Dana White calls Jon Jones ‘unbelievable after UFC 232 win | MMA Sound

Dana White calls Jon Jones ‘unbelievable after UFC 232 win | MMA Sound

UFC president Dana White speaks with ESPN MMA reporter Brett Okamoto about all things UFC 232, including the big business it did in Los Angeles at the gate and for the weigh-ins. (1:23) White discusses Jon Jones’ win vs. Alexander Gustafsson to regain the light heavyweight title, (2:45) Daniel Cormier’s future, (3:40) Amanda Nunes knocking out Cris Cyborg and (4:15) wanting BJ Penn to retire.

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101 Responses

  1. BigChubbz says:

    Steroids are a hell of a drug

    • Chief Sunnah says:

      +Drink Me Black/Hispanic, either way, inferior to the white race. And so says the black bastard brought up by a single mother.

    • LDT Time says:

      +Chief Sunnah You must have a brain tumor in your hypothalamus. The statistics that you claim to be looking at are evidently false as i do have 122 IQ. Race is obviously a concept that humans have conceived in order to further classify humans but we are all the same species(Homo sapien). You claim black people look like Gorillas, that is subjective that is not a fact, i could make a claim that white people look like albino Gorillas, that is also subjective and therefore you could refute it but would not change my opinion. However all black people do not look the same and all white people do not look the same so for you to claim a whole race to look like Gorillas is just ignorance at it’s finest.we all have something in common with Gorillas so you could say the whole human race looks Gorillas.

    • Chief Sunnah says:

      +LDT Time No, you don’t have an IQ of 122. And you’re not convincing anyone of it, you mongol. Also, the ‘we all came from Africa’ theory has been proven as marxist nonsense. Neandarthals were roaming Europe millions of years before the homo-sapien evolved in Africa.

    • LDT Time says:

      +Chief Sunnah What you have said is a prime example of a logical fallacy. I am not going to argue with a prepubescent teenager like you. Many theories claim to prove various things. You are to grounded in the evidence that has been told to you from external sources and this has led to your lack of free thought. Enlighten yourself. Take a deep look as to what you are doing in life.

    • Chief Sunnah says:

      +LDT Time You said a lot there, without explaining anything, which proves you have a low-IQ. You’re so insecure about your low intelligence, that you have to perpetuate lies about your IQ score…sad little mongol.

  2. J. P says:

    Jon about to do a line of coke off Dana’s head.

  3. liam Eastwood says:

    I really think they should have a sanctioned steroid league and make sure everyone is healthy

  4. Akkarsollum says:

    I like this guy for interviews. He is level minded and not a instigator.

  5. Lieska78 says:

    Lesnar vs Jones for URC-Ultimate Roidz Championships belt, no testing, no weigh class, plain field for everyone. 315lbs ripped Lesnar vs 250lbs Jones.

  6. Corey Searles says:

    DC doesn’t know when to quit wasnt two defeats enough lol.

    • Ségvvolf .308 says:

      +Rocks Cousteau nomatter what youll never come close to amounting to him so keep talking shit. It just shows how low you are

    • Pistol Pete says:

      +IDRIPONYOUHOES LIKEWATER pretty sure Jones could hold all the belts and fight every fighter one after the other same night to defend them

    • Smith-Mundts Modernization Act (Look into it) says:

      +swag lad GSP has lost. He can’t really be the GOAT. Though he is a good solid runner up to Jon.

    • swag lad says:

      +Smith-Mundts Modernization Act (Look into it) has gsp popped for steroids? No, gsp has fought the much better fighters than Jones has, Jones has to take roids to beat people which he already has a major height and reach advantage while gsp is a natural welterweight, fighting guys who naturally way 20-30 lbs bigger, he went up to middleweight, while Jones doesn’t always to fight DC, Cain or stipe at HW

    • m1ckyg21 says:

      +Rocks Cousteau he is higher weight due to not being on roids

  7. The Egg Bandit says:

    What’s next for Jon Jones?? O Daniel Cormier for sure he’s ready to go!! What about Amanda Nunes?? I don’t make fights the night of the fights….

    • karl jonson says:

      Lmao Dana oozing with greed.

    • The Egg Bandit says:

      Jason Smith yea man no way he made it sound like he’s gonna fight DC next! What I took from it he’s dropping down to Middleweight to join Anderson Silva and fight for a tag team championship!! No way he’s fighting DC next!

    • Brian Hickey says:

      DC won’t fight him…he is DC’s kriptinite

    • alfred espinoza says:

      Crack using jon jones will never move up to heavy weight cuz he’s scared he’ll get knocked out. Heavy weight is jon jones krptonite . That is why he’ll never be accepted as the goat no matter what dana says cuz history shows that the greatest

  8. Tough Man says:

    Jon Jones is Dana’s new Conor

  9. Connect The Dots says:

    Dana will always defend his money makers to the day he dies lolol… always loses his mind amd hypes them up to no end(rousey, conor, jones etc)…

    • Will Garner says:

      Point being at some point almost all of them do something to try to get an edge…..and like too short said….don’t hate the player…..hate the game

    • txniz says:

      Connect The Dots It’s a business that makes money from people fighting for our entertainment idiot. Fuck all that moral high ground shit give us the fights we want !

    • Gr33nPhoenix says:

      +Connect The Dots if those ppl do dumb shit, then Dana will call them out on their dumb shit. Dana was the first to shit on Jones and he came at both Conor and Khabib for their shenanigans.. He has no prob telling you when you fucked up.

    • karl jonson says:

      I hope it bites him in the ass again.

    • Jahon Cabine says:

      Called protecting your investments. Even Trump doesn’t protect anything that’s not bringing him revenue.

  10. BmoreBirds22 says:

    More salt in these comments than the pacific ocean.

  11. jGotti Gunnz says:

    10 years from now the jon Jones movie is going to be a classic at this rate ??? ?

  12. Logan Scarson says:

    Why does it look like Dana has a fake ear glued to his head?

  13. Vajrahaha Shunyata says:

    Dana loves whoever gets those ppv numbers. It’s his goal and he is one of the best promoters of all time. It ain’t about race, friendships or anything else. It’s always about the green.

    • More money No problems says:

      Your not white . Your a rag head , cow piss drinking , goat fucking , poo in the loo Indian smelly terrorist. Change your pic . Why do you people have such terrible body odor ?.

    • jeremy steiner says:

      +More money No problems you’re*

      Fucking retard.

    • karl jonson says:

      Yeah he needs green to spend it all in one night meanwhile fighters like Ray Borg can’t pay his medical bills for his son and Alex has to pay a giant fine to Reebok.

  14. Mathew Youngblood says:

    This was a win for cocaine and steroid abusers everywhere!

  15. Miranda Summerset says:

    Alex lost 3 title fights….dude needs a new team

  16. ModalGroove says:

    Jones is indeed unbelievable. You can’t believe a single word he says

    • gene daniels says:

      ModalGroove My reality is that of total freedom, and awareness…not identified with a lot bs ideals about what reality is. You sir are a pretentious bullshitter!

    • ModalGroove says:

      +gene daniels.. I have American values. I take care of my family, work hard so my children have better than i did growing up and I’m doing a great job at it. Living every bit of the American dream and damn proud of it.. And yes I am very successful. I have everything i could ever possibly want in life. Family and employees/coworkers who love me and vice versa who can.rely on me just as i can rely on them. Thats what real wealth is. Being able to afford all of the material goods I want is just an added benefit of my hard work in this fantastic land of free market capitalism .. But there you go again, turning shit into a race issue like a typical racist liberal. You just keep proving my point over and over again. You act like a whiny teenager that suffers from white guilt and hates himself when he looks in the mirror. Pretty sad really. Its OK tho, when you enter the real world you wont have time to be such a crybaby who is always trying to speak for others that you feel superior to, unless you’re one of those greedy socialists who just want everything for free so you’ll just wind up being a bum with no purpose in life while productive people like me who produce products and services that better peoples lives pay your welfare check. Lol

    • michael mcconaghy says:

      wow brilliant I lost a lot of interest in this wwe era of supposedly honor sport

    • gene daniels says:

      ModalGroove On the contrary my delusional misguided brother. I can look in the mirror and be proud that i don’t need to subscribe to some one else’s values, and what it is that defines me as a man. Seems to me you equate material, and money with the essence of existence. You use all these rehearsed euphemism’s to define who you are. That only makes you a product of someone else’s values with no real meaning or substance as it relates to your existence. It’s you sir that have no clue what this existence called life is really about. To that end, see how much of your of material gains go with you to your grave. Unlike you, i provided my son with the essentials knowing what his existence here on this earth is about as well as how to provide a good living. Most importantly i provided him with the methods for learning whats meaningful in life, and in death. As long as you identify with someone else’s values you can never really know life. Yours is limited to material gain and trying to indentify with others…mine has no limits!

    • ModalGroove says:

      +michael mcconaghy.. Ironically it was McGregor who start the started WWE era in the UFC with his outlandish promos and goofy walk he admittedly stole from Vince McMahon.. That DC and Brock fiasco in the octagon took it a little bit closer.. Now Jones and Dana took it to full blown WWE levels by allowing steroid abuse and pushing false scripts, even in their commentary.

  17. FreeScoopTV says:

    Dana tasted Jones’ urine and confirmed it was negative, good job Dana

  18. Evan Gantley says:

    What about Nunes she just dismantled the scariest woman in the planet with ease, best in the world no doubt

  19. John Savage Music says:

    Dana “it is now allowed in UFC to be positive on steroids” White

  20. John Savage Music says:

    Dana “no more UFC, now it is Ultimate Steroid Championship (USC)” White

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