Daniel Cormier reacts to Kamaru Usman’s knockout of Jorge Masvidal at UFC 261 | SportsCenter

Daniel Cormier reacts to Kamaru Usman’s knockout of Jorge Masvidal at UFC 261 | SportsCenter

Daniel Cormier joins SportsCenter to break down Kamaru Usman’s knockout of Jorge Masvidal in stunning fashion at UFC 261 and looks ahead to Usman’s next challenge against Colby Covington.

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60 Responses

  1. Michael Jung says:

    Trevor Wittman phone be ringing all night, “how much are memberships again?”.

    • bigpoppabass says:

      Apparently he also trained Rose for her fight as well.

    • unkownboi67 is_unavailable68 says:

      @bigpoppabass yeah he did rose has been with Whittman for years so has Justin Geatje, imagine breaking into a gym to steal equipment or something and beinv met with Usman ,Rose and Geatje

    • Junior Cripsta says:

      Nah people calls Francis ngannou and say”can u help me strike”

    • TahaHassanXT says:

      Can u guys tell me how much CnX sports member ship cost? u can even guess bcz I have no idea

    • Richard Castillo says:

      @TahaHassanXT i bet its cheaper than you think for regular people but dont expect to go in and train with there elite fighters but at the end of the day having Professional fighters is what brings people in but regular people keep those kinds of gyms open.

  2. Eagle Knight says:

    Street Jesus promised to baptize Usman, but got crucified instead.

  3. r91plays IND says:

    If he beats Leon and then Colby again.. That’s it, he’s the welterweight GOAT!

    • Ajax Wargod says:

      Edwards’s will be returned to the U.K. with a definite loss to the Greatest to ever do it.Colby’s big Mouth is Next.Put the nail in the Coffin of the arrogant big Mouth Covington Champ.

    • Jacob Mangiardi says:

      @Trunks Icon hahahahaha. That guy hasn’t even proven his worth yet.

    • Jacob Mangiardi says:

      @r91plays IND yep

    • laxpaint says:

      @ck jui jitsu We didn’t forget GSP. You just won’t let it go. Kamaru can win the next 20 fights and you would still say GSP.

      GSP couldn’t even beat Sam Wilson

    • Osmar Castillo says:

      @ck jui jitsu usman has faced tougher and better competition than gsp 🤷🏽‍♂️

  4. A M says:

    Usman has beat a game Covington, Burns who dominated Woodley and 9 month prepared Masvidal by KO. P4P number 1 with one of the best win streaks in the sports history

  5. Frosty 2.0 says:

    “Masvidal is f**ked now. His best chance was the short notice. With more preparation its gonna be worse.”- Justin Gathje

    • Shawn Jacobs says:

      @True LibertarianPt Black lives matter isn’t racism, you’re ignorant

    • Shawn Jacobs says:

      @True LibertarianPt The phrase “Black lives matter” is directed towards cops, it isn’t directed toward white citizens. And it isn’t saying “only” black lives matter, it’s saying that black lives matter as much as everybody else’s lives. It’s the republicans that are twisting it making it seem like black people hates white people. Black people hate BAD COPS! And Racist cops!

    • taaj howell says:

      @bobby smurda unfortunately people out there did. Masvidal fans are delusional.

    • Serious Sam says:

      @Let Me Get Uhhh he was standing in front of Usman with his hands down. He got caught because he didnt respect. He can fight but hes not a champion.

    • Dan says:

      @Taye _123 dude what? Lol clearly you don’t watch enough fights to know that hitting hard isn’t about strength. Plus it’s his jab we’re talking about, not a hook. Plenty of really strong dudes don’t have a good, strong jab like that. It’s called skill.

  6. Frank Tenpenny says:

    That was about as clean as a punch could get, with the sweat bouncing off of Masvidal’s head. So cinematic

  7. Samraj says:

    That punch was straight out of a Rocky movie. Insane.

  8. Malik Samari jones says:

    Usman: starts hanging out with Gaethje and Ngannou, and commences blasting everyone into oblivion.

    Masvidal: starts hanging out with Jake paul, and gets “Ben Askren’d.”

  9. Malik Samari jones says:

    Cormier nearly slapping jake paul almost took away Usman’s shine.

    • Josef says:

      this useless youtuber shouldn’t even be mentioned among professional fighters

    • brandon thompson says:

      @teamtaka7 awe does jake paul live rent free in your head?

    • Marcus Scott says:

      @M. Olender i doubt he mad that Jake Paul don’t respect him LMFAO nobody cares if Jake Paul respects anyone he don’t even respect himself doing anything for clout so why would someone expect him to be respectful or care if he is DC probably just thinks he’s annoying like every other american😂😂

    • teamtaka7 says:

      brandon thompson no but he lives rent free in your bed.

    • Kim Elseth says:

      @M. Olender DC would lose his job, come on. Think.

  10. badbass bass fishing says:

    I’ve never seen so much sweat bounce off someone’s head like that

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