Damien Haas is Dead | The Funeral Roast

Damien Haas is Dead | The Funeral Roast

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Resident anime fan dies, not very uwu of him.

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27 Responses

  1. Julianna Annabel says:

    i already know this one will be the harshest roast yet

    • Simple Kid says:

      @Alisaishere yeah the Disney star thing has very good potential for some home runs, didn’t think of that one. But yeah I’ve been a fan of Smosh since it was just Ian and Anthony. I’ve probably got some years over you so I’m very familiar with Smosh, it’s my second favorite YouTube channel, right after Good Morning Mythical. You definitely have a point when it comes to the cast, but keep in mind he was originally Smosh games, remember what that cast looked like a few years ago? Another thing, I don’t follow him on twitch but my brother does. He and all his twitch buddies do their hair just like Damien does, that’s the sort of millennial I’m talking about so I guess I misworded it in saying typical millennial. I’m a millennial and I don’t do any of that so I should’ve kept that in mind

    • Alisaishere says:

      @Simple Kid Former Disney star? Not very typical. And I guess maybe it may seem normal for young millennials, but look at their cast. How many other guys can be called out for hair color and painted nails? You must have not watched as many videos as I have. Damien used to randomly talk about Germany or bringing up that he can speak some German and his last name means hare (or rabbit).

    • Nooch says:

      @josh daniels can you elaborate?

    • Simple Kid says:

      @Alisaishere yeah I’m not sure how funny it is to tell someone “you’re German” I’d be confused af as to where the joke would be🤣 in my opinion tho Damien is just kind of a typical american millennial, most of the jokes made about millennials has run their course so I could see it a little difficult for some people to work around that. Shayne being his best friend tho, he definitely knew how to pull the joke off perfectly in this video

    • Alisaishere says:

      @Simple Kid I would say I did pretty well with guessing his topics and they weren’t all linked to anime. Anime was treated as a separate joke. (The Germany thing was only a possibility, but I couldn’t think of many jokes)

  2. Gray Almeida says:

    Not only is Shayne’s bit probably the best of the episode, he got literally every pose perfect, while still nailing his delivery. Honestly super impressive

  3. Peyton Shuffield says:

    “Don’t make any noise” while Shayne is his best friend is hilarious

  4. Madi Dowdy says:

    Tommy, the dig at being Shayne’s other half was absolutely insane. thank you for this

  5. rpgaff2 says:

    This was the best roast yet. Now I know why they were hyping it so much.

  6. Tsin Lao says:

    Shane and Courtney are slowly morphing into the same person.

  7. grandpa ix says:

    if your best friends won’t cosplay for your funeral roast, are they even your best friends?

  8. James Aditya says:

    Dang, Shayne actually did not laugh at his own jokes at all this time. That’s some character development

  9. Campy Night says:

    These funerals are brilliant. I need more. Amanda’s. Garrett’s. Ian’s would probably just be one long Bleep but I’d watch it.

  10. Hey It's Greg says:

    I just gotta say, Shayne’s anime bit is everything to me and must be protected.

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