Dana White announces Jon Jones vs. Ciryl Gane; Releases Francis Ngannou from UFC

Dana White announces Jon Jones vs. Ciryl Gane; Releases Francis Ngannou from UFC

Dana White announces Jon Jones vs. Ciryl Gane, and reveals Francis Ngannou has officially left the UFC and is a free agent.

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39 Responses

  1. Jinn Jinn says:

    Aw, man. Really wanted to see Ngannou vs Jones, but I didn’t think it was going to happen.

    • Sky says:

      @Droppa57KgX JonJones fighting IQ is way too high for Francis Ngannou. Keep dreaming Jones would definitely win.

    • Christian Soldier says:

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    • Humble Ness says:

      Jones would have out wrestled Francis. Look how he did DC

    • Humble Ness says:

      Francis is scared of Jones

    • Robert Woodard says:

      @Droppa57KgX naw

  2. Untapped Potenial says:

    I think this is actually a pretty unfortunate happening. Francis Vs Jones would’ve been a huge giant PPV and main event fight. Gane Vs Jones is big too but everyone knows what everyone wanted here.

    • K says:

      @Dn D  nah bro when the word gets about and people start seeing that Jon Jones return has been announced people will be interested, speak for yourself not everyone else next time

    • Matt Barker says:

      @Shorty Guzman no they wouldn’t. They NEVER do. Numbers don’t lie,and all the numbers are public information. People do not buy jon Jones fights.

    • Matt Barker says:

      No it wouldn’t. Ngannou’s last fight had 209k ppv buys…… Jon Jones has never had a top ten selling ppv…. neither is a draw, and it would’ve bombed.

    • Caelus Aeterus says:

      Jones must be happy that Francis is out

  3. Trevor Lewis says:

    If you watched Francis talk about his release, his rationale makes complete sense. He wanted health insurance in one of the most grueling dangerous sports there is and to take fights outside the UFC. The UFC really skews the line of paid employee vs independent contractor. You’re a paid employee who doesn’t have health insurance, but also unlike an independent contractor where its more normalized to not offer health insurance, you also can’t work outside the organization. Make it make sense, Dana.

  4. Charlie Smith says:

    I love how Dana is trying to act like he just let Francis walk away free and clear. His contract was up lol. Sometimes I really like Dana but then you always gotta remember who he learned the game from and what he is. A sleeze ball promoter.

  5. Tina Turner says:

    his candidness and direct answering never gets old, have to love and respect that. his literally answers every question he can and never hides.

    • Mr Blonde says:

      @Abraham deleon absolutely these reporter’s all want that prime access n asking Dana hard questions won’t get them there.
      I’m waiting on a reporter asking why the 50 grand bonus has been the same since b4 they became a multi billion dollar corporation.
      20+ years n bonus not changing even though inflation has skyrocketed in that time.

    • Abraham deleon says:

      The UFC owns these reporters. They never ask questions about steroids or other controversial topics.

    • Suntory Time says:

      But are these legit reporters or pre-scripted? 🤔

  6. Delgrengo says:

    I love the match up on blueprint….but I have this deep fear that both will be overly careful and it will be a boring fight. Just after Jon’s last fights I’m curious how he will approach this one especially after this much time off

  7. Kpak 2714 says:

    That moment when the guy you know you don’t want to fight gets ready and in shape to fight.

    • Molohk Tegg says:

      @James Hovey I’m curious, what do you think that “other offer” could be? I seriously doubt he has anything lined up that would compare to a Jones fight. unless there’s something like a Tyson Fury fight coming, which would make him 5x what he makes in the UFC. Outside of that, it sounds to me like Francis either doesn’t want Jones, or maybe he’s still not confident about his knee.

    • J Heim says:

      @James Hovey  i guarantee you, Jon Jones is a name that commands a certain respect from fear. Im not afraid of him, id be afraid to fight him.

      Jones is the apex fighter. The 1 that in the middle of the streets, no rules… you DONT want to face.

    • Scorpio SSG says:

      @2stroke James jones was gonna get knocked tf out you’re delusional bro😭😭🤣🤣

    • Pito Love says:

      @James Hovey Some Fighters have this Spirit of Fearlessness…outwardly. But internally…Nganou, like other fighters, has a fighter “Boogie Man,” that Killer whose always Won & massacred his opponents… This is where his innermost Biggest Fears are INSTANTLY triggered once the Unequivocally, & Ultimate Reality kicks in & he Knows that they are Fighting that guy… That fearless killer he’s always internally Feared & never told anyone that his ultimate Fear… Is fighting Jones. And he CLEARLY SHOWED HIS FEAR! They Fight for MONEY… & They Offered him the Ultimate Bag! NO EXCUSES!

  8. Warrior of GOD Fitness says:

    Wow this is a big big challenge for Jones. The taller good strikers like Gustafson has been the ones that really gave Jon a fight and Gane is a big athletic man that can move and strike well. I really hope this is the push Jon needs to step up to the next level. I know he has been considered one of the goats but I feel like he has never reached his peak and always could have been on even another level. This fight is exciting, if Jon mixes wrestling in I believe he can dominate but if he stays standing he needs to be careful he doesn’t get out pointed.

    • Energy Surge Fitness says:

      Jones will take gane down and finish him easily

    • Angry Scotsman says:

      No way im reading all that nonsense. You say tall strikers like gustaffson give jones problems. Jones partied like a fool before fighting gus and then knocked him tf out in the 2nd fight. Stop typing massive pointless rambling paragraphs when you dont have a clue.

    • Officer Dank says:

      First gustafsson fight jones didnt take him seriously, hence the mauling and KO the second fight

  9. Sean says:

    Damn, really wanted to see Francis vs. Jones…

  10. Roman says:

    Hope to see francis in pfl. Out there the man gonna be fighting like 2-3 times in a year.

    • Caulo "Wine" Posta says:

      @hello well You guys are such dana bootlickers, everyone loves stipe but he didn’t fight even twice a year. He held the belt hostage multiple times for a year. Ngannou had no knees and he was recovering

    • Damian Idzikowski says:

      Lol 2-3 times. Maybe with some cucumbers whom he will finish on first 30 seconds not taking any dmg

    • hello well says:

      lol he’s too lazy to fight 3 times a year. He fought ONCE in 2 years and held the belt hostage. PFL will hate working with him too. Just watch.

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