Daniil Medvedev vs Rafael Nadal | US Open 2019 Finals Highlights

Daniil Medvedev vs Rafael Nadal | US Open 2019 Finals Highlights

Rafael Nadal defeats Daniil Medvedev in the Finals of the US Open 2019.

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51 Responses

  1. Digita Digita says:

    Congrats to Nadal. But you have to congrats Medvedev too. He’s just scary good.

  2. Joseph Westhill says:

    3 and a half minutes? Well don’t overdo it, you guys

  3. Smartindian says:

    5 hours of footage with extraterrestrial kinda tennis and less than 4 min highlights.. WTF?

  4. The Senate says:

    This was remarkably close to being one of the greatest comebacks in tennis history

  5. Saujatya Mandal says:

    Champ I am at a loss of words ???at the age of 33 you’re not supposed to win a physical confrontation with 23 year old who has mostly played out of his mind, won the previous 2 sets and leads the 5th 1-0 and is on the verge of a breakpoint.
    They said you were finished. They said you were done. They called you claydal.
    No amount of tribute is enough for you CHAMP. You deserve every bit of the glory. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Idris Ertem says:

      The fact that he’s 33 has nothing to do with it, he’s and incredibly fit athlete that puts in the hard work.

    • Matteo Bilat says:

      Saujatya Mandal so cringe

    • MARK QITUS says:

      Dude, Nadal was much more better prepared than Medvedev physically. Medvedev has only started his career. Both of them deserve respect.

    • tom schmitz says:

      @Daniel Sitohang DID I SAY IT WAS NADAL”S FAULT? use your critical thinking skills! OF COURSE it’s not nadal’s fault what shape medvedev arrived in in the final. HOWEVER, it’s also true that he benefited from it! BOTH CAN AND ARE TRUE!..

    • tom schmitz says:

      @Just Nausicâ YES, HE WAS, HOWEVER, HE STILL BENEFITED from medvedev’s condition! both can and are true!…

  6. Boussi Cell says:

    I believe both players deserved the win, that was hell of a game

  7. Fifer McGee says:

    Rafa is the king and he worked like hell to win this one.

    • kelman221 says:

      @Elma Robberts that is the thing, I think most men agree that 5 sets are completely fine instead of 3. Why don’t women play more?

    • Ivan Hoe says:

      Male and female should be paid according to the income and not according to some sort of “social justice”. I think Slams should be splitted, not a combined event, then we could see who makes more money. It´s very simple and i already know the answer.

    • Opening Vanetti says:

      @kelman221 Because physically women will get more exhausted than men playing 5 sets. As simple as that.

    • Shuflin says:

      @Opening Vanetti which means they dont deserve equal pay.

    • kelman221 says:

      @Opening Vanetti well, if they can’t perform then to bad haha. I guess we aren’t all equal after all. Glad someone agrees with me.

  8. Julián Junior says:

    Now, for the Australian Open to be the first to win at least two of each grand slam.

  9. Gallo Pinto says:

    This is the difference between Medvedev and Kyrgios…. Medvedev respects the opponent and uses his mentality on moments under high pressure to fight until the last minute. Thats what takes you to the top and hopefully to win a GS. Well done Daniil! ???

  10. Michael Zopf says:

    Bravo ?Nadal ??
    Medvedev good game ??
    Gratulation ?

  11. DamienYok says:

    So many terrific points and moments of play were omitted from the video.

  12. Кирилл Пермяков says:

    Даня, спасибо за твою игру! Мы тобой гордились весь турнир!

  13. Yago Kim says:

    Huge respect to Daniil Medvedev from a Rafa fan. He is going to be a great champion in years to come.

  14. Matthew Clemente says:

    How did you manage to leave out one of the best returns of all time that won the 4th set for Medvedev?

  15. Prashant Sagar says:

    Congrats Rafa but hats off to Medvedev also …Great match and the gesture to Medvedev by Rafa was so good….??

  16. Mia Jaksic says:

    Medvedev took our hearts…future belongs to him….5 sets…he is our hero and winner….

  17. cacao1384 says:

    Next GEN :
    Zverev? No too inconstant
    Krygios? No come on
    Tsisipas? yes but not yet, kind of soft again
    Medvedev? Hell yeah

  18. Javier Sànchez says:

    This morning we all Spaniards have bags under eyes! What a match, we love you Rafa!! ??

  19. bikram says:

    Rafael Nadal the KING. Viva Espana . Love from India.????????????

  20. apurba murmu says:

    Last 12 Grand Slam
    Nadal?? 5 Title
    Djokovic?? 4 Title
    Federer?? 3 Title
    Big 3 rule the Atp circuit

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