Dance Gavin Dance – Pop Off! (Official Music Video)

Dance Gavin Dance – Pop Off! (Official Music Video)

Dance Gavin Dance’s new single “Pop Off!” comes from their upcoming album ‘Jackpot Juicer’ – out 7/29. Pre-order now at

Ball cupping
Make you stare
Of course, all this shit isn’t fair
I don’t care

I’m cummin
Of course, all this shit isn’t fair
I don’t care

Pop off
I took the top off
You took the vintage authentic and made it knock off
Then you add it to your recipe
It’s not H-E-L-P-I-N-G S-H-I-T

You want my time off
You want it all though
You got your claws out
In cherry red tone
Perfectly shaded to get me persuaded to your demands
You got me wound up
Don’t want to come down
Can feel the tension
A ticking a time bomb

Minutes to seconds until all the lessons I’ve learned become ravaged and spent
You’re all that want
You’re not what I need but I have to succumb
You’re all that I want
But I know that this all ends in bad blood

You think you’re superior
Everyone’s a threat there’s bad blood
Always bad blood, yeah
You’re territorial
Everywhere you go there’s bad blood
Always bad blood, yeah

Gave you my passion
You took it all though
Elegant fangs out
Covered in crimson
Always delighted when I’m drowning in helpless obsession
You got me bound up
Ignoring phone calls
Dissolving friendships
For your affection
Dwindle my reach until you’re what I need to relieve me of all of my dreams

I think you need a friend
I think you need a
Give a pet a home
They won’t leave you no

Pull lever
You can never find a better bro
Give a pet a home
They won’t leave you no

Dog digging in the plants
These relationships
They just can’t understand

Ask what do they do? What they do for you?
That’s my best fuckin friend

Director: Samuel Halleen
Producer: Zoe Dinerstein
Assistant Producer: Sydney Isaac
Production Assistant: Sofia Kunz
AD: Cole Moniz
DP: Scott Siracusano
1st AC: Kyle Frank
Key Grip: Adrian Ramirez
2nd Grip: Matthew Purkis
Gaffer: Chase Dubose
2nd Gaffer: Michael Roseman
Production Design: Graham Epstein
Production Design: Leona Johnson
Production Design: Allison Jensen
Production Design: Ryan Brennan
Wardrobe Stylist: Shaina Feldman
SFX Makeup: Sasha Glasser
Assistant SFX Makeup: Malina Sterns
HMU: Chelsea Delfino
Editor: Samuel Halleen
VFX: Matt Collamore
Additional VFX: John Howe
Colorist: Scott Siracusano

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27 Responses

  1. Leandro Guilherme says:

    Uma das melhores bandas da história. Tim não será esquecido por nós, fãs dessa lenda viva da música! Obrigado por tudo Dgd 💙

    • Antonio Chavez says:

      @Yngrid Soares impressionante

    • Leandro Guilherme says:

      Estou surpreendido com a quantidade de likes e comentários aqui também. Espero que eles voltem para o Brasil brevemente!

    • Thais Moreira says:

      @Yngrid Soares Putz! Isso já aconteceu com altas bandas comigo, agora mesmo que eu goste mais ou menos eu vou igual nos shows hahahaha

    • Yngrid Soares says:

      @Thais Moreira eu soube, mas só vim conhecer melhor/gostar p caralho em 2019 kk joke’s on me :’)

    • Thais Moreira says:

      @Yngrid Soares Não sei se tu sabe, mas eles foram pro Brasil em 2018! Totalmente surreal hahahaha

  2. Lua6 says:


  3. Mateus Moço says:

    Que banda PQP

  4. ADRILU ♪ says:

    Se viene otra grandiosa canción, no tengo ninguna duda de que así será! 🤩

  5. godofwar0678 says:

    I’m really going to miss Tim he provided the straight up grooviest bass lines in DGD. He’ll be missed and never forgotten this song is great tenfold. RIP Tim all DGD fans miss you around the world.

  6. The Punk Rock MBA says:

    Happy to see DGD back in action! RIP Tim 🙏

  7. Benny Taylor says:

    I’m sad for Tim but you guys are pushing on and this is pure gold. Good for you guys. I’ve seen many bands have a hard time putting it together again after a loss like this. We love you.

  8. SallyDrumz says:

    The thing I’m really noticing with the newer songs, is that Jon’s vocals are in a league of their own at this point. From his sound, flow and lyrics, he’s definitely my favorite unclean vocalist. The whole band KILLED it. I have a feeling Jackpot Juicer is gonna be HUGE for these guys.

  9. eidolas says:

    Best band All Time for me!!! Since 2006

  10. Lacey Richardson says:

    Jon’s part hooked me in the first 30 seconds. ♥ These guys never disappoint and its insane!

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