. And the Rams have no fans. Want a cookie buddy? 💀

    • Dallas Cowboys Number One Fan says:

      Nfl isn’t rigged but at times it does seem like the refs try to have crtani teams win with all the bad calls.

    • Dallas Cowboys Number One Fan says:

      No because as a smart cowboys fan i kind of expect it. to happen,so it won’t be shock trust me.

    • Dallas Cowboys Number One Fan says:

      Most of them are why i don’t know because we haven’t done anything in decades,,me i’ve been a cowboys fan all my life born in 1985 and started liking the cowboys in 1992, so even tho i was a kid when the cowboys won the 3 superbowls i got to witness it, unlike 80 percent of cowboys fans born after we won the 3 superbowls.

    • Dallas Cowboys Number One Fan says:

      Darn Right.

  3. rambo first blood says:

    it’s crazy to think the titans loss 6 straight games and could be a higher seed than the cowboys in the playoffs

  4. Shannon Tidwell says:

    I truly think Dak is protecting himself. He doesn’t want to get hurt, so he moves very little in the pocket, and the line usually backs up on him. He then wants to get rid of the ball so the pressure and focus is off him. Thus he throws interceptions because the line is blocking his view. Wish he would move more in the pocket.

    • ron mann says:

      Did you ever play ball? No player wants to purposedly get hurt. Had you played you’d know there isn’t any way to play not to get hurt.

    • D. says:

      They’re guaranteed a spot in the playoffs and were playing a team on a bad losing streak. We’ll see him move more in the postseason for sure

    • JJ Parks says:

      @David Hernandez go find a new team

    • David Hernandez says:

      @lishfoe I’m talking about dak and Cooper, so what?

    • Hakeem Sd70M says:

      @lishfoe apparently they do. It’s crazy, because Cooper Rush isn’t even the best backup in the league. The likes of Jacoby Brissett, Teddy Bridgewater, Case Keenum, and Brock Purdy are all better than Rush.

  5. G W says:

    The T.Y. Hilton signing is looking like a genius move.

  6. Ricky says:

    Every team that plays the cowboys should just start their backup QB. Seems like a good way to get them confident.

  7. S Troop says:

    Can the My Boys make it to the playoffs. I just LOVE THEM COWBOYS!!!!

  8. Pip Tyson says:

    Tennessee is proud of Dobbs. So many here were excited just to see him back in Tennessee playing ball again. Half the conversations at my Christmas party were around Dobbs lol. Hope he sticks around!

    • Bobby Macblain says:

      I’m a diehard Steelers fan that came to these highlights just to watch Dobbs. He was always such a down to earth, and humble person his whole time with us. I’ll always have love & respect for Dobbs, and I was really hoping he would light it up in his first start with Tennessee although that’s not really all that realistic. With that being said, he still played a solid game especially for a guy who hasn’t gotten to start for so long.

    • Michael Chandler Keaton says:

      He was rusty of course, but a couple of games to get back in the groove and he’ll show the NFL why he was such a beast in college! GBO

  9. Johnathon Pereida says:

    I’m still mad Diggs dropped that pick 6.

  10. Hunte12xhunte12 Ly says:

    Those ints will be our downfall

    • ItzTitan_ says:

      @Polar Bear 3. But titans have a jv middle school o line

    • neetrab says:

      @James Arrington IV eeewww.. I guess you done TOLD ME OFF, huh? 😂!! I’m just *SO* heartbroken that Jalen’s never won a playoff game in his first full season as a starter. Oh. My. Gosh. What on earth will I do??? I mean… At least he’s not Dak who has 1 win in 6 years 😂🤣.. how embarrassing!

    • Randy Williams says:

      @neetrab I hate these your team did vs what your team did.
      Eagles stumbled their way to a 1 point win vs Indy. Cowboys beat Indy by 35. These stupid debates could go on forever. I’m a Cowboy fan and I even hate it when Cowboy fans do this. It’s totally pointless and irrelevant.

    • Champion says:

      @Goldeye you’re right. I’ve seen alot of these teams with good records cause a lot of ints and turnovers over small mistakes making them more of a liability at this point. That’s why my playoff picks are teams less proned to making mistakes.

    • J says:

      @Polar Bear what ??? 😂

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