Dance Battle with Jennifer Lopez

Dance Battle with Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy figure out who is the better dancer by taking turns pulling dances, like “washing machine on spin cycle,” from a bag at random and making up moves on the spot.

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Dance Battle with Jennifer Lopez

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20 Responses

  1. The Factual Savage says:

    The washing machine spin cycle dance reminded me of a strip club I went to before

  2. Piper W says:

    Jimmy your awesome

  3. rukhaia sultana says:

    jlo is looking really pretty…both are entertaining together

  4. Rishika Singh says:

    she never ages ?❤

  5. Alena Karaew says:

    In Germany its 15 Minutes Past 6 o’ clock thats very early

  6. Adrian Arcol says:

    who’s here before 1M views? ?

  7. AndroGaming says:

    Can we take a minute and honor the brave men from the band who tried their hardest to not check out Jennifer Lopez’s amazing bottom?

  8. Shelby Soregaroli says:

    How does she always look so good

  9. Marcos Amparo says:

    JLO looking sexy af man. I’m sorry but I wouldn’t hesitate ? *just saying*

  10. jjmcglock says:

    Jimmy and J Lo on the flirty tip. Lots of touching and coziness.

  11. Brenda Jasso says:

    Was hoping jlo was gonna do the washing machine from Selena

  12. Tanya Sparrow says:

    Jennifer Lawrence gonna be so jealous if she sees this ?

  13. Azula Yagami says:

    She seems like the type of person you’d wanna be friends with

  14. funky homosapiens says:

    what i like about jimmy is he’s like this, he always make his guests comfortable and having a good time on his show and i like him because of that

  15. PeggySue5785 says:

    Oh come on J-Lo…”do the Washing Machine!”…Selena movie…anyone? Anyone?

  16. lil zakar says:

    her ass is beatuiful… and most importantly real

  17. Patrick Ragland says:

    Wow. Jennifer’s enjoying this as if she remembers having a blast every other time she came onto Jimmy’s show.

  18. New Message says:

    That is NOT what my wife does when the machine is on spin.. she just sorta.. leans her ass into it and her eyes slowly close.

  19. Juan Luna says:

    I love you Jimmy but you gotta work on that dab man lmao

  20. Mia says:

    The dreads dude was so serious and bored and then JLo smiled at him and he was “adjfjhbdks hihihi all good all good!”

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