Dallas Gunman Wrote the Letters “RB” in His Own…

Dallas Gunman Wrote the Letters “RB” in His Own…

In an exclusive interview Dallas Police Chief David Brown explains to Jake Tapper how the killer wrote “RB” on a wall in his own blood.

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20 Responses

  1. King David says:


  2. raphael banks says:

    Rebel Base

  3. HowYaDoingMon says:

    Dude, it’s Revolution Book, which calls against police brutality. Easy af

  4. WOWCRITS says:

    He mention IED…. But police never found any.. My guess would be that we
    may be in for a big surprise. RB = RADIOACTIVE BOMB !!!

  5. LONEWOLF says:

    Real Bacon? He was probably tired of that turkey bacon shit lol.

  6. Taran Marduk says:

    Race Baiter.

  7. Kia Sample says:

    it means red blood black skin= he human
    figure the rest out on your own

  8. CilicianElite says:

    Blood type? Rh type B= B+

  9. JagWar says:

    Regrets brah

  10. XsV=TooL says:

    Right Bumper. He was writing down GTA V codes. I figured it out
    Yeahhhhhhhhh!!! He was trying to put god mode on. LOL

  11. Dick Johnson says:

    yall just dont get it and you white folks smh should be ashamed of
    yourselfs but guess wont really understand untill its at your doorsteps

  12. Dick Johnson says:

    talkin big shit behind computer screen fuckin white people cant just keep
    blowing shit off as if it doesnt really happen

  13. RedRockification says:

    No Racism here, this is clearly war between Law Enforcement and Criminals.

  14. Jonny Stugotts says:

    “WHAT other lies have you been told say , I know the script changes daily
    but think dammit think”……..is what Jake really said! Semantics.

  15. ꁿꅉꐋꇞꇢꅉ ꄕꌋꍐꑧꆬꁧꌻ says:

    Stupid Dallas Police

  16. Kurz Kurz says:

    RB : Respect blacks , no need to be a genius to figure this out

  17. Branca Burchici says:

    that’s remember people what happened to 911 in New York the police officers
    was helping with the 911 so you cannot say that all cops in America are bad
    okay you cannot say that some of them are bad some of them are good like
    they have good flight people and they have black black bad people

  18. Branca Burchici says:

    I do not answer black people

  19. Branca Burchici says:

    I do not answer black people

  20. mankirat singh says:

    RB-Raan Biaatchh…