Dan Bongino has profanity-laced meltdown with reporter

Dan Bongino has profanity-laced meltdown with reporter

Congressional candidate and former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino went on a screaming, profanity-laced tirade on 08/21/2016 during a phone call with a POLITICO Florida reporter who asked the Republican to clarify his criticisms of a news story.

The dispute began early in the day on Twitter where Bongino bashed Naples Daily News reporters for writing “propagandists.” Asked by POLITICO reporter Marc Caputo about the error in the Naples Daily News story (http://bit.ly/2bWY0br) concerning Florida’s 19th Congressional District that ran that day, Bongino didn’t directly answer the question. (http://bit.ly/2bWYOwW)

Bongino asked Caputo to call and, after a long back and forth on Twitter, he gave his phone number after being told the conversation would be recorded (http://bit.ly/2boupVZ). Bongino hung up after losing his temper and shouting “shut the fuck up! … Go fuck yourself, you piece of shit! … Motherfucker!”

If you want to go straight to two minutes’ worth of F-bomb fireworks, go to 15:15

Video by Daniel Ducassi

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20 Responses

  1. Ravyne Hawke says:

    Wow… and this is a Republican running for office and he won’t answer
    questions and keeps throwing out profanity. A shinning example of the new
    Republican party under #DontSayHisName

  2. yugnok says:

    Bongino lost his cool, but the reporter is clearly a low life parasite.

  3. mutopis says:

    Welcome to the Trumpian age.

  4. gorehound13 says:

    “You’re a disgusting real piece of sh*t,” he snarled. “Go f*ck yourself,
    you piece of sh*t! You don’t know why I moved to Florida, motherf*cker!
    You shut your mouth, you f*cking coward!”

    The only jerk here is this politician and his potty mouth.Very typical

  5. tree.house says:

    Dan Bongino is a loser. Tough guy! Hilarious! Get this guy a new line of
    work and some xanax!

  6. moresnare says:

    I wonder would the reporter talk shit to Bongino’s face? I suspect the
    reporter would shit his pants if he had to face Bonfino… Typical coward.

  7. Jos Pat says:

    this is what happens when we let guys like Trump gain notoriety, now
    wiggers like DAN, start acting like Trump thinking its cool.

  8. Mesogreat says:

    I would have lost it on this jerk off as well.

  9. worddunlap says:

    Caputo broke wiretap laws if either party was in Florida.

  10. Clark Human says:

    Listening to Caputo’s tone it’s obvious he baiting Bongino into

  11. Mars Martian says:

    They both seem like assholes. I wouldn’t vote for either of them.

  12. BillyBob Bazooka says:

    Every time a Republican is confronted with reality they turn into total
    clowns who just spit hatred and venom.

  13. justelvin says:

    Marc Caputo is a passive-aggressive little bitch

  14. Voxshades1 says:

    the sexual tension between these two…

  15. Striker Thunderlick says:

    The reporter is a douche bag…

  16. One4daages80 says:

    Why haven’t we ever heard of Caputo or any other reporter go this hard at
    Crooked Hillary?

  17. Ineta Life says:

    This reporter is a dick and I’m fairly certain recording calls is illegal

  18. LngVly22 says:

    I’m a republican but don’t vote for this guy. Not the temperament we want
    in congress.

  19. Negan says:


  20. Jimmy Le (Right Side Patriots) says:

    This reporter seems like a Grade A asshat.