DaniLeigh – My Side #NoFilter with Angie Martinez

DaniLeigh – My Side #NoFilter with Angie Martinez

DaniLeigh joins Angie Martinez for her first in-depth exclusive interview. Angie takes a deep dive to discuss Dani’s most intimate and challenging moments over the past 2 years. Discussing heartbreaks, motherhood and what’s next.

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39 Responses

  1. Christy GLAM'R says:

    I love her accountability. To take ownership in her part of the mistakes. To notice to mistakes & accept it was wrong is the signs of maturity & growth. We are not perfect. Yes we do stupid things when we are in love. But when your in a toxic relationship you have to be the one to stop the cycle. I love her as a mother, as a artist and as a woman. Make your music. Focus on self healing, your daughter& in due time love will find you when the timing is right. We love you Danileigh.

  2. Kiwi J says:

    Glad she addressed the yellowbone controversy too. As someone who is African American and Afro Dominican, i was doubly offended because colorism is rampant in Dominican and Hispanic culture as well. I was really saddened by that song because I was rooting for her, she’s so talented. But her apology seemed genuine and we’ve all probably done or said something ignorant before. As long as she listened , learned the lesson and made the changes to do better Im here for it. Good luck on your new projects Dani and self love journey.

    • Nola Cakes says:

      @Linda Vélo go back to history class! She is Afro Latino …Latino is not a race but a nationality ..her hair is nappy AF! With Afro features ….go look at her old videos before she started making them coins …

    • Royal Wolfe says:

      @Lady2020 we do tho. People put us down all the time and for what? All because of a skin color.

    • Lady2020 says:

      @Royal Wolfe That’s what some people want. Light skin people catch he.. too.

    • Lady2020 says:

      @Mashalla Life Thank you, brown skinned women get to brag all day everyday without any backlash, when a light skin man or woman honors their look its problem.

  3. Majesty K says:

    Angie is such a good interviewer. She gives off a positive, big sister vibe

  4. Au'Jah says:

    Angie is a legend and she asked all of the right questions!

  5. Nikki’s wrld says:

    I love this interview the maturity the accountability even the respect for not making him look no badder AND SHES FUCKING GLOWING 🔥🥰 that’s how you come tf back Dani 🥳

  6. Brittany Michelle says:

    That live was extremely hard to watch especially for someone who has been in a toxic relationship and has past traumas bc of it…i could see your pain dani. You telling your story is so beyond brave! You may not realize it but this will help so many men and women and will give them the strength that we didn’t have in that moment! You are strong, you are beautiful and you deserve the WORLD! Thank you for not staying silent, people need to hear/see this!

    • Tiyya Graham says:

      yup! when he was verbally attacking her with the baby in her arms was very hard to watch

    • __mias.worldd says:

      Yes girl when I was watching it all happen live I felt for her😞 I been there w/ my kids father smh but I’m so happy she’s happy & glowing & back to making hits

  7. Cindy C says:

    Nobody should be judging her… sometimes we fall in love with the wrong person. Y’all don’t know her mindset. When you don’t really have people to teach you about how men can be, how they can lie, get in your head, manipulate you, tell you they love you. When they don’t even really care about you or respect you. It sometimes makes u so lost and confused it happens to the best of us. You live and you learn it’s apart of life. We have all made bad decisions and mistakes. She seems to be taking accountability for a lot and she seems to be in such a better place I wish her the best 💕

    • Omos says:

      All over money and status…

    • prettygyrlny says:

      @JustKilln_Time the some she made CLEARLY said yellow bone is what he wants which was a direct dig at the girl he was in a real relationship with and Dani knew that so all this sympathy I’m not here for it we can debate all the derogatory songs in the world but this issue is about Dani and her song so pls miss me w the excuses and just like he said this morning she was a side chic she was stalking his baby mother and that’s why he put her out!!! ✌️🤣

    • sasha hart says:

      @Miya Guggs different situation she knew before she got involved. Shit the WORLD NEW!!!! She just thought she better and start shifting on other women and mothers!!! KARMA KARMA KARMA!!!

    • Kitty Kat says:

      Yea..there’s no way to rationalize the irrational.. I’ve definitely been there and still dealing with the consequences of my decision. I’m glad she is striving to be a better person.. its so inspirational

    • Miya Guggs says:

      @prettygyrlny this is do agree w 100%. but i also empathize with her because of how he manipulated her

  8. Alexis Cross says:

    I love this side of her. She’s definitely underrated. I hope she focus on her career she can definitely go places. ❤️

  9. CiexJae says:

    Man, I felt it when she said it had to go there in order for her to leave. Us women really do wait until a man has taken everything from us to finally get the strength to walk away

    • LeiDee says:

      and that’s sad . were the strongest on this planet until it comes to a man. wow.

    • __mias.worldd says:

      @Randall facts! My brother deals w/ a female that physically & verbally abuses him & we’ve tried to tell to leave her smh 🤦🏻‍♀️ he’s not even “ugly” he’s just dumb I even told him if I see her she better have that energy she has w/ him w/ me

    • Randall says:

      it’s not just women who deals with this Narcissism is a personality disorder people have to protect themselves and educate themselves on NPD and past it on its a spiritual battle thats going on and deeper than one can think

    • __mias.worldd says:

      Sameeeee girl like it sucks but us embarrassing ourselves or getting ourselves embarrassed shows that we NEED to leave that toxic shit I been there w/ my kids father & left bc I embarrassed the fuck out myself & im so damn happy now & we co parent so good 😅

    • Jasmine Talks says:


  10. Taylor Johnson says:

    Praying for Dani. She seems like a genuine person. Hoping she finds her way.

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