Dana White reacts to UFC 269; “Dip**** Darren Rovell” and Sean O’Malley

Dana White reacts to UFC 269; “Dip**** Darren Rovell” and Sean O’Malley

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51 Responses

  1. Arul Raj says:

    Thanks Dana for your magnanimous efforts in 2020 and 2021 by giving us best the UFC fights in this Covid lockdown situation and helping us get entertained when everything else was shut.💖 I know one day you’ll retire and I’m also sure that UFC won’t be the same after you’re gone.

  2. Luke Price says:

    I knew without a shadow of a doubt after watching Chael describe every advantage Oliveira had and how Oliveira had more ways to win and that he was still picking Dustin, I knew Charles had this in 3 rounds or less.

  3. Harold B. says:

    Amazing card top to bottom. Amazing fans. Best PPV of the year no doubt! (Yes better than MSG and the first one back). Thank you Dana and the UFC for an amazing year. We go again next year!

  4. SmoothShot 808 says:

    Cody gonna be nothing more than a stepping stone if he stays fighting. Damn that was a rough loss for him.

    • ga swamp assassin says:

      @Tuperovski lmao the dude has no chin at all hes took too many shots ray charles could see that

    • Chris Hutter says:

      @S Brodie hey man… Why no love? Lol

    • PrometheanRising says:

      @Tuperovski his mentality is poor. Any time he gets in trouble in the Octagon he turns into a meat head trying to prove how tough he is, but his chin isn’t that tough.

    • PrometheanRising says:

      @Jacob Johnson it is in reference to his pointing to his chin and basically asking to stand and bang after he got damaged rather than being smart about how to proceed in the fight.

    • nymin7 #CASHSQUAD #StopTheHate says:

      TJ Pillashaw and his EPO may have ruined Cody’s career

  5. Sports Fan_91 says:

    Considering the world & what’s going on the UFC has smashed it. Have given us banger after banger card. Very appreciative of them! Well deserved Christmas break upcoming

    • justin omar says:

      I feel like the ufc is either at a stand stall or on the decline

    • justin omar says:

      @Simon Stockbridge you must be a newbie

    • critical thinking says:

      Darren Rovell was right, pena sold this fight with her conspiracy theories, i never was interested in a nunes fight because of nunes, no other female promoted a fight as good as she did this fight, she even managed to make nunes interesting as nunes said exactly what i was thinking in response to pena’s conspiracies..i doubt pena will be able to hold on to that belt, but if she manages to do so for the next 3 fights and only sells those fights just 80% as good as she sold this fight that her star will outshine nunes ,,but i highly doubt she wins the next fight,, i feel very strongly in my bones that she is just a flash in the pan

    • Wut says:

      @critical thinking She rang Amanda’s bell more than once. Can she repeat? Maybe.

    • Cloudburst says:

      @Wut nah was a dive. nunez destroys her in the rematch. this was a marketing scheme for womens mma

  6. Richie Guy says:

    I’ve realised how important the psychology of Dana always talking about how good things are and how great the gate and ppvs are, how great the fights are… Will be what any new interested fan will hear and it is basically a great marketing tool

    • Barry McCockner says:

      Love him or hate him!!! Dana is a smart guy, when it comes to marketing and business deals he is a kingpin !!!!! A promoter in the truest sense of the word! And I think he was a little drunk tonight

    • Andrew Goldin says:

      He doesn’t always say that tho. If the card sucks or a main event sucks he will come right out and say it. This was genuinely a great card and night.

    • Andrew Goldin says:

      @Mr. Sahab Public companies lie all the time to benefit their shareholders. That’s nonsense. Dana is a straight up guy and if the card sucks he will say so. He’s been that way long before he ran a public company.

    • BusaBros says:

      @Ogin “facts”

    • Mr. Sahab says:

      @Andrew Goldin I know he is like that. All I’m saying is that he can’t lie about something that’s easily provable. And UFC is certainly not one of those slimey accountant heavy corporations. It’s a very open business with a lot of exposed moving parts. I agree with you on that. Dana looks like a person who’s word could be trusted.

  7. Your MMA says:

    “He said hes not fighting again until he gets a title shot?…okay” I love Dana 🤣

  8. Joe Troyner says:

    How can you not love Dana’s post fight conference’s..

  9. Devin Anderson says:

    Dana you’re the fuckin man! Thank you for never giving up on the sport even when you guys were millions in the hole, cuz this shit has paid off big time. UFC 117 was my first ever attended event, and ill keep watching till i die.

  10. Pickle Rick says:

    During the toughest times during lockdown(s) UFC was pretty much the one constant every weekend and gave me something to get really excited about.

    Its also one of the only sports that wasn’t diluted by the lack of crowds.

    Dana is a g

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