Dana White reacts to Khamzat Chimaev cageside brawl, Islam vs. Charles and Sean O’Malley win

Dana White reacts to Khamzat Chimaev cageside brawl, Islam vs. Charles and Sean O’Malley win

Dana White reacts to UFC 280, Khamzat Chimaev’s cageside altercation, Sean O’Malley and more at the UFC 280 post fight press conference.

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49 Responses

  1. Nate Marx says:

    0:33 — Dana’s thoughts on the main event (Dana is distracted)

    1:19 — How far do you think Islam can take his reign?

    1:44 — Did Dana know Khabib would call out Volk?

    2:03 — How soon does Dana want Olivera back?

    2:26 — Was Dana aware of TJ’s dislocated shoulder?

    2:34 — How could the Athletic Commission miss that?

    2:59 — Sean O’Malley 🆚 Aljamain Sterling?

    3:24 — What does Dana think of Suga Sean’s performance?

    3:55 — Does Dana think Sean won the fight?

    4:21 — Khamzat incident

    4:41 — How did Khamzat get that close to the cage?

    5:06 — The conclusion on banning fighters from betting on their own fights.

    5:36 — Dana on Dan Hardy’s accusations.

    6:57 — Dana goes off on Dan Hardy.

    7:38 — Colby 🆚 Khamzat? Can Belal substitute for one of them?

    8:07 — If Volk fights Islam will there be an interim title fight?

    8:41 — What’s next for Alji Sterling? (Dana is dismissive)

    9:06 — (Dana is in the mood)

    9:52 — Abu Dhabi

    12:07 — Is Cejudo returning?

    12:56 — Conor McGregor

    13:17 — Will there be Arabic commentary in the new UFC game?

    14:00 — Islams ranking in the Pound-for-pound rankings.

  2. Izayah Salazar says:

    Dana not understanding/hearing anyone’s questions and just looking around for someone to say it clearly and loudly is still hilarious to me 😂😂 never fails

  3. Mohammed Fahd says:

    As a Team Khabib fan, I would like to take this opportunity to show much respect to Charles. Hope he comes back stronger than ever and maybe get a rematch.

    • Kayse Jama says:

      Thank you bro.

    • Alexander Hayward says:

      Considering Islam didn’t deserve the fight in the first place a rematch might be warranted.

    • Broc Hurst says:

      “As part of team khabib and Islam, let me take this opportunity” 😂😂😂 bruh they don’t even know you exist. Like you’re speaking on behalf on them. Everyone wanna be special and included lmao

    • wrathofscorpias says:

      @SOM KAPLAN I bet you would tap the moment a friend of your puts you into a non proper but tight hold, your talking like your Islam and khabibs pet parrot .

  4. Angus See says:

    Dana 100% uses his hearing issues to prepare his responses 😂

  5. Matt Smith says:

    Dana taking a press conference solo is always basically a standup routine 😂

    • Brett Baratheon says:

      @Michael Fadahunsi amen to that. He’s the best commissioner/leader of any sport on earth, hands down.

    • Biden Sniffed. My Balls says:

      its amazing everytime haha

    • Alberta Wheat says:

      Yes it is a routine, he picks the winners and losers and has an inside track to the betting tables…Lol thanks for playing along.

    • Michael Fadahunsi says:

      @Ritalie Vulgar? that’s why we love Dana he speaks what it is in his mind go watch other presidents of other sport NBA,NHL,NBL that are more “less Vulgar” and see how boring and dry their press conference are. The thing about Dana is if a reporter ask a “Gotcha” question Dana will fire back. He doesn’t backs down to the media.

    • Ritalie says:

      I know man I’m laughing my ass off. His press conferences are so vulgar, it’s funnier than most stand up comedy. He said, “If you don’t give a shit, why are you asking the question? What’s your next question?” hahaha. I mean, who says that.

  6. Alex __226 says:

    Unstoppable. Just like Khabib. To much pace, to relentless, to good on the ground. It’s something to watch. Truly.

    • Shawn Arnold says:

      @STORM RIDER you can take techniques from Thai into the cage, but you cannot take it’s base and stance. If you understood striking you would know why.

    • Shawn Arnold says:

      @STORM RIDER in the cage the best striking base to utilize is kickboxing. There is a reason why very few champions have come from a thai background while so many have come from a kickboxing background.

    • Shawn Arnold says:

      @STORM RIDER to be the best Jiu-Jitsu player in the world, you would have to compete in jiu jitsu and dominate. Really? That’s Charles????

      Why you mentioned Joe Rogan I have no idea. Shows your stupidity to the subject. If you knew anything about Joe then you would know that he always is speaking of Gordon being the best now and the best ever.

  7. Brodie says:

    “Why are you asking me if you don’t even give a shit?” That was classic 😂

  8. Sohail Jafar says:

    Seriously, Dana’s press conferences or interviews are way more funnier than funny movies. Never missed one 😅

  9. Harry van der Veen says:

    The post fight interviews with Dana are always gold, please keep em coming.

  10. Isaac Hudson says:

    Dana is so brutal on some questions😂

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