Damian Lillard On Why He Believes The NBA Is Changing For The Worse

Damian Lillard On Why He Believes The NBA Is Changing For The Worse

We are thrilled to welcome our very first guest on The Old Man and The Three, Portland Trail Blazers guard and lNBA superstar Damian Lillard. The episode drops first thing tomorrow and it goes even deeper than this teaser clip. Speaking of, in this clip Dame talks about the differences between when he first came into the league and now. He also touches on how “rings culture” has made us lose sight of the journey.

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39 Responses

  1. JJ Redick says:

    This conversation with Dame is one of the best ones we’ve ever had. We go deeper into conversations about life, competition and fulfillment. We also dig deep into scoring and shooting mechanics. Just an awesome interview with an awesome guy. The full thing drops first thing tomorrow morning so subscribe if you haven’t. Thanks for watching.

    • Squad says:

      Y’all gotta stop knocking players for not having rings

    • Js Gr says:

      Love Dame but he doesn’t realize that with younger players comes younger veterans. He’s a vet. He’s a voice for the younger guys. Most older players of today don’t have a second to waste nor the desire to teach and guide younger players.

    • Sherwin Quijano says:

      If a ring is not his concern then his lost. Greatest players only talk about championships. He is just sour graping because he did not even have the opportunity to win a ring

    • DM says:

      Cause JJ is like a basketball psychologist, he really gets to the root of the problem lol

    • Robbo Sullivan says:

      Literally subscribed to this channel after coming across this interview. I really respect Dame now.

  2. I think I’m an Aries says:

    Dame is one of the last of his kind in the NBA. To be as talented as him and never abandon his journey despite what people want from him. Seems like one of the most down to earth athletes I’ve heard. Love this guy man

    • corey thomas says:

      ​@Sayonara exactly

    • corey thomas says:

      ​@I think I’m an Aries LOYAL? The stupidity if a organization can put a support cast around a great player. He should just stay.

    • corey thomas says:

      ​@Cole wilders VINCE LAMBORDI MJ ALL SAID WINNING IS EVERYTHING. Smh stop it clown

    • chemistry physics says:

      @flavio flores KD a soon to become billionaire. Lebron a billionaire. Dame earned about $700M in salary and endorsements. They play basketball. They don’t care what you think. Dame crying because he knows no one will remember him once he retires. Dame not top 75. No MVP or final appearances. Made a lot of money based on empty stats for a sorry franchise. No one wanted to play with Dame. Could not recruit anyone. An irrelevant player who keeps trying to associate himself with Curry. LOOOOL. Steph a top 10-15 player ever. Dame should not be in top 100 in 5 years.

    • flavio flores says:

      @Memoirs Of A Legend there’s nothing wrong with either one we just want good basketball when they step on tht court

  3. Mickey Freeman says:

    Dame is a class act, and he deserves everything he’s got.

  4. Joe Kilbert says:

    Love the realness of this dude. “I have a real life” hits so hard, hes not focused on all the media bs about Portland never winning a ring, hes focused on being the best version of himself, as not only an NBA player but a husband, son, grandson, nephew, etc

  5. Ben Shannon says:

    I’m a lifelong Blazers fan, born and raised 20 minutes from Portland. Damian Lillard has been such a remarkable role model for thousands and thousands of young men, and the same can’t be said for many of the other greatest NBA players of all time. The people outside of Portland just don’t get it the way real Portland fans do. Dame is just on another wavelength. Can’t wait for the rest of this episode!

  6. John Oszust says:

    JJ is terrific at just allowing guys to talk. Gives them time to flesh out ideas, go off track and come back, and most importantly gives the space for vulnerability in their answers to exist before interjecting or redirecting

    • JonCarlo says:

      JJ knows how to pick out the BIG points and get into what people are really saying. Like in this clip when he broke down the 2 big ideas of what Dame said.

      Quality 👌

  7. James Gutierrez says:

    How could you not be a fan of Damian Lillard…what a real humble human being and a real class act …

  8. Jack Harrist says:

    Respect to Dame for being brave enough to say this. The NBA has gone from player empowerment to player enablement.

    • Asani the Afrofuturist says:

      @williecatch9 makes me think of how the middle class seemed to disappear in the last 10 years

    • Asani the Afrofuturist says:

      @Saater Samson Awuapila tbh Ja Morant situation sounds tricky bc if he had a license for that gun what the hell could the NBA get him in trouble for? It sounds like something the team should handle but I don’t know everything that’s going on

    • Asani the Afrofuturist says:

      @LeGM I love Ben Simmons and will never fault him because I haven’t read into the situation beyond media headlines but I couldn’t help but wonder if that story could potential have a negative effect on people in less privileged situations with depression who don’t have access to the same resources. I’m still rooting for Ben Simmons’ success

    • williecatch9 says:

      @T C That depends on who you’re talking about in society. Society, in general, is completely different from “well paid professional athletes”. The “entitlement” attitude comes from the rich and elite. There’s a huge segment in the middle that is getting railroaded for the benefits of the rich.

  9. 박상욱 says:

    Showing respect to the OGs by telling some stories when he was a rookie, and telling us how he can manage his inner peace, this 9-minute video is worth it. Whether he gets a ring or not, it’ll be sure that he’s gonna be one of the most beloved players not only in Portland but also in the world

  10. Seth Lover says:

    He is not just describing the situation in the nba… he is literally describing generations in society….

    • OG James says:

      it’s a microcosm

    • Theophilus2023 says:

      Absolutely, is a generational change in attitudes,respect, willing to learn.

    • MvZ says:

      This is such a difficult and important challenge: how do we help parents to raise their children to become great, responsible human beings? The politician who can solve this has my vote. Sure we can point out fingers to the responsibility of the parents and this is half the solution but we also have to see how difficult it is to raise children in our current society (im speaking from experience with 2 young boys and struggling with burnout/anxiety)

    • bwo bk says:


    • Agility says:


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