Daniel Bryan dumps WWE Championship for eco-friendly title: SmackDown LIVE, Jan. 29, 2018

Daniel Bryan dumps WWE Championship for eco-friendly title: SmackDown LIVE, Jan. 29, 2018

Along with his “intellectual peer,” Rowan, Daniel Bryan changes the climate of WWE by disposing of the WWE Championship for a more eco-friendly version.

#SDLive #WWETitle

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57 Responses

  1. Kian Lozanoski says:

    Now Daniel Bryan’s a paper champion

  2. aditya dahal says:

    Still looks lot better than ,The universal title.
    DB is awesome.?

  3. Memo says:

    Still better than the Universal Title.

    • Seth Rollins MV says:

      +Memo No hell, you’re trash talking kid, that universal title is a lot of better, than such title with wood xD only because brock hold it, ik. I hate Lesnar too,
      But the universal title is a way better.

    • Memo says:

      +Seth Rollins MV yeah sure… it looks like Candy… btw i don’t hate Brock.. .

    • Seth Rollins MV says:

      +Memo Alright ok, I hope you’re not a fan of his title reing?
      Cause that’s definitely suck!
      But it’s ok everybody has his thoughts.

    • Memo says:

      +Seth Rollins MV yeah no problem mate.

  4. Lovena Roopun says:

    When are you changing your entrance song

  5. Wen zhong Chan says:

    Daniel Bryan is becoming the wyatt family Daniel Bryan anybody remember that

  6. Johnny Poland says:

    As much as I like the new Daniel Bryan, couse he actually mentions real problems, this is an exaggeration.

  7. giantreddevil says:

    The new WWE title looks way better than the Universal Championship.

  8. The Lyrics Lovers says:

    Seems like WWE has gone out of mind

  9. Dream Chasers says:

    That championship looks good. Way better than the universal championship

  10. WWE Official says:


  11. WWE Indonesia says:

    Looks better than Red one.

  12. Supreme Saiyan says:

    When Daniel keeps telling us about the environment
    “Thanks now we know”
    “And knowing is half the battle”
    G.I. FICKLE!!!!

  13. Tha Inlove says:

    These two remind me of CM Punk & Luke Gallows.

  14. Sathaphorn Depart says:

    These two beard guys remind me of CM Punk & Luke Gallows.

  15. M. Mirza says:

    That‘s fine and all… but did he have to keep the same ugly design?

  16. Marcellus Elder says:

    Fred Flintstone called and said that he wanted his custom made WWE Championship back! ?

  17. 》》 Radical 《《 says:

    No one talking about how Daniel didn’t put that old title in a recycling bin

    Edit: I hate having to edit this for a stupid reason, I know leather is non-recyclable, I keep getting notifications about this, I get it.

  18. RKLZ says:

    Looks better than the Universal Title?‍♂️

  19. FADEAD RvR says:

    Did they download it from the community creations ???

  20. Frodo Baggins says:

    Plot twist, Daniel Bryan is actually the good guy.

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