Dana White UFC 234 Post-Fight Press Conference | ESPN MMA

Dana White UFC 234 Post-Fight Press Conference | ESPN MMA

UFC president Dana White says Robert Whittaker could have died if he had taken a shot to his stomach, which is why he pulled out of his title fight against Kelvin Gastelum. White discusses the Australian crowd, Israel Adesanya’s win by unanimous decision against Anderson Silva and his thoughts on Conor McGregor’s newest tweets during the UFC 234 card.

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105 Responses

  1. Elias Corredor says:

    Cejudo vs TJ 2 for the 135 belt is out the window, it’s about Cejudo vs John Cena now.

  2. Tom Pentecost says:

    Dana grilled that dude who asked him about #1 contenders lol

    • Yester says:

      +Nem Denemam Totally agree with you regarding Kelvin. I like Romero but he needs to beat a few more people before he can be offered a title shot again.

    • Nem Denemam says:

      +Yester I agree. Despite all that I think Romero is easily the scariest middleweight right now xd

    • Siddhant Das says:

      +Nem Denemam it’s not worth bringing up. McGregor was stripped and then beaten badly by the current champ. That topic is settled form all angles, competitive,legal ( the commission fines ) and monetary. Bringing it up would only instigate matters. I bet Ariel would love to do that though lol

    • Siddhant Das says:

      +Nem Denemam Rockhold is by all accounts moving up to 205, he said it himself multiple times. He’s even started lifting weights and blown up way more then he used to be. No way he makes 185 now

    • Nem Denemam says:

      +Siddhant Das it is worth bringing into when Dana talks about absence being punished. But either way there was the situation with Adesanya vs Silva or just the irrelevancy of the rankings all around. I understand why the reporter didnt bring it up but I dont agree that Dana grilled him (as the first comment said). People simply didnt want to “instigate” anything with Dana.

      He is still part of the rankings thats why I included him. Also as far as I know he didnt say he would never come back but maybe I just missed it.

  3. TX X says:

    Israel does not deserve the title shot beating a rank 15 guy!

  4. The Home Dipo says:

    He better not screw over Kelvin just cause Izzy decisoned a 43 year old. No disrespect to Silva he’s one of if not the best of all time but he’s old now

    • Austin Arnold says:

      Terrence Odonnell jacare was robbed.

    • Your Daddy. says:

      Well Chris Wideman finished him back to back, and we all know how good Chris’s Chin is.

    • Mitch Allen says:

      +Bob Ayaiga Nah they’ve only met once. Izzy trains in Auckland, most of the Aussie’s are in west Sydney though, Rob, Tai etc. It’ll be awkward for me though, I love em equally

    • Kemical Fenix says:

      I really doubt they’d do that to Kelvin. Silva looked pretty good actually, do “old” guys duck kicks like that!? His problem was one that he’s had in the past, looking too much for the counter and not attacking himself, which is hard to do against a guy like Izzy.

    • - - says:

      A 43 year old on gear with 20+ years experience and 10x the grappling as stylebender

  5. Edgar Magadan says:

    Doubt ppv numbers were good

    • Read Castor says:

      +Rich Piana UFC 5% NATURAL FIGHTER this guy! Hahahahaahahahahahahahhaa

    • Read Castor says:

      They weren’t. Don’t ever listen to Dana. We need to see the official numbers.

    • Edward Mccandlish says:

      +Rich Piana UFC 5% NATURAL FIGHTER I buy when Rob fights ! One of the most exciting fightersin the UFC !

    • Rich Piana UFC 5% NATURAL FIGHTER says:

      +Edward Mccandlish I buy when Dennis Siver and CMpunk fight ! Two of the most exciting undefeated champions in the UFC ! See how easy it is to type retarded bullshit??

    • Daniel Grigg says:

      Dana could barely even work the bullshit up for hyping them. He said they were good and then moved on. That probably means better than Nunes v Pennington but not much else.

  6. Lou Zer says:

    Tony Ferguson the type of dude to tell blind people not to blink when watching his fight

  7. Alek Bruce says:

    Cejudo vs Cena

  8. steam gamer says:

    but dana I recall Mcgreager was out for a long time! however he kept the belt if my memory is correct.

    • Ricky Bobby says:

      Because hes a fucking star

    • Patrick Oneal says:

      Of,course. Conor makes them money. Its pretty simple. People,seem to forget that Conor always fought whoever whenever and always pushed his limits and just about called every fight. He spoke shit into existence and people,recognize that

    • The Guy That Talks Shit On YouTube says:

      Because Conor is the UFC… LoL… Double Champ

    • Siddhant Das says:

      He is the exception. If Whittaker made that much money he would be treated the same way. That’s how life works. I don’t understand why people are acting as if capitalism is something new to them lol the UFC was never a legitimate sporting company, it’s part entertainment part sport. Unless you go back to proper tournament architecture like all major world class sports follow, the UFC will never be regarded as a legit sporting organisation.

    • Jesu Estrada says:

      I somewhat agree with you but professional boxing is just as protective of their cash cows and its regarded as a legit sport its also and more politically corrupted.+Siddhant Das

  9. Roger Stevens says:

    haha Israel is NOT the next big thing. I don’t see him “bending” any styles. He’s a pure striker. And not even that great, couldn’t even finish Silva…

  10. Usman Rahman says:

    How come that reporter always gets the first question? Is it because he gets to the area first or is he favoured by the UFC for some reason?

  11. Kevin Lewis says:

    dana being his hypocritical self again….saying that if you can’t take the fight you get stripped of the interim belt and someone else will fight for the title…but mcnugget’s wasn’t stripped for a year and a halve or so after the alvarez fight

    • Visions Amongst Facades says:

      Hypocritical yes but, dude…flatout no one is tuning in more to see fighters more than Connor. Best one yet by far

    • The Guy That Talks Shit On YouTube says:

      Yess… Conor Was The Money Fight…. He Still is the Money fight, the numbers he pulls is worth more than any of the other fighters, probably combined… Then when you put a belt on the line against Conor… It made sense

    • Sud says:

      Even during fights, Conor got special treatment, they really wanted him to succeed. They started to believe their own bullshit and thought he could beat Khabib LOL..

    • Josh Navarro says:

      If you were a smart businessman you would let Conor do whatever the fuck he wanted

    • Alton Cunningham says:

      Conor was stripped of his lightweight title bro

  12. Camp & Fish WA says:

    “Matt Damon said”. Hahaha. Yep, I’m sure he knows what a pro fighter can or can’t do. Silly Hollywood softcock.

  13. MrOGG says:

    Nate vs Connor
    Nick vs Anderson on one card…
    just imagine……….

  14. just me says:

    Though Robert has been the Champ for 2 years, interestingly he has never really been in an “Actual Championship” fight. He was the interim champ, GSP vacated and Rob was promoted to champ. And then he fought Yoel in a non title bout. So, thats that!

    • Read Castor says:

      +Jerry Gutierrez Exactly. Finally someone with some fucking sense!

    • Kasey Rolow says:

      Jerry Gutierrez I agree with you but just bc he doesn’t have his actual name and picture doesn’t mean he can’t say his opinion even if it is a stupid opinion. Your not the god of anything bud. And it’s “given” not “gave” when your talking in that context so if anything maybe you should learn proper grammar before you speak. With that said I’m not your boss either so say what you want. Dude is allowed to as well. And stop trying to look hard in your YouTube profile pic you fat turd. Once again though I agree about Robert actually earning the belt. It was pretty much between him and Romero at that point and he did enough to earn it.

    • Matt Alibozek says:

      just me He fought Yoel twice first was for the vacant title second was a title defense…

    • just me says:

      +Jerry Gutierrez where did I shit on him? I am just stating facts to highlight that Uncle Dana has different yardsticks for different people. Fighters like Tony and Colby got screwed in the name of interim titles but here he is acting all high and mighty about divisions getting held up.

    • just me says:

      +Matt Alibozek he fought Yoel at ufc 213 for the Interim title, Bisping was still the champ at that point. His next fight was a non title bout courtesy Yoel missing weight!

  15. c c says:

    scripted bait and switch…

  16. Player Hater of The Year says:

    Alright boys I think we can say this ufc 234 was a resounding failure

    • A was born To perform_i am-mma says:

      First fight on the early prems what KO just steamed him

    • A was born To perform_i am-mma says:

      Best KO of the night hands down

    • David Michael says:

      huge ppv #. win.
      the stadium sold out. win.
      card full of great fights. win.
      whitaker didn’t die. very decisive win.

    • A was born To perform_i am-mma says:

      Danna did we’ll having few hrs sort it respect and love from aka tena_d

    • Your Daddy. says:

      I’d be impressed if it had ten ppv buys, hell even Israel agreed that we should of all watched it for free.. UFC already earning too much cash flow as it is, by sponsors, and investors.. We don’t need to pay a hundred bucks for 3 hours of entertainment… Unless it’s an escort with good lips.

  17. Sajan Pannu says:

    Dana “Matt Damon tells me it takes longer than 4-6 weeks to recover from a hernia surgery” White

  18. mikfax says:

    I like Adesanya but he cant avoid Romero for much longer.

  19. fred_ed 92 says:

    Why not make Gastellum vs Adesanya for the interim titel while Whittecker is hurt?

  20. BUD WHITE says:

    Ben “27-0” Askren…??

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