Dana White reacts to Israel Adesanya loss; No more fight with Jon Jones

Dana White reacts to Israel Adesanya loss; No more fight with Jon Jones

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88 Responses

  1. ro sharma says:

    Dana in his head..

    “First Conor, now this.”…

    • Calvin Calvin says:


    • Cakap Jujur says:

      @SZ San Khamzat he is gone too

    • Joseph BlackWood says:

      I’m a casual… Sorry. What happened with Connor?

    • BohemianGroveify says:

      Why are people acting like izzy lost his power as a draw in the sport. He’s still the mw champion who hasn’t lost to anyone at his own weight class. Jan still has a belt becuase the champ left and he has 5 losses in his division unlike izzy he holds it down in his division, so much he tried to fight a higher weight champion.

    • Colby Walker says:

      Y’all mad at Dana, who’s a billionaire, he could give a fuck about anything you think he gives a fuck about. And should he just not try to fix things? I mean if he didn’t we would still have shoes in the octagon and people getting knee’d to the head in the ground. I guess you want an imperfect sport. In reality I don’t believe any of that I know y’all just jealous bitter haters.

  2. No Name says:

    “And without me, this whole f*cking ship sinks” – Israel Adesanya’s takedown defence.

    • Jacob Sirak says:

      Israel haters trying to push the narrative that he got destroyed LOL he just lost

    • Colby Walker says:

      @Kuleen Mishra that literally doesn’t change the fact that Jan had 20 pounds on him. You just stupid bro. Very stupid actually. What was your act, a 15?

    • Colby Walker says:

      @The Peacock Project no one causes problems for Izzy at 185. Whitaker and Izzy are so far ahead of everyone in that class it’s the same as Colby and usman at 170. Izzy already beat Whitaker. Usman already beat Colby. Those classes are dead imo no competition for the champs

    • Ivan Markovic says:

      @Trey Love izzy got reach and height advantage and jan got weight.

    • CONOR MCGREGOR says:


  3. Altamash Ukaye says:

    Why is nobody talking about bias commentary, especially joe.

    • Mike Merunka says:

      @Mr Vlad the guy held his hand after the dirtiest shot in the history of the UFC! The fact that he raised his hand should automatically take away his chance to run it back immediately. That was disgusting. The knee could have finished Aljo’s career. It was filthy af and ANY professional KNOWS, you cannot strike a downed fighter with your leg. Period.

    • AE SPORTS says:

      @Mr Vlad wtf holding his hand hand up after what he did was absolutely disgusting and I’m glad that somebody in the commentary team pointed that out

    • Jvac 11 says:

      I could watch the fights on mute. I don’t care about commentary. I just watch the fights.

    • gentryjames says:

      @RHYS ALLEN did you not watch the fight.

    • D P says:

      @thatunknownguy who is Coner? Sounds like a pus

  4. Dr. Beau Hightower says:

    Jan landed more significant strikes in all 5 rounds.

    • jay riz says:

      Reminded me of the Izzy/ Romero fight. This fight Jan was able to get the takedowns to seal the dub

    • Bob Sag says:

      Imagine making a living off of cracking peoples backs and calling it “chiropractory”. I guess being a scumbag pays off

    • jhlaxbro27 says:

      @Ent 007 LOL and when do you think Jan was “rocked”? If that fight went on 30 more seconds Jan would have finished the fight.

    • OG Debo says:

      @David S he was still landing strikes I think yan was gonna end up winning but to pretend like aljo did not win any rounds is laughable

    • jhlaxbro27 says:

      @Hector Fernandez even on the feet (id actually give Jan the edge on the feet) and then domination on the ground… sounds like a 10-8 to me

  5. s2kBscreamin says:

    If Stipe beats Francis again, Dana gonna be permanently red with fumes coming out the nose and ears….

    • jake 1993 says:

      @Shareef King I believe jan can take stipe but i feel like jan should be a heavyweight….don’t get me wrong after his fight with izzy he proved us once again why he’s the champ…..and still

    • stryfetc1 says:

      @Wild Bill he has the personality of a sock drawer….it’s a hard sell for Dana…great fighter, but he’s not interesting.

    • Jervis Paraggua says:

      Miocic and Jan are basically twins.

    • uuuu7jj says:

      I think Jon was stipe is the best fight. Nganou is levels below stipe . He will do what Yan did to izzy. Although nganou 260lbs . But he did it last time. I don’t see nganou been able improve on atletism at this stage in hes career almost 38

    • jake 1993 says:

      @Jervis Paraggua I don’t think you could have said it better.

  6. Mitchell Tope says:

    Why does this caption not say “Dana White reacts to Jan Blachowicz win” ?

    • cbr 19 says:

      Underdog even as a champion

    • Siris Shah says:

      Sadly that’s how the community works. All bandwagon fans hopping onto the biggest names. I’m so fucking glad Jan won, took out Reyes and adesanya. He’s gonna get his name onto these captions soon

  7. Jacob Lee says:

    Dana looks like Wilson Fisk/kingpin from daredevil/Spider-Man

  8. REVOisMYname says:

    They shouldn’t have put Izzy in with a light heavyweight with grappling – They assumed Jan was just a slow striker that would get out worked.

    • illuMMAnati says:

      I dunno where this Jan being slow notion came from. Jan IS NOT SLOW!

    • INKY axb says:

      @illuMMAnati I was definitely one of those people that thought he was gonna be slower just because of what izzy shown. But either way I accurately predicted the fight and made some money lol

  9. Cerebral Method says:

    If Dom Cruz wants to be weird af, we should expect him to be weird af.

  10. Random Penguin says:

    Dana in his head..

    “First Conor, then Khamzat…. now this…. “?!

  11. Francesco Diamond Marcelini says:

    Jan: you didn’t believe in me.
    DANA: Izzy was never my friend

  12. Psychologie Nerd says:

    UFC hates Jan. He destroyed two future cash cows: Reyes and Adesanya, whilst being 37 🤣🤣

    • Bjamin M says:

      Hahahah reyes was not a cash cow

    • Colby Walker says:

      @PeeWee Sinatra you are saying light heavy weight of all things when literally the higher the weight classes the less they wrestle. Heavy weight has very few wrestlers. SMe with LHW, same with middle weight. Welterweight and lw are where the wrestlers are. So by saying that I’m just gonna ignore everything you say cause you don’t know shit about shit bro

    • rbush431 says:

      That’s the vets for you. Never count them out. They can pull off an upset at anytime

    • uuuu7jj says:

      And made it even worse when Yan asked for golver as he’s next opponent. I see ankalaev been new champ very soon and staying there for a long time .

    • Anthony Cabrera says:

      @Kenpachi Zaraki no we saw the bigger Guy use his size to win the later rounds and seal the dub? What was expected by everyone outside of izzys gay fan base

  13. A Ali says:

    Dana seems pretty pissed that Adesanya didn’t win! “That’s fucking illegal”!

  14. anglojojo says:

    Some dude: “I think its 4-1”
    Dana: “get the fuck outta here, get this guy out of this. building”

    • Paul Walker says:

      3 -2 = Jan

    • TREVORPETERS says:

      @Ice Tre 21 I gave Izzy all three . How can you fall for every faint flinch and back up all five rounds and win 4. Jan did win the last two in dominant fashion. Izzy is my guy but I’m not even mad he lost Jan is a great guy big fan

    • Colby Walker says:

      @TREVORPETERS Izzy did not win all 3 bro. Jan won this fight 48-47. That’s the lowest it could be. The lowest. Definitely no 10-8’s Dana was right on that one. The highest this could have been was 49-46 for Jan.

    • Tooty pooty aim and shooty says:

      @TREVORPETERS You can’t be awarded points for using faints and never doing anything with it… At the end of the day, he still got outstruck in terms of strikes landed. This would be as silly as a fighter constantly moving forward, but only getting picked apart on the feet and winning. Sure you’re pushing the paste but still getting beat.

    • Ray Preseau says:

      Lol! Helwani that sumbitch!

  15. jjohnson218 says:

    Jan: “you don’t believe in me “

    Dana : WTF? 😅

    Dana’s brain: how dare you know how I feel
    About you !

  16. Mystery Box Guru says:

    “Who has the first 25 questions?”

  17. SEAN ADUE says:

    Jan was right, Dana doesn’t believe in anyone who makes him less money

  18. Darkstar says:

    “It’s a privilege to get money from a sponsor”

    That’s why we don’t allow the fighters to generate additional capital with their personally acquired sponsors.
    Just the ones we allow you to have.. 🧐

    • Darkstar says:

      @BACK TO THE LAND bingo. Andi is here for arguing

    • Kendra Anton says:

      Meanwhile the ufc has every inch of the octagon in sponsors….it doesn’t look elite and professional, gives it a amateur vibe imo.

    • Lil Chaos says:

      Dana is a capitalist vulture…

    • justin etters says:

      I believe they can boss most fighters are just dumb though.

    • MyThoughtsBelow says:

      @Andi That’s definitely not fair.

      They are MMA fighters and need to promote their sponsors during their fights. Stripping them of the ability to do so severely hampers their ability to gain new sponsors as companies have less incentive to sign contracts with fighters who can’t even promote the brand.

  19. lilmixdboy says:

    “We want to give the fighters and extra 25 thousand, and I was like Holy shit”

    -cheapskate Dana White

  20. AcidGlow says:

    Costa and Whitaker waiting for Israel back home.

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