Dana White reacts to Adesanya vs. Romero: “Listen, the fight sucked” | UFC 248 post-presser

Dana White reacts to Adesanya vs. Romero: “Listen, the fight sucked” | UFC 248 post-presser

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61 Responses

  1. R.T.9.2 says:

    Would have laughed when Costa appeared behind his back in the Ring after he made the Steve Irwin and Costas not on his seat anymore xD

  2. Faheem Khan says:

    I was expecting a good fight from rumero but he was just moving his arms in the air. Joanna and xhang we’re awesome

  3. Greggery Peccary says:

    Pride’s yellow cards would be a great addition

  4. Dawid says:

    Costa is pushing cause he knows, that the Golden Snitch is on his way 😀

  5. vinnytalarico says:

    Dana has to start asking at press conferences

    “Who’s got the 2nd question.” lol

  6. Rhys Peregrine says:

    Dana’s kids: “Do you love us, papa?”

    Dana: “We’ll see how this thing plays out.”

  7. Jeremiah .A says:

    The Human Slug has dibs on asking first.

  8. Back in Time Podcast says:

    Dana: Who has the first question? John “Fat Guy” Morgan: Seriously!?

  9. bigplanner says:

    Dana has jokes 2:52 “When a Doctor calls me and not his friend from Brazil” 😂

  10. justin foad says:

    I’m still happy I paid for it. Despite the main event the card was fantastic especially joanna vs weili I was screaming for 30 minutes it’s one of the most insane wars I’ve ever seen

  11. B R says:

    “Can’t tell the matchmakers anything that doesn’t make sense”
    Cut to Jose Aldo getting a shot against Cejudo.
    Cut to the next time they fill in frankie edgar for another undeserving title shot

  12. Mac Roxas says:

    *sees joana’s face*

    Izzy and Yoel: oh hell na bruh.

  13. Subscribe at 10000 and I will do a stripper video says:

    Dana “Yoel was never my friend” White

  14. Izzy money says:

    The main event was a joke!😂😂😂😂

  15. Christopher Yost says:

    I fell asleep right before main event. Guess I didnt miss much😂

  16. Joe Garrison says:

    “When he’s healthy and a doctor calls me and not his friend from Brazil” 😂😂😂

  17. MrWorstnameever says:

    Dana: you guys know I never book fights on fight night right?

    Also Dana: yeah so, Israel and Costa are next

  18. Stephen George says:

    Say whatcha will about izzy v romero, we still dont know who would win a fight

  19. Joel N says:

    “Who’s got the first question?”

    …same guy every time

  20. Antonio El Miro says:

    I’ll never pay to watch Israel Adasayna again. Period 🤷‍♂️

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