Dan Patrick responds to criticism from Colin Cowherd that he is lazy

Dan Patrick responds to criticism from Colin Cowherd that he is lazy

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20 Responses

  1. EY Live says:

    Too bad we don’t get SVP in L.A., cuz both Patrick and cowherd suck.

  2. Mario Gonzalez says:

    Never did like Collin Coward. He just seems arrogant and full of himself.
    I enjoy Dan Patrick’s show, they are interesting.

  3. SenorDetesto says:

    Never heard of Colin Cowturd. The fact that he might chum around with Skip
    Bayless is the reason. These ESPN trash nobodies spewing vitriolic opinions
    to get noticed is pure garbage to me. Been a Dan fan since the beginning.
    I’d love to knock back a beer and chow some wings with Dan as long as that
    weirdo McLovin isn’t there. Gawd I want to punch him in the face.

  4. Andrew M says:

    I love how at 2:38 Dan reveals that Colin actually told him just days
    earlier that he was dropping an hour off his show because he was working
    too hard.

    How dumb is Colin to admit that to someone and then go on the radio and
    accuse that same person of not working hard enough a few days later? Really
    Colin? You didn’t think Dan would bring that up and call out your

  5. Eric Marder says:

    What a “stand up” response. Although I haven’t followed you for a while
    Dan, I see you from time to time and have never had a gripe. I will say
    once I heard Mr. Cowfart on the radio for the first time, I was wondering
    how he got where he is. Don’t even know who he is, or what he did before.
    Cheers Dan!!!

  6. michael andrews says:

    patricks a self absorbed tool. he wants to everyone to kiss his ass.
    always talks about the ” mother ship ” dude…stfu. nobody gives a shit if
    you worked on sportscenter. nobody watches espn for the anchors, we watch
    for the highlights. i just the sound muted.

  7. michael andrews says:

    haha even mike francesa bashes patrick.
    dan sounds so butthurt!! haha

  8. Michael Pokross says:

    Just two egos, no winners, no losers

  9. Jose Silvas says:

    wow if this was a rap battle Dan just droped Either on Colin! shots fired!!

  10. COMMANDRofAWESUM says:

    Dan just dipped his balls in Colin’s mouth … ouch.

  11. d hart says:

    Work ethic on doing a sports show, what a joke for both of these losers.
    Go work at a real job and then talk about having a strong work ethic.

  12. mantoniol24 says:

    george michael! from the george michael machine is way better!

  13. Francisco Rodriguez says:

    I live in portland where cowturd was on on channel 8 as the sports guy
    never wanted to take pictures always a douche how people can listen to him
    just rant i have no clue dan is funny amd real he does a show for the

  14. Michael Nelson says:

    I have great respect for Dan Patrick…he is the best voice of sports on
    the radio today. Cowherd is irritating, arrogant, and can’t hold Dan’s
    jock strap. 

  15. A Leyva says:

    Fuck Colin Cowherd – more like Colin Coward …. 3 Sports Shows that are
    way entertaining either on tv our radio … Dan Patrick’s Show, Mike & Mike
    on ESPN and The TNT NBA show with Ernie Johnson, Kenny The Jet Smith,
    Charles Barkley and Shaq. DP and The Danettes have great sports insight and
    make it fun to listen to. They have fun guests , hot super models , etc
    Cowherd wishes his show was so followed and entertaining. 

  16. IncredibleMojo says:

    I enjoy watching Colin. The man has set the record for number of time a
    host will mine for nose gold during a show. He makes me want to buy hand
    sanitizer in bulk.

  17. 11matt11 says:

    The Dan Patrick Show is one of the most listenable radio shows I’ve ever
    heard, because he works hard on it, and you can hear it. Cowherd just
    rants and tells people what to think. This one is not even close.

  18. Lou Maietto says:

    Dan Patrick is the class of sports talk radio….period. 

  19. hineighbor says:

    One word: owned.