Daniel Radcliffe on Why He’s Never Been Trick-or-Treating

Dressed as Boba Fett, the actor told Ellen about his history with Halloween.

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20 Responses

  1. PetiteCailin says:

    Halloween is kind of dying out in my country. Kids don’t really go trick or
    treating – we didn’t get one to our house. But the people over 18 dress up
    and go to clubs. That’s pretty much the extent of our halloween 

  2. Hantjaka says:


  3. suparmeowcat says:

    Am I the only one who thinks of ellen whenever im doing DNA? Cause the
    genetic code is DEGENERATE and is UNIVERSAL (reminds me of universal
    studio) :(

  4. Nick West says:

    He should go as harry potter :P

  5. Amoral Philosopher says:


  6. Youssef Imam says:

    @RonaldYoderSr.Entertainment It’s fucking DANIEL NOT DAVID.

  7. Princess Ally says:

    OMG! Someone is a huge Little Shop of Horrors fan I see a bunch of Audrey
    2s in the background 🙂 

  8. Garrett Gonzales says:

    nobody speaks when boba fett is present.

  9. Chad W says:

    halloween is for those who fail to understand what it is….

    it takes a blind ignorant man to spend money on a costume cuase the tv says

  10. tomatoething says:

    Halloween, the one time where the “never take candy from strangers” rule
    doesn’t apply.

  11. squallofreeves says:

    He is so absolutely british that moment when he goes, no, I guess NOT, and
    that makes him so hit for a moment.

  12. 0O00OO0O00OO0O00OO says:

    classic star wars boba fett costume

  13. NintenFan1996 says:

    He should have been cosplayed as Harry Potter. I bet it would look really
    good on him.

  14. Nixionhighz says:


  15. Hadley Pleasanton says:

    He probably never went trick-or-treating because adults generally don’t
    give out booze to children (except in Ireland, that is).

  16. Stalkers gonna stalk says:

    im fat n my bf dnt wan.a have sex wit me but I think its cuz I have

  17. Beth Higginson says:

    He’s a bit older than me but everyone I know went trick or treating as a
    kid, and I’m from England too. Though the actual halloween party was more
    important c:

  18. urcommunist says:

    why is everyone calling him daniel radcliff his name is hairy potter ive
    only seen the 1rst movie and stlpped watching them becau i like twilight
    bettar tough still get ur facts right bitchz

  19. blablalxve gtxq says:

    No trick or treating in singapore either you’d probably get arrested for

  20. Alex Shultz says:

    What is that green plant thing in between Ellen and Daniel???