Damian Lillard GAME-WINNER: 2019 vs 2014! Which One Is BETTER?

Damian Lillard GAME-WINNER: 2019 vs 2014! Which One Is BETTER?

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79 Responses

  1. Tyler Jones says:

    2019 was better difficulty wise but 2014 was better to me because if he misses that the game is over and you have to go to Houston for game 7 but if he misses this one they go into ot and still possibly win plus they were up 3-1 but you never know what could happen with a 3-1 lead coming from a curry fan

  2. The Golden Patch says:

    2014 hard to win a game 7 on the road

  3. Caleb N says:

    He had less time for the 2014 one with higher stakes

    But the cold bloodedness and pure skill and full intent of the 2019 one was pure savagery

  4. Sophia Williams says:

    even with Paul george in his face you knew that was going in, it’s just dame time in the 4Q

  5. Mina Eldiwany says:

    In my opinion Damian Lillard’ s 2019 game winner against the Thunder was better.

    • Jamal Crawssover says:

      The stakes were a little lower compared to 2014’s, but the swag and disrespect he had when he shot that shit over PG gives off a better feeling. Dame “busted OKC’s ass” with a “bad shot”.

    • Nick says:

      +Jamal Crawssover 37 footer contested is a bad shot tho, he made it look awfully good tho

    • Jason Lee says:

      The rivalry between Lillard and Westbrook make this sweeter. Also redemption for last year’s Pelicans series.

  6. Mikey says:

    In 2014, he only got 0.9 sec to shoot. That’s the main difference. Even if he miss in 2019, he can still win the game in OT.

    • JB Tiamson says:

      But OKC can still win in overtime so he needs to take it or probably go back to OKC for game 6.

    • Sneaky44 says:

      It’s a bad shot selection especially for the final shot of the game but he definitely called that one.

    • Liam McElroy says:

      Sneaky44 he has been over 50% in the series from beyond 30 feet, it’s a bad shot for most people but not for him.

  7. sMxD720 says:

    Well the 2019 was a “bad shot” so 2014 of course – Paul George

  8. Speaker Knockers says:

    2014 game winner , that offseason everyone left him. 5 years later he got a new squad and is still hitting those shots. Stayed loyal to Portland. Respect, it’s Dame Time

    • Jack12today says:

      Andre Campbell everyone calls him underrated so how is he still underrated

    • Sneaky44 says:

      +Andre Campbell yea haha Seth Curry’s first final ? it’s definitely possible considering Nuggets and Spurs are beatable for Portland

    • thedude22 says:

      +Jack12today up until this series he was lol, it’s been like 8 hours since the game ended. Let things settle in, you expect SAS to not say something stupid following a big game? That’s his job, say stupid stuff so people talk about it lol. Just cant not hate him can you? You a closeted russ fan? Cause you sound salty af about another mans success, slight as it may be.

    • Jack12today says:

      thedude22 i just don’t like overrating people he’s finally made it past the first round and all of the sudden he’s amazing like he didn’t get swept by the pelicans last year. He beat a thunder team that got beat by a rookie last year he hasn’t proved anything??

    • thedude22 says:

      +Jack12today who here is over rating him? Is there a single comment saying hes better than someone else? No. So why are you still trying to defend bringing your negatively in to this lol.. if you have a problem with a TV personality saying something rediculos then @ that dude. we just appreciating what dame did last night lol, damn chill and enjoy good basketball.
      Also “he finally made it past the first round,” you know he has before right? Did this exact same thing to James Harden 3 or 4 years ago? Then lost LaMarcus Aldridge and wesley matthews, and still carried them to the playoff year after year while they rebuilt. Got swept by the pelicans lol, if you understood basket ball you’d see why that was a horrible match up for them with their lack of a big man and best scorers being where NO had their best defenders (outside of ad). Think curry would be winning guaranteed rings every year playing with the same players dames been with over the last few years? Short answer is no. Not saying dames better, I am saying circumstances make a huge difference in player performance and perception. Now hush up and go be mad at the world from the corner little boy.
      Edit, okay theres one guy here saying hes as good as curry but we all know hes got downs why do we have to acknowledge his condition?

  9. Nthato Malope says:

    Petition to rename “game winners” to “Dame winners”

  10. Dujj Vergara says:

    2014 was better because of the stakes while 2019 sure it was pure savage but it was a tied game and you lead series 3-1 with homecourt advantage rather than 3-2 with game 7 on the road

  11. Xx Dark Shadow xX says:

    2014 was better in my opinion, more hype and it was less time, but the 2019 one was just godly Logo Lillard was different that game

  12. Kotuku Macky says:

    The 2 dislikes are from PG and Dwight Howard

  13. tischlerbmw21 says:

    One of the most underrated players in the NBA!

    • Rondo Numba9 6hunna says:

      D Rose’s face or D Lillard’s face?

    • Hennessy Dirt says:

      Jack12today ur tripping

    • ShadowBeast1127 says:

      +Devil nah hes pretty underrated and underappreciated he lost a good big man nurkic and still won but enes kanter was really good too and obviously cj

    • Devil says:

      ShadowBeast1127 He’s not underrated though. You’re not getting what I’m saying. If everyone calls him underrated, than he really isn’t underrated. He’s under appreciated, but not underrated.

    • FrostyKageUH says:

      Hennessy Dirt no. Everyone is on this mans dick like he’s a top 3 player in the league. He’s not the 4th best player in his conference.

  14. Kramer Forever says:

    I think that was the easiest moment in his career, already scored 47, 3-1 in series, really nothing to loose…hero at the end anyway…but really awesome game winner

  15. lewi yonas says:

    Remember when Brodie’s 5-21 a night ass said Dame didn’t deserve to be an all star lmao

  16. Amir Abes says:

    House of Highlights, this one’s tough to answer……… Next question

  17. GilxSullinger says:

    2019. He sent westbrook home early to rock his baby and the manpower to rebuild notre dame for the whole summer.
    Dame is a nice guy

  18. KANYE EAST says:

    -PG end of game dunk
    -Schroder mocking the dame time tap
    -Westbrick with another triple dub

    *Dame: hold my beer and this L* ⌚??

  19. tumblinbubble says:

    0:45, this the face i make after my constipated poo finally comes out.

  20. orly says:

    Westbrook – “next question”
    Lillard – “next round”

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