Danielle Bregoli Rejects Logan Paul’s Apologies Over Suicide/Hanging Video | TMZ

Danielle Bregoli Rejects Logan Paul’s Apologies Over Suicide/Hanging Video | TMZ

Danielle Bregoli thinks Logan Paul should be ashamed of himself for posting a video of a dead man in which Logan appears to laugh at the situation … and she doesn’t accept his apology one bit.

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91 Responses

  1. Indira Mars says:

    Logan is a jerk

  2. DJ Jonatron says:

    WELL…… She has got a point…….

  3. Rah L. says:

    What’s sad is that his subscriber count has gone up since this incident.

    • I'm a Panda Bear! says:

      Fuck Logang, Fuck Logang!

    • spooky skieleton says:

      All Alone yall think he’s a good person and good inspiration? this generation is fucked up

    • MDBABY says:

      His channel should be taken down

    • Díana Robledo says:

      Well I didn’t much know about him until this. I don’t wish his career to end, I just hope this dose of reality hits him hard enough to tone it down. His following is mostly kids and it was sad for me to see that there were some commenting that “if you a real fan than you’ll accept him no matter what” or “it’s not a big deal”, NO People it’s not okay at all! It’s fine to love someone unconditionally as you would your family for example but you have to be able to let them know when they have dome something terrible. I don’t know what I find more absurd from his audience that they know it was wrong but will still say nothing or the fact that some might actually think it is okay.

    • Nopandaforyou says:

      All Alone Go to church

  4. 슬라이CooperChaos쿠퍼 says:

    I don’t think logan paul cares if she doesn’t like him cause she isn’t even a real celeb

    • Sai A. says:

      That comment was useless af. You don’t have to be a celebrity to show that you’re right.

    • Senpais favorite says:

      She’s better than him lol

    • S P I R I T says:

      What does being a celeb have to do with anything? This is why I don’t like people like Logan Paul. The example he sets for his followers is “Money and fame is more important than being a decent human being”. He needs to grow tf up. He was a douche when I went to college with him and he’s a douche now.

    • The True Krxzy Kyler says:

      If that’s the case why would he invite her to do a video with him? Cmon now big fella

    • dede king says:

      She’s just as much of a celebrity as he is. They’re probably popular because of social media. Neither have actual talents but teenagers like them.

  5. Harrison Moore says:

    This is the realist I’ve seen her

    • Mohamed Keinan says:

      Bruh Atlantic record told her to fix her shit it’s common sense labels train they’re artist before she was signed she was on ig live 24/7 doin the most they paid her to clean up her act

  6. David gold says:

    Sharpie on her face

  7. Bria Humble says:

    this is the first time I’ve ever heard her speak like a normal person.

  8. ilove007forever says:

    Lol coming from someone who disrespected their mom front of millions of ppl ! smfh

    • candlefox says:

      She changed and gave her mother 64k to pay off her mortgage, and disrespecting their mother in front of millions VS showing a dead body and laughing about it to millions more is worse. She knows right from wrong and what she did was old.

    • Lil Snicker says:

      ilove007forever What you want her to say that it’s ok for him to post a dead body on his YouTube channel?? Shut the fuck up like for real.

    • CorioSwag says:

      ilove007forever im sorry everyone is interpreting your comment wrong. guys hes not comparing what she and Logan Paul did. Hes just saying she has no right to call him disgusting lol dumbasses

    • Moly Janne says:

      ilove007forever this is different scum bag

    • Ashley Kutcher says:

      ilove007forever ITS CALLED TROLLING and she was abused by her own mom physically an verbally where tf have you been bisshhh

  9. Opalsword says:

    she got good points though

  10. anime nightcore says:

    She has a point

  11. PaulBurtMemeCreep says:

    I don’t know why people are mentioning her eye brows. I’m more shocked she actually speaking more formal.

  12. jesskidng says:

    How does she do things with her claws

  13. TrueLegendGamer says:

    She looks fine and is actually talking with sense . I like this new Danielle.

  14. Jesus Rivera says:

    tf happened to her eyebrows

  15. nwoexposing says:

    I love how much she has matured in the last year 🙂

  16. Giselle Uwayezu says:

    ok… i know danielle disrespected her mum but at the end of the day she is trying to make up for what she did… and let’s not forget she gave her mum 65k so that her mum could pay off her mortgage. and we can all look at this and say yeah she’s probably not been the best daughter but she loves her mother even if she didn’t show it . plus NOBODY IS PERFECT!!

    And this situation is about someone finding a dead body and joking about but NOOO instead of just keeping your opinions on this horrible incident you want to talk about how she USED TO disrespect her mother!!!!

    • Genwunner Alert says:

      Yeah she’s actually a really nice person

    • Díana Robledo says:

      Let’s also not forget she is a child. From the start I was always hoping she’ll turn out to be a good person, but her family dynamic plus the attention the media rewards her from her bad habits isn’t helping.

  17. Hockey is life Jake says:

    Her maturity now high key makes her really attractive

  18. Analinda Anderson says:

    I just gained so much respect for her.

  19. Its MariaDrake says:

    I think this is the first time I ever agreeded with danielle brogolidie

  20. Malia Intikhab says:

    I can actually understand what she is saying!

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