Damian Lillard was ‘spectacular’ dropping 50 & the series-winner — Shannon Sharpe | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Damian Lillard was ‘spectacular’ dropping 50 & the series-winner — Shannon Sharpe | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless give their thoughts on Damian Lillard scoring a Portland Trail Blazers franchise record 50 points and the game-winner to close their series with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Hear what they think about Dame’s performance and how it affects Russell Westbrook and Paul George moving forward.

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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Damian Lillard was ‘spectacular’ dropping 50 & the series-winner — Shannon Sharpe | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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97 Responses

  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

    Did Damian Lillard prove he’s better than Russell Westbrook?

  2. Ðeͥprͣeͫรรed says:

    My man did okc dirty last night

  3. cbuckets11 says:

    Shannon should have worn his Goat mask today. GOAT DAME!!

  4. Julian Lloyd says:

    Unc Shannon looking like he’s in Get Out on the thumbnail.

  5. This bitch loud in every movie says:

    Crazy how 1 shot could dismantle a team.. somebody is getting fired

  6. Webster Kollie says:

    Skip always have to ruined a good moment. Let Dame get his respect!

    • str8duval says:

      +See It 2wice He wasn’t trying to diminish him just a very minute comparison. Skip could have left it at your going too far or ijust disagree but he basically ended up bashing lillard bringing up multiple things when it was clearly unnecessary

    • D Dan says:

      RawStuns wtf you talkin bout. He still spittin FACTS to back up his argument. Skip is a smart dude. Skeeiiipppp

    • See It 2wice says:

      +str8duval Please. Shannon tries to diminish MJ so he can lift up LeBron every chance he gets. That’s evidenced by his follow-up comments about MJ.

    • Frankie That dude says:

      He sucks off Jordan so much it hurts my brain


    At least OKC fans can throw a parade cause Russ got another TrIpLe DoUbLe ????

  8. Chance Hansen says:

    Damian “Hulu has live sports” Lillard

  9. ShowTime says:

    As a Thunder fan gotta give props to Dame. Dude was a straight up beast for the whole entire series.

  10. Yung King says:

    “You’re doing so good all the sudden you bring up Jordan” skip wild ?


    Westbrick ? ? missed a layup
    Dame DOLLA ⏰⏰ made from the logo.

    There are levels to this

  12. X Factor14 says:

    The game is passing John Wall and Russ by and it’s kind of sad to see

    • X Factor14 says:

      +Sheriff Pear Easier said than done obviously

    • X Factor14 says:

      +ZombieAmarth Never truly good? We part ways there. They are both all stars, Russ is a league MVP, two time all-star MVP, 2x scoring champion, and 2x assists leader. Stats can be overrated when it doesn’t equate to winning, I agree but I wouldn’t go as far as to say they weren’t good. Being best player in country in high school/college (Wall), being underestimated coming into the league and not highly recruited and becoming a league MVP (Russ), then signing super max deals with endorsements is still a lot to be proud of.They would not get it if they weren’t good

    • Fred Williams, Jr. says:

      Want say that they need to be moved to shooting guard position

    • 63586jonathan says:

      +Beloved Ferguson d. Rose quietly got a jumper

    • Warren Mazengwe says:

      Westbrook and especially Wall, haven’t improved their game, especially since they’ve slowed down due to age or injury. Anytime their game is criticized or critiqued, they get defensive instead of improving themselves.

  13. JayR j says:

    Somehow LeBron & MJ were brought up in this segment…

    • Shabaka Smkss says:

      1000Kbaby rbthebreakthrough watch him he has Kobe lebron and Jordan in the top 5 of all time

      But he say is fine if you have lebron out of the top 10 he respect your opinion

      He even has nickname for the lebron haters and lebron lovers and Jordan and Kobe and kd

    • Shabaka Smkss says:

      Landon Smith lebron was also farvoute to win every east when he was on the heat and Cavs beside 2018 cavs of course

    • Shabaka Smkss says:

      eazyduzit5150 well you don’t have lebron in your top 10 of all time

      And before you call me a lebron sucker I don’t even have that man in the top 5 of all time unlike curry and Allen iversion and Shaq

    • Shabaka Smkss says:

      eazyduzit5150 you can say whatever you want but lebron deserves credit for having the Cavs making the finals

      I mean the drama hat team had and everyone had raptors and Philly

      Cavs were even the 4 seed to lol ?

      But this year he didn’t make it

      But no excuses lebron should have not went to the fianls with the Cavs team

      I don’t care how weak the east is
      If you have drama and change the whole roster you should not make it

    • i I says:

      Shannon upset his man ain’t in the playoffs personally this is an awesome post season so far

  14. Ultra Gamer says:

    Skip “Michael Jeffrey Jordan” Bayless

  15. Paul C says:

    ‘i don’t remember that one’ – skip bayless ???

  16. ssimpson11234 says:

    now paul george know how KD felt like

    • dtowntexg says:

      Paul George was a big part of the reason why OKC lost the series.. he played bad the majority of the series

    • Jason Miles says:

      Paul George got outplayed by CJ the entire series. Missed 2 clutch free throws. And played little defense on the last play of the game. It’s not all on Russ.

  17. Jon "eye pokes and steroids" Jones says:

    Not surprising from the Chokelahoma City Blunder

  18. T.E. V. says:

    That man ran that clock down to 2 seconds and fired off. That was cold-blooded. That game is an instant classic.

  19. Matthew Andresen says:

    Once nurkic came out of that locker room the blazers were saying we are not losing this game

  20. tmroadrunner says:

    That game winner was so cold it forced Undisputed to talk about something other than LeBron. Wow.

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