Damian Lillard’s game-winning 3 vs. OKC may be the best I’ve ever seen – Stephen A. | First Take

Damian Lillard’s game-winning 3 vs. OKC may be the best I’ve ever seen – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to Damian Lillard’s Game 5 buzzer-beater that sent the Oklahoma City Thunder home and propelled the Portland Trail Blazers to the second round of the 2019 NBA playoffs.
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85 Responses

  1. King Kobra says:

    Actually Max, OKC was the favorite during the Vegas betting line. That was an amazing shot by Dame and it was a difficult one as well because Paul George was guarding it.

    • John Davis says:

      King Kobra blazers were the favorite 3 out of 5 games. Thunder actually covered game 5 by only losing by 3 great job Westbrook covered the spread game 5

    • LeVelle Coley says:

      Paul George mad cuz history was made on him ? and “dame Lillard scores a game winner over Paul George to send OKC packing.” Gonna heat that for the next 15-20 years when u visit Portland ? have that man statue READY!!

    • TaylorDjetx says:

      In my eyes it was not a bad shot because I understand Lillard is one of very few guys in the league who can hit a 3 from that distance on a nightly basis. It was bad defense, if youre PG and YOU KNOW Lillard can bang a 3 from anywhere why are you sagging off so much and not playing tighter defense?

    • richiman007 says:

      +TaylorDjetx On one hand, I understand them not thinking it through in the heat of the moment. On the other, you don’t even have to be Dame. Like, they were tied. If you are not Dame you’re still taking that shot because worst case scenario, you go to OT. Why PG wasn’t all over him is beyond me.

    • joseph anaya says:

      Very difficult, but very makable consistently for this guy.

  2. BlackizGold 89 says:

    He stuck with Westbrook haha ? they ain’t getting in finals together.

  3. HerreraArmy says:

    When the shots you take are the shots the defence wants you to take but are the shots you’re comfortable taking…

  4. dell cruz says:

    Max is wrong,that was a great shot gtfo

  5. Cash Mazy says:


  6. dell cruz says:

    You know we getting a new pink diamond Damian Lillard card in 2k19 lol

  7. Reaper Kezia says:

    There’s been 5 walk off buzzer beaters to win a playoff series EVER and Lillard has 2 of them.

  8. Sean Lowry says:

    A deep open shot can be easier than a contested close shot. Especially for guys like Dame or Steph

    • Dada Dunlol says:

      +thisisSPARTAorsprite very lightly tho

    • Dadasha says:

      Yo that shot was al.oste contested by PG!

    • Dame Time says:

      +Dadasha that shot wasnt contested pg was nowhere near him

    • Jason Gondro says:

      I agree I play in a league and the fact is if you take a 35 to 37 foot three unguarded or a guarded 30 foot shot.. Most good shooters would choose the 37 footer.

      Curry really innovated this game and allowed plays like that to happen by proving it can be successful.. Growing up in the 90’s and 2000’s if a player took a 37 foot three pointer even if he made it he would be benched on the spot by the coach and possibly fired lmao

    • PUR3FIR says:

      This is where steph curry messes up. He should just shoot it from deep.

  9. C N says:

    5:18 “Like DAMN!” ??? Stephen A is a foooool

  10. don dada says:

    i’m a warriors fan but this is the craziest shot I’ve ever seen in the playoffs, curry did it in a regular season against okc but this is crazy, what the hell is max talking about.

  11. Hola Up says:

    One of the greatest NBA Playoff performances I’ve ever watched live. That shot was greatness and nothing short of greatness.

    • Hola Up says:

      Twin_Chopperz also facts.

    • Slime Peso says:

      U must be young i can go back to ecf cavs vs pistons 07 bron performance was epic against a stacked Detroit team

    • Haywood Jablome says:

      +Slime Peso he said “one of” tho and there’s no debate this whole series, culminating in this shot was a piece of art by Dame.

    • Hola Up says:

      Slime Peso Slime Peso you sound dumb dude I’m 22. If you read what I said correctly than you would know I SAID “ ONE OF THE GREATEST PLAYOFF PERFORMANCES” not THE greatest… ONE OF THE GREATEST. There have been plenty all time great performances in a playoff series and Dames performances was nothing short of greatness

    • Hola Up says:

      Haywood Jablome exactly man lol. One of the greatest doesn’t mean the greatest. There’s been some great performances in playoff history and Dame put himself up there with that performance this series

  12. lawreneph says:

    Derek Fisher shot on Spurs was definitely insane

  13. Robert Drake says:

    I agree with Stephen A but Max is a funny dude Dame Dollar pulled that 3 from Australia ???

  14. Nate Garcia says:

    Max, Blazers were down by 15 with 7 minutes to play…yes they were down.

  15. BigBlessedFamily 2000 says:

    If anything it was a bad terrible block by Paul George and a very excellent shot by Damian Lillard.

  16. Makavelix Kam says:

    2:00 “Lebron James against Orlando” I mean ??‍♂️ they lost that series. Dame shot is really up there

    • 100 OVR Batman Bron says:

      Leo ْ LeBron averaged 38/8/8 on 48% shooting that series

    • 100 OVR Batman Bron says:

      AHamp123 he’s right? if LeBron averaged 38/8/8 on 48% shooting, how was he slaughtered? i think you mean the Cavs got shit on despite LeBron literally having one of the best playoff performances of all time

    • jackson boyle says:

      100 OVR Batman Bron Lebron does that every year but people will still hate bro nothing you can do

    • The Original Don Dotta says:

      Max is a straight dumb ass Lebron lover according to him Lebron better than MJ.

    • C W says:

      @Leo Fake shit? Dwight was caught on camera fondling a dude. If that’s how you two live though, I’m not judging.

  17. Alfred Pasly says:

    Dame is the Star player that doesn’t get the love the sports media shows LeBron,Steph,KD, Westbrook etc. Glad he won. Go Blazers.

    • Cleezy says:

      How are you placing harden in the pg convo?!? He’s a sg stop with that bs please

    • Isaiah Armand says:

      +Cole Westerndurf no he’s not stfu

    • Isaiah Armand says:

      Shut the fuck up dame is great but I’m tired of people say he is underrated or doesn’t get the attention he deserves cause he does you just pretend he doesn’t stfu please

    • lionel howell says:

      +Cleezy og stands for off guard which is also called a shooting guard …

    • Cleezy says:

      lionel howell fam it was iPhone autocorrect lol I edited it, i meant that harden shouldn’t be in the point guard conversation when he’s been a shooting guard point blank

  18. Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah says:

    Tbh that shot was disrespectful on so many levels lmao the game was tied he didn’t have to show off like that.

    • X 2 says:

      It’s the playoffs, there is not time for niceties or being humble, that goes both ways, I didn’t think it was disrespectful at all. It was a tie game, nothing to lose if you miss, but everything to gain if you make it. Especially, if you know your range and ability to make it, I would have taken it too, easy decision. But I guess you could say it was kind of karma for PG when he performed an unnecessary dunk at the end of game 3 when OKC had already won. Players don’t forget the disrespect. If no respect is received, then no respect is given.

    • CesaR7 says:

      Westbrick was disrespectful, Dame can do whatever he wants

    • Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah says:

      +X 2 If he misses everybody and there mama would be talking about how bad of a shot that was lol. But for as much trash as Westbrook was talking to Dame they deserved to get sent home like that, don’t mess with a sleeping killer.

  19. Allen Blaine says:

    It’s only a bad shot when that dagger gets rained on you LOL! ?

    • Contra Mundum 2.0 [Paradigm Shift] says:

      It was a bad shot though lol

    • Allen Blaine says:

      +Contra Mundum 2.0 [Paradigm Shift] unfortunately he hit that same bad shot earlier during the game ?

    • Contra Mundum 2.0 [Paradigm Shift] says:

      +Allen Blaine yeah which makes PG’s defense “bad” too…gave him way too much space..but it’s still a lower percentage shot than driving for a better look.

  20. Robert The Kid says:

    Trailblazers- they were trailing but then they blazed up

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